SUBARU WRX 2017-2018

Front view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years

Speaking about Subaru, it is definitely the classic look of a sports car from our childhood. Subaru WRX is a 4-door sedan class “C”. The fourth-generation car made its debut at the Los Angeles auto show in 2013.

Interior and Exterior Design

Subaru has updated the WRX and WRX STi models. Exterior of the serial WRX is much less aggressive than in the pre-series version. Changes in the front of the car can be detected in a sportier bumper with large air intake holes and lighting equipment with LED technology. There are a few components that have been revised: steering, headlight lighting performance and the roof mounts. There was an upgrade made to the front and rear suspension to improve steering stability and riding comfort while maintaining high performance.

Front and left side view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years
Front and left side view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years

The new performance package for WRX premium is equipped with an 8-position electric drive for Recaro seats; red painted brake calipers and upgraded JURID brake pads. Standard 18-inch wheels have a new bold design of double spokes.

Concern Subaru often scolded for the rather boring and monotonous interiors of their cars. Apparently, the Japanese at last listened to criticism and equipped the Subaru WRX with a rather modern and attractive salon with high ergonomics and a decent level of comfort. A distinctive feature of the WRX interior is a sports instrument cluster with an LCD display and a separate multifunction display with information about different systems of the car which is in the visibility zone, but it is not distracting the driver while driving.

Rear and right side view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years
Rear and right side view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years

The trunk in a standard form is 460 liters of useful volume. The back is formed by two different sections on a level with the floor, allowing you to transport long-length items. There is a dock in the niche under the raised floor.


Under the hood of the Subaru WRX there is a horizontally opposed engine of a new generation with a turbocharged volume of 2.0 liters and power of 268 hp. The WRX gearbox has a 6-speed manual transmission which Subaru engineers have improved optimizing the gear ratios and the length of the lever. Due to the expansion of the dynamic range comparing with the previous 5-speed gearbox, driving at high speed makes the engine run at a lower speed which has a positive effect on the noise of the power unit and on the fuel consumption. Sport Lineartronic is offered as an alternative to manual transmission.

Engine view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years
Engine view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years

The front of the Subaru WRX is equipped with an independent suspension on the McPherson-type racks and behind the sports car is supported by an independent multi-link suspension. All wheels have disc brakes. The rack-and-pinion steering system is assisted by an adaptive electric control amplifier, which more accurately adjusts the force during sharp maneuvers.

Now a couple of words about the full drive. The novelty gets the familiar Symmetrical AWD, which has separate versions for each of the transmission:

  • In conjunction with the mechanic transmission there is a modification with an inter-axle differential equipped with viscous, thanks to which the thrust is distributed in a ratio of 50:50.
  • In the company with “variator” they offer a version with a planetary differential in which the thrust is distributed in the ratio of 45:55 in favor of the rear axle.
Front view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years
Front view of Subaru WRX of 2017-2018 years

Fuel Economy

Having 2.0-liter engine the car is rated to do 21 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway while with 2.5-liter it is doing 17 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway.

Release Date and Price

The price of the car starts with $54 000. The updated car is on sale since the spring of 2017.


To sum up, we can definitely say that car is offering the ride comfort while maintaining high performance for a reasonable price. If you are looking for classic, time-tested sport car it is definitely a good choice.

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