Front and right side view of Subaru XV of 2018 year

Subaru an automotive brand, belongs to the company Subaru Corporation, formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). The volume of production in 2011 amounted to 528,234 cars and 52,027 commercial vehicles. Subaru – the legendary brand of dynamic and safe cars. Nowadays, Subaru is a Japanese high quality car assembly. The reliability of Subaru cars is confirmed by the largest of the world’s authoritative reliability ratings.

Interior and Exterior Design

Subaru is the car that never shine with their design, so this version of the car carefully studied. Designers paid maximum attention to changing the appearance of the car and give it stylish and ingenious design. In front of us we can see a fascinating bumper with fog lights on the edges. The headlight optics are illuminated by light-emitting diodes that are pulled out of the shape, which corresponds to the style and tendencies that have been developed.

Rear and right side view of Subaru XV of 2018 year
Rear and right side view of Subaru XV of 2018 year

 Thanks to the number of changes in the exterior of the car, developments have made sporting contours noticeable in the shape of the crossover. The firm color of the car will be orange, and 11 colors are offered to the buyer’s choice. Due to the increasing in the dimensions of the car, the concern has achieved that the interior has become more spacious and comfortable.

Dimensions of the new Subaru xv 2018:

  • Lenght -4650 mm (+200 mm against the background of the predecessor)
  • Height -1670 mm (+100 mm)
  • Width- 1800 mm (t20 mm)
  • Wheel base- 2650 mm (-20 mm)
  • Ground clearance – 220 mm
Dashboard view of Subaru XV of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Subaru XV of 2018 year

Interior XV of the 5th generation as well as the salon is not new but simply modified. However, the front panel architecture has been updated, it has become larger. And this is done to install a new multimedia starLink Multimedia system. with a hardener up to 6.5 and 8.of milking units for the introduction of a modern air conditioning unit. In the salon improved finishing materials appeared. By increasing the wheelbase. rear passengers will get even more space and comfort. The new Subaru XV will offer the future owner a complete set of equipment for all occasions, from driver assistants, to control of traffic stability and control of the following zones, and all improvers of dynamic characteristics.


Traditionally, the car equipped with a brand-new all-wheel drive system that will provide excellent cross-country ability even in difficult conditions. From the very beginning, for the layout of the car, there are three  variants of motors:

  • petrol engines of 16 and 2 liters with a power output of 115 and 150 sets respectively
  • two-dimensional diesel. Power which is 147 horsepower.
  • transmission of 5 and 6-t step gears gearbox.
Engine view of Subaru XV of 2018 year
Engine view of Subaru XV of 2018 year

The car belongs to SUV’s, and therefore will be equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive, a function of redistribution of the torque, electric power steering,  and an independent suspension.

Fuel Economy

Is from 4.9 to 8 liters per 100 km.

Release data and price

Release data and price the long-awaited premiere for fans of the Japanese brand was the updated subaru xv, presented at the Geneva Motor Show, Geneva was intended only for the European audience. The world premiere of the novelty was held in New York in April 2017.

The cost of the basic version of a compact SUV is $ 19,503, the top version with the maximum equipment will stand almost $ 35, 460.

Left side view of Subaru XV of 2018 year
Left side view of Subaru XV of 2018 year


The new SUBARU xv-shows us in the updated shape. But, along with visual innovations, the car demonstrates improved performance of the compressor and quality. The powerful engine of the car provides an accurate traction and acceleration dynamics and a lot of intelligent systems makes traffic with xv sure and safe.

Photos of SUBARU XV of 2018 year

Videos of SUBARU XV of 2018 year