Front Left view of of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

However the company named after the founder who bore the Toyoda name, entered the segment of subcompact crossover too late, so it had to compete with a lot of more perspicacious competitors. Despite the obvious strategic miscalculation, the model in the first year of sales has proven itself from the best side, demonstrating high performance in the US, Europe and the world market of crossovers in general.

Toyota C-HR is based on a new platform that has become common with some of the larger models in the lineup of the Japanese automaker, for example Toyota Prius. The light platform is another trump card that has made it possible to raise the controllability of the crossover to new heights.

Comparing the exterior of the crossover with the interior volume of the cabin, you simply fall into a stupor – it is incommensurably huge inside compared to expecting tightness at the first visual acquaintance.

Particularly felt is the work done on the volume in the front of the car, where wide windows and a windshield let in a lot of light. The visibility through the windshield is excellent. Seats without a fuss – a robust mednyachki from economy class, but they are moderately soft and have a well-designed form to be comfortable during long trips.

Front Left view of of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Front Left view of of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

Possessing a beautiful relief design, a quick and exciting hybrid drive, the brand-new Toyota C-HR crossover is ideal for an active lifestyle. Forget about the constant stops and engine starts, it’s time to find your ideal urban pace behind the wheel of the new Toyota C-HR.

Figured and modern, carefully thought out and executed, like a faceted cut diamond and inside, Toyota C-HR is clearly superior to its competitors. Stylish, passionate and created with taste, Toyota C-HR is energetic and always ready to go. Even when he stands still, there is a feeling of movement. Created by designers and engineers in the shower, Toyota C-HR obediently responds to the management with the maneuverability of the dynamic hedgehog and the comfort of the off-road vehicle. Pressing on the gas, you instantly feel the acceleration; rotating the steering wheel, you feel the tactile reaction and linearity of the Toyota C-HR  and with the Toyota Safety Sense systems.

The new Toyota C-HR 2018 became a follower of the futuristic concept, demonstrated in 2014 during a car dealership in Paris. A little later in Frankfurt showed a five-door version of the model. These pre-production versions of the car are characterized by an innovative design that is not characteristic of Toyota models. The novelty is a good combination of technical capabilities, interior design, speed parameters and technological options. This car can cause interest not only in the younger generation, but also in people of other ages.



The design of the novelty worked specialists of both Japanese and European divisions of the company. And we must give them their due, the car ready for production turned out to be much like the original C-XP concept.

The novelty of the Japanese production is created on the same platform as the Prius car (the fourth series). It should be noted that this model was certified as a five-door hatchback, so that users could navigate in the process of choosing the subject of purchase.

Rear Left view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Rear Left view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

The new car has a dynamic appearance, which is due to the presence on the top of the shark fin, as well as a large spoiler on the fifth door. The vehicle also has a fodder of sporty kind. The profile of the car is very similar to the cupped counterparts, which made it more attractive to consumers.

A certain similarity of the novelty with other models of the manufacturer can be traced for such elements:

basic optics;

radiator grille;

The overall architecture of the bumper, located in the front of the car.

We can say that the exterior of the car is quite modern, corresponding to the existing trends. The novelty differs from the analogs by the features of the bodywork, a number of design “chips” and techniques.


It is important to note that Toyota CHR 2018 (the start of sales in Russia, see prices below in the article) is characterized by an unusual configuration of the panel (front). It consists of four levels, each of which uses the appropriate coloring and finishing material. The console (central) is equipped with a large screen of the multimedia system, and below it are deflectors of the ventilation system, and an ergonomic temperature control unit. Other buttons and switches are not provided here, so the appearance of the console is quite simple and concise.

In the SUV, the seats that are located in the front have side support rollers, which is very important when driving in difficult conditions. The developers of the car offer users a number of combinations of finishes with the use of materials that have different colors and textures. The combination of color shades in the interior of the car was chosen in such a way that, on the whole, a positive impression is created from the interior decoration.

Dashboard view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

In the new car park there is equipment that can attract the attention of many motorists:

a system of climate control (two-zone);

option to heat the steering wheel;

option for seat heating;

A modern audio system, equipped with a powerful amplifier and nine speakers;

background lighting;

wheels (17-inch and 18-inch) with quality rubber.

