SKODA YETI 2017-2018

Front and left side view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years


Skoda Kodiaq 2017. The new Skoda will become more solid in appearance, but retain a characteristic two-profile profile with low angles of roof racks.

The front part of the car reminds many models, produced now under the Volkswagen brand. The radiator grating is small, while it has a shape reminiscent of a bat. The front optics has a very small size, the degree of light emission has been increased due to the use of modern technologies. Diode optics should cope with the tasks set to improve the range of vision in poor visibility, while it looks quite attractive.

Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years
Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years

The rear part is designed quite simply, has an inconspicuous spoiler and a conventional exhaust pipe. As for the rear lights, they resemble those that are installed on the latest generations of Audi.

The side part of the Skoda Etti 2018 differs in that the front wheel arch has a slightly raised line, which gives aggressiveness to the car. In addition, the arches look square, along the entire perimeter there is a plastic protection, and the windows are decorated with a chrome border.

Dashboard view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years
Dashboard view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years

In terms of interior it is:

The steering wheel with lower support has two standard control units. An interesting point is that the design of the handlebar from above has a slight thickening to simplify the grip during the turn.

The scale of instruments is made in the classical style: two speed and speed indicators, in which less significant indicators are located. Also in the spirit of the genre of creating an instrumental docentary part, located on a small screen, which displays basic information.

The central console has a layout, in which all the necessary system, or a control unit for other functions. Under the steering wheel on the left side is the optics control.

In addition, the crossover will receive a finish with a tree that has gray tones.


Data on powertrains are kept secret, but it will probably be the same engines that are installed on the Tiguan. So, in a line of motors there will be a 2,0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 180 hp.

Engine view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years
Engine view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years


Is the manufacturer that the average fuel consumption will be 6.5 liters for the 1.6 liter engine, and about 8 liters / 100 km in the mixed mode for the more aggressive two liter engine.


Issue of the second-generation model of the Yeti is scheduled to launch in mid-2017, and the crossover will be released to the market only in 2018. The cost of the crossover is not known, but it will be less than the cost of VW Tiguan, whose price is about $ 22,000.

Rear view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years
Rear view of Skoda Yeti of 2017-2018 years


In the list of options, most likely, there will be Wi-Fi, systems of preventive braking, recognition of road signs and monitoring of driver fatigue. That is, if you use a convenient method and convenient in everyday use, and the price will suit almost everyone. For quite acceptable money you can get a real car with all-wheel drive and high-quality finish.

Photos of SKODA YETI of 2017-2018 years

Videos of SKODA YETI of 2017-2018 years

  • Сергей Какубов

    For my personal taste model SKODA YETI is one of the most successful cars. Especially I want to note the external design, both external and internal. I was even a little surprised how SKODA behaves on the roads.