Mitsubishi ASX 2018

Front and left side view of Mitsubishi ASX of 2018 year

For the updated Mitsubishi ASX 2018 is characterized by a more modern appearance, changes in the interior design, as well as some improvements in the technical part. Nissan, which owns more than 30% of the shares, plans to completely update the Mitsubishi lineup, and most likely new generations of cars will be built on the same platform as Nissan Qashqai with supposedly similar looks, so the release of this ASX is the last and unique of its kind.


Before the car Outlander Sport is made in a complex X-shaped style, which, thanks to its versatility, creates the dynamic effect of each of the individual elements of the new body. A compact radiator grille cuts the horizontal thin line of the silver lining with the company logo in half. The headlights look slightly sloping and consist of a completely standard filling for the modern market. The most intricate element in this ensemble – the bumper has a lot of cutouts, two of which (concave) occupy the air intake. On each side of it are slightly inclined strips of navigation lights and round fog lights, while the other two (convex) adorn the impressive silvery frame that is on each side of the massive plastic insert.

Salon view of Mitsubishi ASX of 2018 year

Side of the car has a pronounced design, in the elements of which the height differences are strongly accentuated. This applies to the window line. On its steep trajectory are located the front and rear door handles, in opposition to which the opposite angle of inclination of the panoramic roof with large plastic rails stands out. Due to this, the height of the side glazing changes, which gradually decreases to the stern. The rearview mirror consists of two color solutions and is equipped with a double turntable.

A large chrome strip appeared on the compact boot lid, and the rear part of the roof continues to adorn the “shark fin” of the antenna. The rear window is covered with a visor with navigation lights and is supported by an unguarded janitor. The upper lines of sufficiently large headlights are slightly beveled downwards, and their structure, thanks to the inner light elements, is quite interesting. The bumper is equipped with additional lights that are located on the sides in a special arc-shaped cutout. From the bottom, it covers a silver lining, on the right side of which you can see an exhaust pipe.

Front and right side view of Mitsubishi ASX of 2018 year


Regarding the interior, like the previous versions of this model, the new Mitsubishi ASH 2018 model year boasts good quality interior materials, among which there are both fabric and leather variants. In addition, its noise insulation should improve.

The three-spoke steering wheel is made in the usual design for Mitsubishi, with a small number of functional buttons and a chrome bottom rack. The instrument panel is equipped with two well-marked wells of the speedometer and tachometer, between which the screen of the on-board computer is placed. Side of it is a 7-inch touch screen, which almost spared the space around itself from a whole mass of buttons and knobs. The rear row of seats folds easily, freeing up space under the trunk, which with their help increases from the standard 419 to an impressive 1193 liters.


For the US, the crossover will be produced with two petrol units. 2-liter four-cylinder engine with 150 hp. will be combined with the 5MKPP or as an option with the CVT variator. 2.4-liter similar engine with 170 hp and only a variator. The drive models are both front-mounted and automatically plugged-in full Multi-Select 4WD.


The average fuel consumption is 6.1 liters per 100 km for the 117 horsepower version. In the technical characteristics of a car with a two-liter motor is 7.7 liters of average fuel consumption per 100 km.


The car is an off-road vehicle of class “K1” with front or connected all-wheel drive. The world premiere of the restyling version of the model took place at the Auto Show in New York in April 2012.

The start of sales in the States began in the fall of 2017 with an initial mark of $20 000.

Front and left side view of Mitsubishi ASX of 2018 year


Appearing on the market in 2010, the Mitsubishi ASX crossover featured a stiff and noisy suspension, but even then he won a lot of fans, having conquered the price-quality category. Today’s ASX is head and shoulders, even among confident SUVs. There is only a modernization of the engine line.

*Pros: Energy-intensive suspension, pleasant handling, good off-road qualities

*Cons: Unstable dynamics, old variator, high fuel consumption



  • Денис

    2018 almost completely repeats the same model of previous years of release. Actually, only the front bumper has changed. In the rest it’s the same car. As a result, it is absolutely incomprehensible to increase the price of this car. The proposed options for engines and transmissions, as well as the all-wheel drive system remained the same as 10 years ago. What are they asking for such money? For a new bumper? Is this an outdated model that someone else is buying?