Skoda Karoq of 2018 year

Czech novelty Skoda Carok 2018 release, before that it does not appear even in Europe, certainly begs for comparison with the crossover Skoda Yeti, to replace which it comes. In comparison with its predecessor, the novelty looks more functional and verified.

Interior and Exterior Design

Front and left side view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year
Front and left side view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year

So, in place of the favorite yetts of the Yetis came the car-arrow. The crossover mystery was recently declassified, and information about it is not yet fully exhaustive. Although the car belongs to the class of compact SUVs, its overall dimensions exceed the performance of the Yeti.

Four views of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year
Four views of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year

The interior of the new Czech car parquet, though built on the architecture of the Škoda models, looks more solid and brutal. Qualitative and practical materials are used. The instrument panel is made in the best classical traditions. Multifunction wheel with a minimum set of only the most advanced options. The buyer is offered the most modern and expensive equipment for this price category.

Dashboard view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year

However, to the Czechs did not speak, some of the elements of the exterior was simply borrowed from the Spanish crossover Seat Ateca, which was born just before the Czech. By and large, these machines are largely identical, as one Volkswagen concern was developed in parallel in the bowels.


The car is built on a modular MQB platform, the car body has a high level of rigidity. In the basic version, the drive is only front, but in top-end trim levels, an optional rear drive is connected, which operates under the control of the fifth-generation Haldex coupling. They work in tandem with a 6-speed traditional manual transmission, as well as with 6 DSG and 7 DSG robots.

All engines operate with a 6-speed manual or 7-band robotic dual-clutch transmission. Despite the variety and power characteristics of the engines, the manufacturer assures that the price of the new crossover will match the range of the Yeti’s value. In addition, the developers have installed an active suspension, which operates in 4 modes, including a special version of “off-road.” Also, the “sporty” mode can automatically be turned on if the machine moves for a long time and dynamically passes the turns.

Fuel Economy

There is also such an interesting menu item as notification. With it, you can set a speed limit. For example, at a speed of 90 km / h. This can come in handy if your son took the car. If it exceeds this speed, you will receive a message about this.

Left side view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year
Left side view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year

Of those that are available in Europe, the most interesting is the petrol TSI, a volume of 1.5 liters. Firstly, they are not threatened, the Eurodirects, which today have taken up arms against diesel engines, why their prospects have become rather vague.

On the other hand, as shown by the test drive Skoda Karok, this is a great motor, in which the evolution of the previous 1.4 TSI engine is embodied. With the help of new technologies, he disconnects two middle cylinders. This saves fuel:

– turbocharged liter engine with 115 hp, working on gasoline;

– gasoline engine with turbo-supercharging, volume of 1.4 liters, power of 125 hp;

– The engine in 1.4 liters on gasoline, turbocharged, but with increased to 150 hp. power;

– two-liter turbocharged engine with 180 hp, fuel – gasoline;

– turbodiesel in 1.6 liters and power 115 hp;

– 2-liter turbocharged engines with 150 and 190 hp.

Release Date and Price

Sales of the new Shoda will start in the fall of 2018 in Europe. The new machine will be officially shown in public in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Became known and the price of car 2018 at home, in the Czech Republic. So, the basic version with a liter 115-horsepower turbo, manual gearbox and front-wheel drive will cost € 20,275.

Rear view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year
Rear view of Skoda Karoq of 2018 year


This car is positioned by the company as a universal SUV, combining excellent running, practicality, but it is very nice and original in appearance. In addition, the jeep is equipped with a number of modern systems and functions that guarantee high-quality management and a high level of safety for the driver and his passengers.

Manufacturers said that the car was designed on the popular MQB platform from VW. This platform is quite relevant not only from Skoda, which designs this car and Koduaq, but also from VW with their Tauran and Tiguan, and also Seat with the Ateca SUV.

Photos of SKODA KAROQ of 2018 year

Videos of SKODA KAROQ of 2018 year