Front Left side of Renault Duster of 2018 year


At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 in September, the world premiere of the Renault Daster 2018-2019 was held in a new body, which, traditionally for the European market, was first presented under the local brand Dacia.

For a long period, Duster is being produced. This car is the most affordable offer, many liked it because of the unique combination of price and quality. Renault Daster 2018 is available in 5 different versions, the most affordable is $11000. By setting all options, the price rises to a mark of $20000. Consider the features of the budget proposal of the French manufacturer in detail.



Renault Daster 2018 has a completely new exterior appearance. In front of the eyes immediately throws a stylish falshradiatornaya lattice, made chrome-plated elements. In its very center you can see the Renault badge. The LED headlights of the head optics are a continuation of the grating, and, roughly speaking, represent a single element together with it. Incredibly powerful bumper is equipped with a design winch, the inside of which serves as an air intake. Also on it are running lights. On the lower part of the bumper you can see a pair of LED fog lights. We will rise above, and we will notice that the windshield became noticeably wider, and the front hood is more smooth and streamlined. The profile of the car has become muscular, and it is from this perspective that the new Duster is indeed longer than its predecessor. On the roof of the novelty are high-tech railings, which, interestingly, are met with all the aerodynamic requirements, and do not spoil the overall streamlining of the crossover. Large windows and doors indicate the spaciousness of the cabin, as well as the fact that the developers have taken care of the comfort of boarding and disembarking passengers. As proof of this – the established convenient threshold. Separately I want to mention, incredibly volumetric wheel arches, which give the car aggressiveness and dynamism. The back of the Daster 2018 has undergone the slightest changes from the previous modification of the model. The developers only installed new headlights, and corrected the trunk lid, which, by the way, occupies almost all the rear space. It is equipped with a small brake light and an automatic wiper in the rear window. The bumper is equipped with two additional running lights, between which you can see a relief plastic cover, with a built-in exhaust pipe.

Front Rear view of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Front Rear view of Renault Duster of 2018 year

The style of bodywork has changed insignificantly:

Chromed grille of cooling radiator. It has a massive and quite attractive style.

Head optics of square shape.

A small front bumper, made in the style of an off-road car.

An additional body kit that makes the car look more massive and attractive.

Small rear lights, as well as a large chrome overlay with the name of the model.

The compact base largely determines the high permeability of the model. In addition, the wheel arches protrude slightly outward, which makes the crossover look more aggressive.


Inside it looks even simpler than outside:

The steering wheel is a simple design that has only two keys for controlling various functions.

The center console has a bright design. It is represented by a combination of two massive deflectors and a small display. It has touch control and can be used to control various functions.

At the bottom there are several round controls, as well as a few keys. The first unit is connected to the stove and air conditioning, the second is responsible for the operation of the all-wheel drive system.

Dashboard view of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Renault Duster of 2018 year

All panels are of medium quality plastic. Some elements also have chrome strokes.

All seats are very simple, additional elements that increase comfort are absent.

The compact dimensions of the body determine that there is relatively little free space on the first and second rows. That is why people of great growth can have significant problems with a comfortable location.

The seats in the cabin became a bit bigger due to the fact that the manufacturer moved the front rack by 10 centimeters ahead.

The interior of the Renault Duster 2018 has also undergone major changes. After the generation change, the crossover appeared:

another instrument panel with a large screen of the on-board computer;

Another steering wheel with new keys and adjustment on the fly;

Another central console with a modified screen layout of the multimedia system;

new air conditioner control unit.

According to preliminary data, the multimedia of Duster  will be able to connect with smartphones via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also representatives of the company assure that they paid great attention to the quality of finishing materials.

The screen of the multimedia system is now higher and placed at a different angle – slightly deployed to the driver. To understand why this was done, it is enough to look at a small excerpt from the review of the Duster of the previous generation.

Rear Right side of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Renault Duster of 2018 year


Duster with a diesel engine looks much more attractive. With a lower fuel consumption, it is weaker: the torque of the engine on the heavy fuel is about 100 Nm more than gasoline.

The main disadvantages of the diesel – it costs more and rumbles more loudly.

The choice of transmissions also did not change. The cheapest version – with a gasoline engine and a drive to the front wheels – is equipped with a 5-speed “mechanics”. Mono-driven diesel can be equipped with either a 6-speed “mechanics” or a 6-step “robot” with two clutches. The all-wheel drive version of the diesel engine is offered exclusively with a 6-speed “handle”.

But the trunk of the new Duster has become smaller. If before the front-wheel drive model could hold up to 475 liters, now the manufacturer claims 30 liters less. The volume of the luggage compartment of the all-wheel drive version decreased from 408 to 376 liters altogether.

