Front left side of Mitsubisi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year

Last year on the Geneva Motor Show Mitsubishi eclipse cross 2018 was introduced. This car is in the intermediate position between two Mitsubishi car parkers (Outlander and ASX). The design of the novelty was developed by an experienced Japanese specialist, who previously worked for Nissan. The car has a characteristic sporty appearance with the presence of sharp edges, as well as a rear pillar, which is extremely littered. A novelty from a Japanese manufacturer can arouse great interest among fans of Mitsubishi cars.



The appearance of the car is in accordance with the design philosophy, dubbed “Dynamic Shield”. The crossover has a fairly fresh and cute appearance, which can be considered spectacular. In the front part of the vehicle there is clearly traced the X-shaped style with an aggressive kind of lighting elements, an attractive bumper and a number of other details.

Front right side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Front right side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year

Model Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 (bundle and prices are presented on our resource) is characterized by an attractive stern:
• The tail lights have an original shape and an attractive look;
• the glass in the rear of the car is divided into a pair of sections;
• on the bumper there are special pads designed to protect it from external influences.
In the profile, the novelty differs sportiness and dynamism, which is due to the presence of sidewalls of complex shape, as well as the roof of a descending species. In addition, there are piled up racks (rear) and powerful wheel arches.

Left side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Left side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year


The interior of the model looks beautiful and modern. The steering multifunction wheel has improved “waves” for easy handling. The instrument panel is represented by two informative and bright wells. In the center of the torpedo is a large screen of a multimedia system, which can be controlled with a touch pad or 4 keys located below. Crossover can accommodate 5 people. Front seats have developed lateral support and a sufficient number of adjustments. Rear passengers will get a comfortable sofa, with the possibility of adjusting for length and angle of inclination.
The salon of a novelty of the Japanese manufacture is characterized by presence of the original forward panel having a color display of the big sizes. There is also an information and entertainment system, presented in the form of an ordinary tablet. To manage its functions can be through the use of the touch panel, which is on the torpedo.

Salon view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Salon view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year

On other parameters this SUV is modern and beautiful. This applies to the following elements:
• Stylish and multi-functional steering wheel, which has developed “tides”;
• The instrument panel, which is quite bright and informative (it helps the driver in the process of driving);
• The original torpedo, which is topped by ventilation deflectors (located symmetrically), as well as the control panel for optimum climate in the vehicle interior.
The car interior has a five-seater layout. The front seats of the crossover have a profile with the presence of developed rollers providing side support, as well as various adjustment intervals. Passengers at the rear are accommodated on a comfortable sofa, which can be adjusted according to parameters such as the backrest angle and its length.

Salon view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Salon view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year

The capacity of the trunk of the novelty is 310 liters, and its shape is almost correct. When folding the rear row of seats, you can bring the volume of the trunk to a mark of 1058 liters. There is also an underground niche, where there is a spare wheel and a set of necessary tools for repairing the vehicle.


The Japanese model has two engine variants, consisting of four cylinders. The power of the petrol version is 150 hp, and its volume is -1.5 liters. As an alternative, we consider a diesel engine with a capacity of 150 hp. The volume of this power unit is 2.2 liters.
In a set with a gasoline engine provides a six-speed “mechanics” or variator (V-belt). In this case, the drive can be not only front, but also complete. The diesel engine is equipped with an “automatic”, which has 8 ranges. The wheel formula is 4 × 4.
When the car is equipped with a gasoline engine, the maximum speed reaches 200 km / h, and up to a hundred it accelerates in 10.3 seconds. When driving a car in combined conditions, fuel consumption does not exceed 7.7 liters per hundred. As for the version of the car that is equipped with a turbodiesel, there is no detailed information on it from the manufacturer.
The vehicle has a “short” rake (steering), equipped with an electric control amplifier with the presence of important indicators. In addition, this Japanese crossover has ventilated brake pancakes in front, and traditional wheels are at the rear. They interact well with various assistants, as well as EBD and ABS systems.
In the equipped form, the five-door has a mass in the range of 1505-1660 kg (the indicator depends on the variant of the vehicle). For a car of this class, this mass is relatively small.


In full accordance with the current market trends, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 new body (photo) has ceased to be a coupe and has become a fashionable crossover. The new model is built on the basis of the Outlander and has the same wheelbase of 2670 mm, but thanks to sporting notes in the design, a larger donor is not remembered. The constant distance between the axles allows you to save space in the cabin, despite the smaller overall length of 4405 (-295) mm. Advantages of a more modern interior include the presence of a projection screen in front of the driver’s eyes and a touch panel for controlling the proprietary media system on the central tunnel. Similar elements will appear in the Outlander only in the next generation. Well, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 with a new body and torque distribution function between the rear wheels will be the most driver and advanced car of the Japanese company.

