Front right side of Toyota RAV4 of 2018 year

For many years Toyota Rav 4 remained virtually unchanged. Many are familiar with this model as an inexpensive offer of a compact off-road vehicle with an average passability index. After a long period of stagnation, the Japanese automaker decided to modernize this model and revive its former interest in it. The changes were drastic, but with an affordable SUV the car turned into a familiar crossover with its several features. Toyota RAV4 2018 the new model (photo, price, technical characteristics) will not be radically different from the last generation.



The exterior of Toyota RAV4 has not changed in principle. It’s still a crossover that does not stand out from the crowd. In design, the Japanese try, first of all, to adhere to practicality.
This, by the way, applies to almost all Toyota vehicles. Their appearance is not particularly remembered. But buyers like this brand for its functionality.

After the transformation, the crossover does not at all resemble the previous generation. The following are the specifics of the bodywork:
All the lines are smooth, and the silhouette itself turned out to be quite interesting.
Protection of the radiator is minimal, made in the form of a continuation of the head optics, which is slightly recessed in the body.
The lower part is represented by an air intake, made stylish niches for the placement of fog lamps.
On the perimeter there are plastic protective panels. Despite the fact that they were not decorated under the body, the stroke looks good.
The side of the body has practically no facets.
The rear part is made standard: a large spoiler, bulky headlights, moving from the side to the luggage compartment cover.

Unpleasantly made an exhaust pipe, which, as before, just goes along with the silencer. With a rather attractive exterior, this element looks very strange.


Toyota assures that the interior of the new RAV4 first of all is distinguished by a higher quality of finishing materials. Nevertheless, solid plastic in the cabin is still present. Although you have to admit that the build quality is really high.
Free space is enough, both in front and behind. The driver’s seat and steering wheel have many settings. And if you take more expensive equipment, then the driver’s seat will have electrical adjustments.
The backs of the rear seats can be reclined several degrees. True, high passengers can be a bit uncomfortable on long trips.
Spaces for personal things are more than enough. Then you and a capacious glovebox, and large pockets in the door. The luggage compartment is also roomy, and it’s convenient to load things – thanks to the fact that the tailgate opens high.

Unlike many manufacturers Toyota for some reason does not offer a panoramic roof.
In the salon you can not find new ideas or interesting implementations of control units:
Double-spoke steering wheel with lower support.
A small display of the multimedia system and a control unit for climate control.
The tunnel between the seats was practically not used, having made only the shift selector transmission and the coasters.
In general, we can say that the interior is made in the classical style, which is typical of the Asian car industry. At furnish enough qualitative materials that it is possible to name good feature of a new crossover are used.


Crossover can be purchased with various motors and transmissions. The basic power unit petrol 2.0, has a capacity of 146 hp. The initial configuration is also available with a mechanical box. In addition to cars can be installed variator or automatic, 2.5-gasoline with 180 hp. and a 2.2-diesel with 150 hp. depending on the equipment. When choosing the most suitable model, it is recommended that attention be paid to the fact that there are versions with only a front-wheel drive. Body dimensions:
The length is 4605 mm.
Width of 1845 mm.
The height is 1670 mm.
Many now call the Rav 4 a SUV, since the ground clearance is only 197 mm. On this indicator, he is inferior to many of his competitors.

The new RAV4 received the following equipment:
Frontal collision avoidance system;
notification of departure from the lane;
adaptive cruise control;
surveillance camera;
heated front seats and steering wheel.
The car can also be completed with 18-inch wheel disks, LED optics and a front bumper with honeycomb grating.

In addition, the Toyota RAV4 2018 in the new body significantly increased the content of high-strength steels, which allowed not only to increase the rigidity of the construction, but also to keep the curb weight at a similar level, despite the growth in size and improved equipment of the model.


New Rav 4,2018 photos, the price, when there are other questions, many ask because of the attractiveness of this proposal, is a classic representative of the medium-sized crossover. The Japanese automaker tried to provide a great choice, which also affected the available colors of the body painting. An example is the possibility of buying a car in a bright blue hue.


It will cost $ 23,000 due to installation:
1. ABS and DAC.
2. Audio systems with 4 speakers for the saloon.
3. Wireless synchronization system with mobile devices.
In addition, the cabin has a USB-outlet. The expanded version of the base was named Standart Plus, equipped with a rain sensor, dual-zone climate control and a multifunctional steering wheel. Due to additional options, the price increased to $ 25,000.

