Mazda 6 2018

Mazda 6 noticeably different from 5-th model. This car not at all like she’s predecessor. The updated Mazda has changed in appearance so as  the manufacturer considered it appropriate not to change the ideal lines, precisely adjusted overall dimensions.  Undoubtedly, the car is not just well visible, but in its class is one of the best models, and when it appears on sale, it will undoubtedly eclipse many competitors.

Interior and exterior design

Sedan received new bumper revised optics modern interior body renewal and the new 2.5 turbo engine. From predecessor Mazda 6  has turbo engine, steering wheel and some decorating elements. In upholstery used nature leather and Japanese ash. Also, the Mazda 6 received an updated chassis and improved noise and vibration isolation.

Front right side of Mazda 6 of 2018

Back of the car have power LED-lamps with a modified pattern and a chrome plated bar slamming into the lamp housings. Users also can buy 17 and 19 inch alloy wheels with a new design of the figure. In addition to all the above equipment and materials, some innovations are hidden from the eyes, but they are no less important.  In the salon of the updated Mazda 6 it became noticeably quieter thanks to the use of thicker metal in the rear wheel arches and the use of better soundproof mats. In addition to the power unit, specialists from Japan made changes to the suspension of the sedan.  This made it possible to make the car move as smoothly as possible.  For this, adjustments to the geometry of the suspension have been made, more reliable fastening elements of the rear levers have been installed, as well as new shock absorbers and springs.


The list of equipment for the new items includes:

  • system of the circular survey;
  • multimedia complex with 8-inch screen;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • projection display.
Salon of mazda 6 of 2018


Mazda 6 has turbo engine with capacity 2,5 liter, which received a special design of the turbine.  This made it possible to achieve a quick response to gas operation. The output of the engine is 253 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque.  The unit is combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Engine view of Mazda 6 of 2018 year

Fuel economy

The sedan will also be offered with a 2.5-liter atmospheric gasoline engine, which combines either with a 6-speed automatic, or with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The unit is equipped with a half-cylinder shut-off system.  At low loads, it produces 186 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque.

Release date and price

Sales of the sedan will begin in the US in the spring of 2018.  When the model appears in other markets, it is still unknown. And all must know that the Mazda 6 for all markets is produced exclusively in Japan (Hiroshima Plant, Japan), which allows to ensure a consistently high quality of the car regardless of the market. And only remain to add for this what Mazda 6 will cost $23000 for 1 car, but, according to preliminary data, the price of the Mazda 6 2018-2019 model year will not undergo significant changes, compared to the current performance of the sedan. Also, the updated four-door will be available in the new Signature version and with the new 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G power unit used in the CX-9 model.

Rear view of Mazda 6 of 2018 year


Interesting fact that against 2016, Mazda CX-5 found more than 112,000 customers in America, 72,800 admirers in Europe and the backdrop of record sales of Mazda crossovers in the global automotive market (in more than 50,000 new owners in China, compact crossovers Mazda CX-3 in the European market sold 51,340 units, and large crossovers Mazda CX-9 new generation for 9 months of 2018 bought more than 30,000 Americans) sales of Mazda 6 seem modest – 45,520 cars in America and 29229 cars in Europe for last 2016 year.

Photos of Mazda 6 of 2018 year

Videos of Mazda 6 of 2018 year