Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Carmaker “Nissan” is preparing for the production of new crossover “Qashqai” 2017 of lineup. While pre-production batch of cars carries out test runs on public roads, in manufacturing plants in full swing it is preparing equipment and personnel for the make of new products. The crossover will be equipped with several electronic systems have already been tested in models of the premium class.

Front left side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Front left side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Inlay outside

Restylingh of Qashqai Nissan 2017 led to an improvement in aerodynamic performance. Drag coefficient is 0.32 Cx. Stamps of body parts are updated. New lines and edges give the crossover a sophisticated look. Head optics is significantly redesigned, plafonds have become much narrower. Optional bi-xenon elements are mounted. The L-shaped strip of daytime running lights placed along the inner faces of the headlamps has the same shape as the U-shaped of radiator grille design. At the bottom of the front bumper in hexagonal niches there are diffusers housed fog lights.

The original decision in the design of the exterior will be the insertion of golden metal with a touch of silver. As seen in the photo “Nissan Qashqai” 2017, the visual emphasis on the arches, bumpers, roof rails, around the headlights are perfectly combined with all color variants of the body. This finish will be available only in high-end versions.

Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Almost premium class

Visibly will be transformed the interior. Linkers managed to slightly increase the number of space for rear passengers. Interior design was close to the “luxury” category. The photo Nissan Qashqai 2017 noticeable decoration of white suede, quilted seat backs and the same golden metal inserts.

Interior view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Interior view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Basic configuration is equipped with full power accessories, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, rear-view camera. Optional features leather trim, panoramic roof, light and rain sensors, parking sensors with the option of an automatic parking, system of the circular review, keyless access, complex control of lanes and identification of road signs, the system of monitoring the driver’s physical condition.

The world’s first autopilot

The crossover will be the first production car equipped with an autonomous control system Piloted Drive 1.0. For the introduction of innovative systems Qashqai is not chosen by chance – the model is the best selling in the European market. What exercises can make the car without the driver; the manufacturer is not to breathe a word. It is known that in the offline on-board processor is able to keep the course at speeds up to 120 km / h provided readable markings. The set parameters will be observed even at a busy traffic. Some electronic components of autonomous driving have already been tested on other models in the framework of the Safety Shield program. The next step will be upgrading the autopilot, which will be able to recognize the danger and move away from the collision.

Left view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Left view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year


Dimensions of Nissan Qashqai 2017 have changed. Increase the length, width and wheelbase, reduced the height, and at the same time ground clearance increased by 30 mm. In general, the following indicators:

  • length – 4377 mm;
  • width – 1838 mm;
  • height – 1 595 mm;
  • ground clearance – 200 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2650 mm;
  • curb weight – 1380 kg.

Standard wheels – R16, tire size – 215/65. Body Type – minivan. Number of doors – five, number of seats- five.

Little pigeons can carry great messages

In 2017 Nissan Qashqai will be equipped with upgraded engines. The fuel consumption for each unit has been reduced by more than half a liter. All engines have outstanding features:

  • Turbocharged petrol engine, volume – 1,2 l, capacity – 115 H.P, with torque – 190 Nm;
  • aspirated two-liter petrol engine with capacity of 144 H.P, with torque – 200 Nm;
  • diesel engine with capacity of 1.5 liter capacity – 110 H.P, from torque – 180 Nm;
  • dCi turbocharged diesel engine with volume of 1.6 liters, power – 130 H.P, with torque – 363 Nm.
Left side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Left side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Turbo diesel in the combined cycle consumes less than five liters. Two transmissions: a 6-speed manual and CVT X-tronic CVT. The front-wheel transmission is completed with spring Semi suspension. Four-wheel drive version is equipped with a fully independent multi-link suspension. The crossover got a rocking body damping system. Sensors monitor tracks of the roadway and retard certain wheels individually, which dampens the vibrations of the body.

Front right side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year
Front right side view of Nissan Qashqai of 2017 year

Prices and equipment

The first partys of the updated car, like its predecessor, will be collected in the UK in the group workshops in the city of Sunderland. Crossover among the first will be equipped with an autopilot. A component provides five: XE, SE, SE +, LE, and LE +. The nissan qashqai price for all-wheel drive version starts with 21 498.58 USD. The minimum cost of front-wheel drive version-15 049.01 USD.

Photos of New Nissan Qashqai 2017

Video of New Nissan Qashqai 2017

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  • John

    A car pleased me outwardly and inwardly, designers are fine fellows. Comfortable seats, much place and air, it is possible freely to sit down after a driver with growth 189, not touching the knees of seat of driver. A glass roof very beautiful, this option concretely for back passengers. A car is smart, firmly and confidently stands on a route. A diesel on a test showed a middle expense 8-9 litres on a route, it recognition gas in a floor and all time a climate worked control, that frankly not bad. A machine pleased on the whole, for a city very interesting suggestion (not counting a price).