Already the initial Toyota Rav 4 2018 in the complete set of Standart offers a very worthy set of equipment. This package includes: air conditioning, branded audio system with four speakers, power windows in the front and rear, steering column and driver’s seat adjustment in height, heated front seats and rear-view mirrors with electric drive. Active and passive safety is provided by: 7 pillows, stabilization system, tire pressure sensor, fog lights, telephone hands free and Bluetooth, and a help system at the start of the mountain.


Delivered by dealers at a price of $ 25,700. The model has quite a large number of unique decorative elements. Equipment is presented:

Multi-function steering wheel.

Sensors of light and rain.

Two-zone climate control.

Rear view camera.

Side mirrors with automatic folding function.

Multi-function 6.1-inch display on the center console.

Comfort Plus

Costs in $ 26,500. Equipment is as follows:

  1. Rear view camera.
  2. Head optics has a diode design.
  3. The engine preheating system and the passenger compartment are installed.


Next on the list follows the Toyota RAV4 new model in the set Style. In it, the technical characteristics of the Japanese crossover involve the use of gasoline engines, all-wheel drive and automated gearboxes. The two-liter unit is traditionally equipped with a variator, whereas for a 2.5-liter engine a 6-speed automatic is offered. It costs $ 28,000. Due to a surcharge, you will install stylish discs with the size of R18, and also install an 8-inch quality display on the center console. Multimedia system is combined with the navigation system.


You can buy at a price of $ 30,000. The changes in comparison with the previous configuration are insignificant, presented by decorative pads, expanders of arches made of plastic, additional protection of the front and rear bumper.


Restyling Toyota RAV4 2018 in the Prestige package includes only four-wheel-drive automated transmissions in conjunction with gasoline engines in volume of 2 and 2.5 liters, as well as 2.2-liter turbo-diesel. Equipment additionally receives: leather interior, electric driver’s seat adjustments in eight directions with memory settings, contactless unlocking of the luggage compartment door with electric drive and memory opening height, as well as heated rear seats.

The most attractive equipment in terms of price and number of options was named Prestige. In this version of the Toyota RAV4 2018 is equipped with the following options:

  1. Heated rear row seats.
  2. Parking sensors in front and rear.
  3. Driving seat, which has an electric drive and 8 adjustments. In addition, the design is equipped with a memory function of positions.
  4. Engineers paid quite a lot of attention to the design of the tailgate. Now it has not only an electric drive, but height adjustment, memory settings. The design under the control of an intelligent system for the non-contact opening of the trunk door works.
  5. A multimedia system running under the Android operating system is installed. The display has a size of 7 inches.
  6. The instrument panel is also represented by an 8-inch high-quality display with quite a lot of adjustments.


The equipment named Exclusive is characterized by the following options:
1. Light alloy wheel rims, made in an exclusive style.
2. Two-tone body design allows you to make the car more remarkable on the road.
3. Unusual style of registration of interior, there are decorative overlays with the name of a complete set.
Note, then for a substantial surcharge, as the price of $ 32,000 was made only decorative changes

Prestige Safety

The most complete version was called Prestige Safety. Its cost is $ 33 000. In addition to the previous equipment is installed:
1. Modern multi-functional multimedia system with 7-inch display.
2. To provide a panoramic view of the perimeter of the body installed 4 cameras, the on-board computer can display the image and record video in a variety of modes.
3. The navigation system understands the Russian language, and also has a hard drive.
4. The car can automatically monitor dead zones. In this case, if there is a danger at the time of rebuilding, the system will visually notify the driver.
The above information determines that when choosing the most expensive equipment, you can count on the purchase of the most complete crossover in its class.


This model has a fairly large number of competitors. Some of them are not so equipped, but still in demand in the market:
Hyundai Tucson.
Ford Kuga.
Honda CR-V.
Mitsubishi Outlander.
Mazda CX-5.
Nissan X-Trail.
Toyota has a fairly large number of advantages, among which we note the modern exterior and interesting interior. Therefore, the new Toyota equal to 4, 2018 in the new body today is popular, in the maximum configuration, you can count on a comfortable crossover with increased cross-country ability.


Toyota RAV4 2018 model year is an updated version of the fourth-generation crossover, which is available from 2013. And this means that the car has not changed fundamentally, but has received very important updates, both stylistic and technical.