Subaru Legacy of 2018 year front view

Novelties Subaru in 2018 replenished with an updated sedan Subaru Legasy 6 generation. Outwardly, in comparison with its predecessor, he added aggression, but at the same time successfully preserved the notes of sportiness and dynamism. Also note that the developers have done a very good job on improving the aerodynamics of the car, which, in the first place, has improved significantly due to a revision of the angle of the windshield.


The interior of the restyling model flaunts better quality materials and improved electronics. Its shape was changed by the central console, and all in order to have the opportunity to place the enlarged screens of the information and entertainment system Starlink. The diagonal of the base display has grown from 6.2 to 6.5 inches, large – from 7.2 to 8.0 inches. The multimedia complex has such applications as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, supports voice commands recognition, offers a bunch of different applications (Best Parking, RightTrack and so on). Also included are navigation and functional for displaying the picture from the rear view camera (the camera itself received dynamic marking lines). Much attention was paid to improve noise insulation. There were new more effective sound-absorbing materials, including new door seals. By replacing the chain of the gearbox, the noise of the variator itself was reduced. For maintaining the optimum temperature mode inside the sedan responds to the reconfigured air conditioning system. Among the list of electronic systems, EyeSight has acquired a new function – automatic braking when reversing. This system has joined the existing set of assistants, including adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, tracking the lane, control of cross traffic when going backward. In addition to these systems, the owner will receive: automatic switching of headlights (High Beam Assist), monitoring of tire pressure, assistance in starting the lift, holding on the slope. When the driver appears in the immediate vicinity the car will automatically unlock the locks and turn on the headlights, if you remove it from the car – it closes all doors and turns off the optics.

Rear view of Subaru Legacy of 2018 year

Coordinate changes in the exterior did not happen, but here are some minor innovations that allowed the car to refresh its appearance, giving it the modern fashion trends. Front headlights were refreshed, which received a slightly different configuration of navigation lights and other lighting elements. As an option, the developers offered LEDs Steering Responsive Headlight, who can automatically change the direction of the beam at the same time as turning the steering wheel. Also in the frontal part of its shape changed the grille, which acquired a massive upper bar, used to house the emblem of the manufacturer and the bumper, adding to the aggression due to the new design of sections of fog lamps, other architecture of the central air intake and accented aerodynamic body kit. The fog-lamps, by the way, like the main optics, can optionally be equipped with LEDs. On the boot lid, a spoiler with a more pronounced relief was prescribed. The outline and drawing of the rear lights have remained the same. The color palette of the body color was supplemented with two new shades – Magnetite Gray Metallic and Crimson Red Pearl.

Salon view of Subaru Legacy of 2018 year


Subaru Legacy’s engine of the sixth generation of the sedan completely repeats the line of predecessor engines in the North American market, but the atmospheric engines themselves underwent a number of improvements, in particular the replacement of the control electronics, which significantly improved the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the powerplants: the “younger” cylinder engine FB25 with a working volume of 2.5 liters. After modernization, the engine slightly increased in power and now the maximum output is declared at the level of 175 “horses” at 5800 rpm, and the peak torque is 236 Nm at 4100 rpm. As the gearbox for the engine, the updated stepless variator Lineartronic was selected. The manufacturer does not officially mention the dynamic characteristics of the sixth generation of Subaru Legashi, but here the data of the expected fuel consumption reveals: with the base “four” under the hood the sedan “eats” about 8.7 liters of fuel in mixed conditions. The flagship motor for the Subaru Legacy 6 sedan is also well known – it is a 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine of the EZ series, capable of developing about 256 horsepower maximum power at 6000 rpm and about 335 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. Like the “junior” engine, it is combined only with a stepless “variator” Lineartronic, with which the predicted average gasoline consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 10.2 liters per “hundred”.

Engine view of Subaru Legacy of 2018 year


The line of power units Subaru Legacy, as well as before restyling, consists of two already known opposing engines: a 2.5-liter quartet with a power of 175 hp. and a 3.6-liter “six” with a power of 256 hp. The Lineartronic variator is installed in the pair, which, as already noted, received a new “quiet” circuit. True, this “improvement” affected only modifications with a 2.5-liter motor.


The sale of the renewed Legacy to the North American continent is scheduled for the summer of 2018, with a base price of approximately $ 22,000. The Japanese brand in the domestic market is still represented only by the Subaru WRX STI sedan, the Subaru Outback wagon, the Subaru XV and Subaru Forester crossovers.

Front and right side view of Subaru Legacy of 2018 year


Three years after the debut of the fifth generation of Legacy, the designers Subaru slightly refreshed his appearance, redesigning the front bumper, grille and fog lights. Inside the car, the changes were much more significant, which is especially evident when looking at the list of basic and optional equipment. Depending on the configuration, Subaru Legacy is equipped with airbags, ABS and EBD systems, adaptive cruise control, rear-view camera, chip-key, electric driver’s seat, multimedia complex with 7-inch touch screen, etc.

The pride of Subaru is the introduction of Legacy innovative system Eye Sight, which in the event of a collision or pedestrian collision hazard, forcibly stops the car at a speed of up to 30 km / h, or will try to minimize the consequences of the accident at high speeds.