Left side view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a five-door SUV of a compact class that is aimed primarily at a young audience.  And this positioning is determined not only by the bright appearance, but also by the driver’s character the suspension of the car is set for good handling. On the last February day of 2017, Japanese company Mitsubishi held an online presentation of its new all-terrain vehicle, which tried on the name Eclipse Cross (yes this name is known to fans of the brand for a four-seat coupe, manufactured from 1989 to 2011). The car borrowed the platform from the older colleague “Outlander”, received a flashy exterior design, prescribed under the hood of the turbo-motors and armed with modern equipment.

Front and right side view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year
Front and right side view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year


Appearance Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross corresponds to the design philosophy called Dynamic Shield looks like a crossover is not just fresh and cute, but also very impressive. The car’s front end is painted in an X-shaped style with an aggressive look of lighting equipment and a figure bumper, and its forage is nice  lanscapes fancifully cut into two sections rear window and protective pads on the bumper. In the profile, the car is sporty and taut, and its dynamism is emphasized by the complex plasticity of the sidewalls, the falling roof, famously littered with rear posts and muscular wheel arches.

Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year
Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross belongs to the segment of compact crossovers and counts 4405 mm in length, 1685 mm in height and 1805 mm in width. Between the front and rear axles, the wheelbase with a length of 2670 mm extends. Inside the Mitsubishi the first thing that attracts attention is the fashionable touch screen of the infotainment system, which can also be controlled via a touch pad and four physical keys on the central tunnel.

Interior view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year
Interior view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year

But for the rest of the parameters the interior of the SUV is beautiful and modern a stylish multifunctional steering wheel with developed tides, a bright and informative shield of instruments, an expressive torpedo capped with symmetrical ventilation deflectors and a prominent console for the air conditioning system. The decoration of the Eclipse Cross has a five-seater layout.

The front seats of the SUV are a well-designed profile with well-developed lateral support rollers and sufficient adjustment intervals. Rear passengers are allocated a comfortable sofa, adjustable in length and angle of inclination of the back. It is known that the second row of seats in his folds in the ratio “60:40”, forming a flat surface and significantly increasing the capacity of the “hold”.


For the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, two four-cylinder engines are claimed (although their power is not currently announced):

The petrol version is a 1.5-liter unit with a turbocharger, adjustable gas  distribution and direct injection, working in tandem with a variator that   has eight fixed gears and a “sport” mode.

Alternative to it – a diesel engine with a volume of 2.2 liters with a “power supply” type of common rail, 16 valves and turbocharging,   installed with an 8-band “automatic”.

Both powerplants are combined with the all-wheel drive transmission “Super All-Wheel Control” with a multi-disc clutch capable of transferring up to 50% of power to the rear wheels, a front differential with electronically controlled locking and torque control technology (AYC), “biting” the rear axle and imitating the work of an active rear differential.


This 1.5-liter powerplant develops higher torque at low and medium speed, and has a more flat torque curve than the current 2.0 and 2.4-liter gasoline engines. It responds faster to the driver pressing the accelerator pedal, which was made possible by the integration of the cylinder head with the exhaust manifold, the variable valve timing system for intake and exhaust valves (MIVEC) and a compact turbocharger with an electronically controlled bypass valve.

Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year
Rear view of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year

But that’s not all. The high accuracy of fuel injection control in engine cylinders and intake ducts, depending on driving regimes, guarantees excellent fuel economy and low toxicity of exhaust gases (exact figures will be reported later, currently EU-certified). Updated 2.2-liter diesel engine.

For the new Eclipse Cross, MMC engineers have finalized the 4N14 series engine, significantly reducing the friction of its moving parts and increasing the response of the fuel supply system. This allowed to reduce fuel consumption, toxicity of exhaust gases and noise level, as well as to increase power. More uniform and intensive acceleration over the entire range of engine speeds is due to the lightweight pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.


The cost of this crossover in European markets varies, depending on the equipment, in a wide range – 24 ~ 34 thousand euros. Sales start Eclipse Cross starts in the European dealer centers in the last quarter of 2017 (depending on the country release is scheduled for late 2017 / early 2018). After that, sales of this car will begin in Japan, North America, Australia and other regions.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross of 2017 year


Therefore, the list of equipment for it is very extensive: front and side airbags, LED lights and lights, a projection display, a modern multimedia system with voice control, two-zone “climate”, high-quality “music”, ABS, EBD, ESP, light alloy wheels and much more. Thanks to the appearance of the Eclipse Cross model, the number of fans and car owners of the Mitsubishi SUV segment, currently purchasing ASX and Outlander models of current and new generations, will increase significantly.

Photos of MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS of 2017 year

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    Good looks on the Eclipse Cross is the most pleasant to look smooth in profile. In General, however, driving is convenient. Stroke adjustment “wheel” on the flight enough to not to bend your knees, lateral support rollers in the back of the chair securely hold the body in turns. Eclipse Cross donated only the trunk, but it is a very big sacrifice. Minimum amount — a total of 341 L.