In general, the places for luggage in the Renault Duster are much smaller than, for example, in Kia Sportage (503 hp.) And Hyundai Tucson (513 hp.).

Engine view of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Engine view of Renault Duster of 2018 year


Dacia Duster for the European market is equipped with a pair of petrol engines – a 115-hp atmospheric 1.6-liter and turbocharged 125-hp 1.2 TCe, as well as two turbo diesels 1.5 dCi (90 hp) and 1.5 dCi (110 hp). The choice of three gearboxes: 5 manual transmission, 6 manual transmission and 6 automatic transmission.

The considered car is made on the basis of previously applied base. This point determines the many performance characteristics of the crossover. Technical features consist in the following points:

Several different motors are installed on the model. However, even the most powerful has only 140 hp.

If you want, you can buy a car with front and all wheel drive. Thus the motor is delivered in pair with 5-МКПП and 6-МКПП.

Almost all the main nodes remained the same as in the previous version.

The budget proposal is characterized by the corresponding technical characteristics.

Front Left side of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Front Left side of Renault Duster of 2018 year


The level of equipment – perhaps the main difference of the new Renault Duster from its predecessor. The next-generation crossover has received such security systems as:

monitoring of blind areas;

movement control during descent;

monitoring of tire pressure.

The list of already known to the fans of the security system model included control of the stability of the road, help with the start on the rise, anti-lock system, help with emergency braking and distribution of braking forces.

The list of additional equipment Duster 2018 includes:

Multiview Camera – allows you to track the space around the car during maneuvering and parking;

“Monitor 4×4” – is designed to review the position and orientation of the car in space and display the angles of inclination, roll and compass on the display.

To everything in the new Renault Duster:

improved noise insulation of the engine compartment and the body as a whole;

the steering column received adjustment in four directions;

the driver’s seat is equipped with a lumbar support and an armrest;

electric power steering replaced the power steering;

The Media Nav screen is located above for easy access and more comfortable reading of information;

as an option, an option is available for keyless access to a car with a key card “hands free” and starting the engine with the START / STOP button.


The updated Duster has already been produced for a long time. It is worth considering that a lot of positive and negative reviews can be found about the car. Auto does not significantly differ from the previous sentence, but still has its own characteristics.

Dakar Edition

Renault Daster Dakar Edition 2018 in the new body comes at a price of $12  000. Due to a significant increase in the cost of the vehicle, several very attractive options are set:

There is a remote engine start system. It allows the vehicle to warm up in advance in winter.

The driver can adjust the position of his seat in height.

In the lower part of the bumper you can find fog lamps of a diode type.

This version is popular due to the installation of a multimedia system with navigation.

Expansion of the wheel arches is carried out in order to be able to install the wheels with a large protector.

Right side of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Right side of Renault Duster of 2018 year


Privilege is not much more expensive than the previous offer. More powerful options are:

Air conditioning, which can maintain the desired temperature in the summer.

Speed ​​can be maintained at a given rate due to the installed cruise control.

Some indicators are displayed on the instrument panel by the on-board computer.

Alloy wheels are made in an attractive style.

Front seats are equipped with a heating system. This provides a higher level of comfort.

The applied fabric upholstery has a 3D effect.

Some interior elements have a finish under the skin.

In addition, the car is able to determine the temperature of the environment and display the indicator on the display.

Luxe Privilege

There is an opportunity to purchase a crossover in the Luxe Privilege version. It costs about $18000 and is characterized by a combination of just a huge number of additional options:

When making the seats, leather upholstery is used. It is characterized by a higher protection from mechanical impact and a long service life.

Already behind the electric window regulator is installed. It should be borne in mind that in cheaper versions it is exclusively front, and behind the manual mechanism.

When creating glasses, light toning is performed, which corresponds to the established standards.

Rear parktronic simplifies the process of putting the vehicle on the parking space. It is represented by a combination of different sensors that determine the convergence with different objects.

Even in the maximum version of the equipment, the car does not have a common option.


The relatively low cost of the model determines that the car does not have a lot of serious competitors. In one price category you can find:

Nissan Qashqai.

Nissan Terrano.

Geely Atlas.

Chery Tiggo.

Citroen C-Crosser.

Suzuki Vitara.

Rear Left side of Renault Duster of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Renault Duster of 2018 year


According to the results of the tests carried out by Euro NCAP in December 2017, Duster received only three stars out of five possible. The lowest rating was put by experts for Safety Assist systems.

Also, the safety of pedestrians was not highly appreciated. It is impossible to recognize Duster as the safest car for children. On this indicator the crossover loses to such models as Mazda CX-5, SEAT Arona and Skoda Karoq.