Front Right side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

The Japanese automaker constantly works on developing the style of decorating its cars, pays attention to modern trends and develops the technologies used. Crossover Nissan Kicks 2018 is a bright representative of the fact that the company can produce a good car and at a fairly affordable price.

The Olympic Games in our days have become not only a world holiday of sport, courage and friendship. The Olympics in recent decades has become an excellent testing ground for the presentation of the best achievements of technology and technology. Games that took Rio de Janeiro in 2016 were under the official protectorate of the company Nissan and here for the first time the fundamentally new concept of Nissan Kicks 2018 was shown. Despite the fact that most automotive experts have not been able to actually test the model, in absentia indicate significant changes in the very approach to the creation of the machine:

  • In comparison with the predecessor – Juke, the equipment and prices have been revised, the crossover is positioned as a promising direction for countries with low incomes of the population;
  • The model features a high level of practicality, reliability, classical appearance;
  • The creation of the model is focused on the consumer demand of Latin America, India, and Africa. Despite the affordable price level in the new body, the buyer receives the best technological developments in this segment.
Rear Left view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Rear Left view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

Production of the concept will be established in India at the capacities of the Nissan auto company, which significantly reduces its cost price. The date of entry into the regional market was determined by the manufacturer for the second half of this year. The platform is based on category V, which has proven itself in models Micra, Almera. Despite its small size and modest appearance, the compact crossover is a worthy competitor of more expensive and powerful cars in this segment. The visual picture is also quite attractive and the opinions of experts in this field are unanimous. Engineers and designers used one of the most promising techniques in the design of the car.

An interesting moment is the weight of the car, thanks to the innovative platform it can be called super light, the top set with the maximum technical packaging weighs 1t 142 kg.



The buyer should be prepared for the fact that the serial model, which goes on sale, will differ slightly from the concept presented in the hot Rio in 2016. The offer of the 2018 model year is planned to be somewhat more modest and simple crossover. A little lost the impudence and uniqueness of the style, a resemblance to the predator preparing for a jump. Nevertheless, the sports orientation of the car has remained.

Front Right side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Front Right side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

The crossover in question can compete for the most part because of a rather attractive exterior, which is characterized as follows:

The radiator grille is small in size, as well as chrome plated along the bottom.

Head optics turned out to be quite large, but the design itself is already quite outdated. Of course, on a state-financed company one should not expect modern optics, but still it would significantly adorn the crossover.

The front bumper is represented by a combination of a large air intake and niches for fog lamps. An important point is that the bumper looks like a part of the bodywork. Due to this the car became more solid and attractive.

On the perimeter of the body is plastic protection, which could well fit into the silhouette of the crossover.

Pretty muscular turned out wheel arches. Due to the increase in their size and the line of location, it became possible to install R18 disks and more with low-profile rubber.

Racks and the top part of a body can be issued a little differently, than the basic part of a body.

The windows and doors were somewhat angular. At the same time, the roof is practically straight.

The rear part of the car turned out to be expressive, but it is not very attractive. To begin with, note a small spoiler, which is a continuation of the roof, as well as a fairly large number of bends of the luggage compartment lid. Rear lights have a complex shape, their dimensions are quite large. At first glance at this car, it becomes almost immediately clear why it is compared to the Beetle. This is due to the fact that the body has a fairly large number of undulating surfaces and various facets, which visually make the body much more difficult.


Despite the relatively low cost of this model, it has a rather attractive interior. Of course, to fully enjoy the comfort will come only when buying the top version of the car. Important points we will name:

The steering wheel has an oblique lower part, several key blocks and lower support. It looks very attractive, there are special grips to improve comfort when driving a crossover.

Dashboard view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

The instrument panel also has a very unusual configuration. An example is that the left part is represented by a color display, and the right analog scale.

The central console is quite simple, it is represented by a touch screen with several control keys. Of course, this design is installed exclusively on top-end cars.

The tunnel is made quite simply, it serves to accommodate the gear selector and the location of several keys.

The space between the seats was taken for the cupholders. The panel is represented by a plastic construction.

Seats of front passengers are configured with lateral support.

The comfort of the rear passengers was almost neglected. Therefore, do not expect that they will be comfortable when driving for a long distance. The luggage compartment is also designed simply enough, represented by a compartment with a lower and upper shelf. Because of the relatively small dimensions of the body, the luggage compartment can not be called capacious.


To prepare the car in the specified time, it would not be professional to use a new unproven platform, so the 2018 model will be presented with a less modern platform. But, it is worth noting that the price of platform V is also very loyal.

