Front Left view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year

Searching for a comfortable fast car you should pay attention to the Porsche Panamera 2018. This car has been significantly updated in comparison with its predecessor, it has an attractive exterior and an interesting interior, the most modern equipment. The world premiere of the last generation took place in 2017, the car is delivered to dealers in several modifications. In cars Porsche has its own individual characteristics. If you pay attention, you can see that in all cars Porsche ignition key is located to the left of the steering wheel. There was such a nuance is not accidental. Earlier, in the racing championships “24 Hours of Le Mans”, drivers had to first run to their sports car, and then sit down and go. In order to get a quicker start, all racing cars were equipped with a similar key layout, thereby winning precious seconds. This became a tradition, and now we see the left-hand placement of the key on the road versions of Porsche cars.

Porsche cars have always been associated with the word “Prestige”. And even the keys of some models deserve special attention. In some such “smart” key fobs there are also memory settings, which you can activate, for example, you can set the position of the seats in the cabin.

Porsche cars have always been associated with the word “Prestige”. And even the keys of some models deserve special attention. In some such “smart” key fobs there are also memory settings, which you can activate, for example, you can set the position of the seats in the cabin. Thus, combining traditions and modern high technologies, Porshe designers create unique comfortable cars of premium class.



As expected, the new generation in many respects resembles the previous generation despite the use of a sufficiently large number of unique parts. The following are the features of the exterior:

A completely different design of the front bumper is installed, which has just a huge number of different niches and panels. The radiator grille, as a rule, is low.

Changed and the form of the design of the rear pillars, which is associated with a sloping roof. Due to this, significantly improved the body’s streamlining and reduced the resistance arising from the movement.

The rear part of the car is made in the style more expensive 911, represented by lanterns connected by a chalk stop stop strip.


On the expensive version of the car is installed optional matrix head optics with 84 diodes. This design has quite a lot of features, for example, it can highlight pedestrians walking along the roadside.

A spoiler was installed in the trunk lid, which became active.

Only at first glance the changes in the new generation of the car are insignificant.

Left view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Left view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year

The salon of the new second generation Porsche Panamera impresses with a mass of super modern equipment, some of which of course will be available as an option. From advanced chips, you should pay attention to a new instrument panel with an analog tachometer surrounded by a pair of color 7-inch displays providing the driver with a variety of information, a 12.3-inch touchscreen of the Porsche Communication Management system, the touch control consoles in the first and second row which are assigned the ability to configure and manage the multimedia system, air conditioner, first and second row seats (electric drive adjustments, heating, ventilation and massage) and about their auxiliary equipment. Thus, the German five-door Gran Turismo class will get rid of the incredible number of buttons in the cabin.


Even more changes can be seen in the interior of the car in question. An example is the following:

The steering wheel has three spokes. The design is multi-functional, allows you to control many systems without taking your hands off the steering wheel. The steering wheel looks a bit unusual, since it has a small central part.

The instrument panel can be classic, represented by a combination of several scales with installed displays.

On the central part of the console is installed a large display, which is responsible for navigation and many other functions.

Almost all control units were moved to the tunnel separating the front seats. In this case they are made in the style of the touch panel, although there are a large number of mechanical keys and switches.

We found a place for a large armrest with coasters. It is made in the form of a box for storing the most diverse trifles.

Sports seats have a huge number of different adjustments.

On the ceiling in the area of ​​the rear-view mirror is a large unit with various switches.

A lot of attention was paid to the comfort of the rear passengers. For them, another tunnel with a touch screen and a large number of different switches have been created.

Dashboard view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year

On the back row there are two separate seats, which have a fairly large number of different adjustments. Performed also in a sporty style.


The third generation of the Panamera model is planning to equip the V6 and V8 engines with a new turbocharged family, as well as a hybrid power plant for the modification of the Panamera S E-Hybrid.

According to preliminary information, the engine power will be from 258 hp in the diesel version with a 3.0-liter V6 to 562 hp in the top version of the Porsche Panamera Turbo S with the biturbed petrol “eight”. The transmission is exclusively automatic, 8-speed with two PDK clutch discs. With the start of sales, the novelty will be available with a pair of gasoline and one diesel engines.

Engine view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Engine view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year

Porsche Panamera Turbo S 2018 in the hybrid version is one of the most powerful production cars. As a rule, the dimensions of the novelty have slightly increased in comparison with the predecessor.

The main technical characteristics include the following information:

The dimensions of the body are as follows: length is 5049 mm, wheelbase is 2950 mm, width 1937 mm, height 1423 mm. Also slightly increased the amount of luggage space, which amounted to 495 liters.