Engine view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Engine view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year


For the model, two petrol units are proposed: a 1.5-liter turbo engine, operating in tandem with an 8-speed variator, and a 2.2-liter engine in a compartment with an 8-speed automatic. Both versions are combined with the all-wheel drive transmission “Super All-Wheel Control”, capable of transmitting up to 50% power to the rear axle.


The Japanese car has modern security systems that ensure the safety of people in the process of movement in the cabin. This applies to the following systems and devices:

modern security cushions that reduce the risk of life threatening people (quality and functional materials are used in their production);
assistants when driving in difficult conditions, parking in different situations, etc .;
systems that provide a process for tracking blind sectors of a vehicle, monitor the movement of pedestrians and vehicles;
control systems for marking and identification of signs on the road, during the movement of the crossover (even in conditions of limited illumination);
other functional systems.


Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year


The car will be offered in several trim levels depending on the used engine of interior design features and installed technological options, the initial price is from $ 24,000. Almost any admirer of Mitsubishi cars will be able to choose the right option for themselves, depending on preferences and financial possibilities.

The basic version has a front-wheel drive and a six-speed “mechanics”. The SUV, equipped with a variator, and having an Intense performance, will be offered at $ 4,000 more. The car, which has a four-wheel drive, will cost more than the base version for almost $ 10,500. The most advanced version of the car will cost consumers more expensive than the basic version at $ 13200.

The basic equipment of the new Mitsubishi Model Eclipse Cross model, worth $ 24,000, includes: climate control, branded audio system with MP3, heated rear view mirrors with electric adjustment, remote central locking, front and rear electric windows, steering column and driver’s seat adjustment height, aluminum wheel disks. Active and passive safety is provided by: front cushions, stabilization system, rain and light sensors, lift assist assistant and fog lights. Next on the list of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 at $ 28500. in the complete set Itense includes: rear-view camera, cruise control, heated seats and steering wheel, as well as automatic handbrake and phone hands free. The technical characteristics are the variator simulating an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Front left side of Mitsubisi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Front left side of Mitsubisi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year

Next in the table of ranks is the Instyle bundle, where the price of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 with the new body is 1,819,990 rubles. This version can boast: a leather saloon with electric adjustments of the driver’s seat, LED headlights, engine start button with keyless access, front side airbags, inflatable curtains for front and rear passengers, as well as a pillow for protecting the driver’s knees. On a step above there was an assembly Instyle with the drive on all wheels, having the price $ 32000. In this version, in addition to the all-wheel drive transmission with a multi-disc clutch, the following are additionally available: a blind zone monitoring indicator in the side rear view mirrors (BSW), a collision avoidance system in the parking (UMS), a camera, parking sensors and a warning system behind (RCTA).

At the top of the line is the Ultimate bundle. The price of the flagship version already by default includes the transmission with a drive for all-wheel drive and CVT. In addition, the Ultimate package includes: a panoramic glass roof with a sunroof and an electric drive, a premium Rockford Fosgate audio system with eight speakers and a subwoofer, an adaptive cruise control (ACC) with a projection display on the windshield, a collision mitigation system (FCM ) and an indicator that monitors the unintended intersection of road markings (LDW). Price Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 in the top package Ultimate is $ 37,700.


The new car released on Japanese technology has a number of competing models. These vehicles have gained popularity among motorists of different countries. They have good technical data, develop a good speed, and in the design of their salon quality materials are used. To such cars it is possible to carry:
• Nissan Quashqai;
• Subaru XV;
• Mazda CX-5.
Despite all the advantages of competing models, the novelty of Japanese production has real chances to occupy its niche in the corresponding market segment. This may be due to the following features of the Japanese car:
• technological options;
• decoration of the salon;
• high-speed capabilities.

Front right side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year
Front right side of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2018 year


The novelty of Japanese production has real chances to become very popular with the target audience in different countries. If the company that produces these cars will pay increased attention to improving the design features and technological options, this will help to increase the volume of its sales in many European countries.

A new car can attract the attention not only of representatives of the younger generation, but also of people of other ages. It, first of all, is intended for people with progressive views on life, and who appreciate technological innovations. There is a high probability that the volume of sales of this car will grow at a significant pace during the first year of its presence on the market.
In Europe,  will be available in autumn 2017, after which it will reach Japan, Australia and America.