As a basis for the production of the car in question, the V platform was chosen, which was already used for the production of other models. Among the technical features of the novelty should be noted:

By its qualities, the car is pretty close to the popular Juku, but it has a greater ground clearance, as well as a smooth base. Due to this, engineers tried to significantly improve the patency of the model.

Engine view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Engine view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

The dimensions of the body are as follows: length 4295 mm, width 1760 mm, height 1590 mm. The increase in the overall dimensions of the body allowed to significantly improve the comfort in the rear seat.

Complete modernization of the front stretcher was carried out. In addition, engineers note that the installed springs and shock absorbers were reconfigured.

On the basic version, it is planned to install an economical engine and a manual transmission. Due to this, the cost of the base should decrease. The new Nissan Kicks 2018 (photo, price, bundling in the article) can not be called the embodiment of modern technology, in many cars it is similar to the more popular Dzhukom. The higher cost in comparison with competitors makes the car less attractive. However, there is a fairly large number of motorists who do not trust the Renault brand and will give preference to a more famous and prestigious brand.


The new Nissan Kicks 2018 will be delivered in several trim levels. As previously noted, the base version is from $ 17,000. To the features of the basic equipment can be attributed the following points:

The air conditioner is installed. Today, many cars encounter climate control, but to reduce the cost of basic equipment still being installed air conditioners with the function of ionization of air.

Rear Left view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Rear Left view of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

The branded MP3 system has an average quality, if necessary, you can connect and synchronize mobile devices. The connection is made using Bluetooth wireless technology.

All glass doors work from the electric drive, rear-view mirrors still have a heating function. In addition, the design of the side mirrors can be folded in automatic mode, which helps to protect them from mechanical damage after parking the vehicle.

An on-board computer is installed, which can read a variety of information from installed sensors to the cabin.

Front seats are made with lateral support, have heating. The rear is simple, can be folded to increase the volume of the luggage compartment.

The central locking can be remotely controlled from the key.

If necessary, the driver can adjust the steering column and driver’s seat.

The cabin has several airbags. Already in the basic version the crossover has a sufficiently high safety, for an additional charge an additional package of airbags is installed.

The basic equipment of Nissan Kicks 2018 is relatively inexpensive, for a surcharge in more expensive variants of generation, climate control is established, the finishing is carried out by inserting leather panels, a proprietary multimedia system with a 7 inch display, a navigation system, and several body cameras to provide a 360 degree view. If you select all the options, the price for the car can significantly increase.


The standard equipment of the novelty immediately included and the system of automatic emergency braking, and the function of warning of a frontal collision, and a rear-view camera. Other available security features include a blind zone monitoring system, a rearward lateral traffic alert and an advanced multi-camera monitoring system.

Left side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Left side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year


As previously noted, the cost of Nissan is slightly overstated, compared with the main competitors. Many associate this with the fact that the brand is considered more prestigious, and better materials are used for finishing. It is planned to extend the sale of this model to the territory of 80 countries around the world. Another advantageous quality is the installation of a 1.6-liter motor with 114 hp. Compete the car with two fairly common models:

Hyundai Creta.

Renault Kaptur.

Like both competitors, Nissan will meet at a factory in Togliatti. This point many can perceive as an essential minus of the offer from the Japanese automaker, as the quality of assembly in domestic factories always causes a rather large number of complaints.


Summarizing, it is advisable to say that in general the car is good and corresponds to its class and price. If you are of average height and like comfort and calm behind the wheel, then this is an excellent option for you. Perfect for a family with two or three children. At the back of the cabin, three adults will comfortably sit. Car: the price is quality! Pleases with its stylish design and automatic transmission. Easy to manage. This car can also go to the office and gather with the family at sea. A clever mechanism will tell you which speed is acceptable for a particular section of the road. On the screen opposite the steering wheel, the air temperature, the clock, and also the speed with which you are moving are fixed. Built-in navigator with ease will help you find the right address or area. The navigator is exposed under the city and the country so problems with the set routes should not arise. When you pass the car, the warning sounds. If you got out of the car and scored keys in the ignition lock or did not close the window, the protective sound system will work, which will let you know that you have forgotten something.

Rear Right side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Nissan Kicks of 2018 year

Blown forms of the machine act as a shock-proof mechanism in a collision. That is, getting into an easy traffic accident, blown forms will save you from direct collision. According to experts, this model is very economical, which allows comparing it with diesel models. The minimal expense will give you comfort while driving and save your budget. Seat belts fix the human body and do not allow excessive inclination forward. As a budget car, this model deserves high praise.