When creating a new generation, the modular MSB chassis was used. Modification of this chassis is represented by the fact that many elements are made using aluminum.

In order to significantly improve the safety of traffic at sufficiently high values ​​of engine power, the braking system is strengthened.

Steering is represented by an electromechanical design.

Suspension three-chamber, is represented by a pneumatic system.

Semi-guided chassis was borrowed from the sports version of the Porsche 911 Turbo. Due to it also increased the stability of the vehicle on the road surface.

The installed transmission has a double clutch, due to which the gear shift is accelerated.

Even in the base, the technical equipment of this car is very attractive. When you purchase more expensive complete sets, you can count on installing all the modern systems that meet competitors.

Front Left view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Front Left view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year


Presumably, the novelty will go to the markets in 2018.

Buy Porsche Panamera 2018 can be in several trim levels, which differ significantly from each other not only at the price, but also with technical equipment. The basic version costs about $ 100 000, for the maximum you will have to pay more than twice as much.

In many, the new model resembles its predecessor. However, the similarities are only external, in fact the overall details are relatively small. The basic version was called Base. Its features include the following:

As a power unit already in this version is installed three-liter petrol, which thanks to the turbines can produce 330 hp. It should be taken into account that this is the only version with a rear-wheel drive, all the others are supplied only with a full one. On all cars will be installed the same 8-band robot.

Even in the basic version, an electric tailgate drive is installed. In addition, there are all the standard options that are responsible for comfort in the cabin.

Basic equipment can not be called the richest, but it is at a very high level.

The next in the cost package was simple title 4. It costs slightly more than $ 103 759.5 is characterized by an installed system of four-wheel drive. In addition to some other options, this version is almost similar to the basic equipment. In addition, this bundle comes with the following names:

Executive – the cost of this offer is $ 113,966.14. All the same power units are installed, as well as some other additional options.

E-Hybrid is a hybrid version that is capable of delivering 462 hp. Due to the installation of modern equipment, the cost of this version increases to $ 122,224.09.

S – version with a modern 2.9-liter engine with 440 hp for $ 123,837.35.

E-hybrid Executive is already $ 130 418.15. It features quite a lot of different options that are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers.

S Executive – an option with almost the maximum equipment, the cost of which is $ 135,816.97. This car has all the modern options: from panoramic sunroof to parking assistance systems.

Porsche Panamera in 2018, as a rule, is delivered and versions of Turbo. By installing a powerful petrol engine with a volume of 4.0 liters, the car is capable of delivering 550 hp. The most expensive hybrid version is already developing 680 hp. As before, power is transmitted to the front and rear of the car.

Dashboard view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year


Completely new body became predominantly aluminum, which reduced the weight and allowed to add volume for passengers and increase the trunk. Steel parts in the new car are located mainly in the bottom to reduce the center of gravity and greater safety.

The blocking system has already been implemented in the software mechanisms for locking and unlocking the car’s door locks. This allowed six times to increase the speed of their operation – now the result was fixed at the level of 1.


Considering this car of unequivocal competitors is rather difficult to find. This is due to the fact that even in the base the cost is quite high, and the maximum equipment costs almost twice as much. By prestige, price and equipment, the real competitors of this model can be called:

Aston Martin Rapide S.

Jaguar XJ 5.0.

Audi S8.

Bentley Flying Spur.

Maserati Quattroporte GTS.

Mercedes-AMG S 63.

Competitors also have quite attractive characteristics. At the same time if we consider Mercedes, then even in maximum equipment it will cost less than Porsche. The remaining models are representatives of approximately similar class, are also in approximately the same price category.


The new Panamera is a representative sports car. The car was developed almost anew, great attention was paid both to the body design and the roominess of the cabin. It can be noted that the second-generation Panamera is built on the modular MSB platform, which will subsequently become widely used not only in the Porsche model line, but also among the Bentley-related cars of the Volkswagen concern. In terms of design, Panamera turned out to be closer to the 911 coupe than to the Cayenne. With the change of generations the hatchback became larger. In this case, the weight of the car tried to minimize as much – for example, the hood, all doors and roof are made of aluminum. But still in the end, the car became slightly heavier than before and came close to the 2000 kg mark. At the start, all available versions of Panamera are only all-wheel drive. In 2018, a new representative of the lineup – the Sport Turismo wagon debuted.

Exterior Design of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year
Exterior Design of Porsche Panamera of 2018 year

For those who can afford a real Porsche, and not a light version, the company is preparing to release a new Porsche 911 GT3 2018 model year. This is one of the top models of the 911 series, which embodies all the best and latest developments. From this model, buyers have the right not to expect, but demand the best dynamic characteristics in the class.