You can allocate a sufficient capacity of the cargo compartment of the car. There can fit up to 370 liters of different cargo. If you install one subwoofer (JBL) in the cabin, then the luggage compartment volume is reduced to 350 liters. But this device is not mandatory, so when buying you can choose what is more important: free space in the cabin or the ability to listen to quality music.


The new Japanese crossover, which is intended for Russian dealer centers, will have two types of powertrains. Firstly, it is a 1.2-liter turbo engine, whose power is 115 hp. Secondly, this two-liter “atmospheric”, which has a capacity of 148 hp. A six-speed gearbox (mechanical) is provided with the turbocharged engine of the initial version. In addition, as a version can be a variator, which is mandatory used with a two-liter motor.

Suspension of the new car is independent: in front of the “McPherson”, equipped with stabilizers, providing transverse stability; rear there is a design based on the transverse levers with the presence of mandatory stabilizers. On all wheels there are disk brakes, the steering mechanism is equipped with a “gear-rail with an electric booster.

In the European market, the Japanese manufacturer hopes for a hybrid version of the Toyota C-HR Hybrid with a 122-horsepower Toyota Hybrid Drive, which provides a modest fuel consumption of just 3.7 liters per hundred. The drive to the front wheels transmits using an electronically controlled variator.

Engine view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Engine view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

At the heart of the new compact crossover Toyota C-NR is the TNGA platform on which the Toyota Prius 4 generation is based.


Dealers will offer this model in various trim levels. Therefore, fans of budget versions can get a car with a set of necessary options. Those motorists who tend to top-end equipment, also have the opportunity to choose advanced options. Sales of Toyota C-HR in Europe start in the fall of this year 2018 at a price of 20 000- 21 000 €. The new Toyota C-HP is positioned as a global model – its sales have been decided to be carried out around the world. The car received a complex of safety systems Toyota Safety Sense (adaptive cruise control with auto-brake function, tire pressure sensors, tracking marking and blind areas, independent switching of the main beam to the near), and for extra charge a leather salon, premium JBL music 576 watts with nine speakers, 18-inch wheels, parking assistants.


The Japanese car is equipped with a set of systems that ensure the safety of people in the cabin. It consists of the following elements:

  • a cruise control system that ensures the movement of the car within the assigned band;
  • the system providing the prevention of possible collisions (has the function of recognition of pedestrian traffic participants);
  • option, which switches the headlights in automatic mode (depending on the traffic situation);
  • option that provides recognition of signs (road signs);
  • system for monitoring “blind” areas of the car;
  • Traffic tracking option (transverse) when the car is reversing;

assistant in the implementation of parking.

Front Right view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Front Right view of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year


In its class, the car in question can be very popular with car enthusiasts who like the novelties of the Japanese car industry. However, this car has competitors produced by well-known companies all over the world. Such vehicles include:

Mazda CX-3;

Juke and a number of others.

Competing cars are popular in the relevant market segment. They have good technical data, are equipped with modern equipment, and provide the driver and passengers with a high level of comfort. In these aspects, the novelty, produced under the Toyota brand, can adequately compete with them. In any case, it is unlikely that it will remain an outsider of the market.


The new Toyota car has great prospects in its segment, as it is a step forward for practicality, safety and technological equipment. This car may be interested in motorists from around the world who value Japanese quality and modern technology. Therefore, the volume of sales of new items can grow significantly.

The company-manufacturer, apparently, will try to actively promote this vehicle to the markets of different countries. It should be noted that if during the time of its sales the manufacturer makes some changes in the design, technological equipment and other aspects, this will contribute to the growth of sales volumes of this car.

The novelty from the Japanese manufacturer is another masterpiece that can squeeze some famous European and Asian cars from the market. If such a car is very popular with consumers, then it has chances to become one of the market leaders in its segment.

Left side of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year
Left side of Toyota C-HR of 2018 year

If you are a fan of practicality, at the same time want your car to stand out among others, the new Toyota is an excellent choice. This is a reliable and safe car, which is suitable for both family and business people.

The Japanese are renowned for reliable electronics, Toyota presents some of its own developments that will significantly help with driving, make driving easier in difficult conditions.

The manufacturer plans that the novelty will be able to win new customers, thereby displacing most of the competing models from the market, but it is still difficult to say how much the model will become popular among motorists.

In general, the novelty has great prospects and is already attracting interest from many potential customers.