LEXUS RX 350 2018

Front Left view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year

The new Lexus RX model year 2018 is an updated version of the car from the sports sedan class, the previous models of which have enjoyed and are in great demand and popularity. If you touch a little history, the first models of the sedan appeared long ago, and, to be more precise, in 1999. That’s why, today around this version of the car you can see such a great demand. But is the model really good, as all the fans of this brand expect? Let’s try to carefully consider all the changes and transformations in this model.

Despite the solid status of the Lexus RX 350 of 2018, there are many important, worthy competitors. Indeed, the car has an uncommon, beautiful appearance, spacious, comfortable interior.

In addition to an additional row of seats, the car received a rich technical filling and topical, at the moment, corporate design. He has extended diamond-shaped headlights with three focusing lenses in each and L-shaped LED daytime running lights. The grille has quite impressive dimensions and extends from the edge of the bonnet to the bottom of the front bumper.

The manufacturer perfectly understands that, first of all, cars of this class should give pleasure from driving. That is why, the crossover is equipped with an excellent line of units, which are the quintessence of innovative technologies and unsurpassed Japanese quality. Lexus RX L- practical and roomy car for every day.

Genuine enthusiasm is also caused by the high-tech equipment of the vehicle in the form of a unique option for managing dynamic capabilities, monitoring systems for blind spots, 4-camera views, parktronics, Lexus RX intelligent suspension with tuning functions.

Front of the new model Lexus RX 2017-2018 (photo, price) received a large branded radiator grille in the style of an hourglass – the grid on it differs for different modifications. In addition, all lighting equipment is now diode, including a new narrow head optics, original tail lights, navigation lights and fog lights.



In appearance, the predecessor of the new Lexus PX 350 model caused a lot of complaints, as the appearance of this car was considered pretty fresh and boring. The fourth generation of this model is unlikely to be subject to such criticism.

In front of the car there is a grille, made in the style of the manufacturer (there is an imitation of the appearance of the hourglass). This picture is complemented by the following noteworthy elements:

The original hood, which has powerful punching;

head-narrowed optics, which has a predatory squint, and also equipped with LED corners (used as navigation lights);

sections of complex shape, located in the body of the bumper (front);

large and comfortable doors, located in the side of the car body;

compact and high glazing, which is well combined with arches (wheel);

mirrors (exterior), providing a rear view.

Front Left view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year
Front Left view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year

The roof of the car, which is domed, fits the car very organically. At the rear of the vehicle is the optics, which is L-shaped. It is completely filled with LEDs, which ensures optimum brightness of the light flux. It is important to emphasize the door that opens the luggage compartment, as well as the rear bumper undercut, and the spoiler.

In general, the machine has a great appearance from either side. It can be noted that the exterior is a powerful weapon of this car in winning numerous fans. Cars belonging to previous generations, by design of the exterior are not even close to the novelty. If you measure the dimensions, then an increase in the parameters is observed almost in all directions. The only exception was the height, which fell by 30 mm. Obviously, the exterior is a very powerful weapon in the struggle for customers. Previous generations, despite their good design, can not even be put close to the fourth generation of the Lexus RX. If we talk about the dimensions of the novelty, then the car shows an increase in almost all directions. An exception was the height in which the car lost 30 millimeters in comparison with its predecessor. In general, the actual dimensions in figures are as follows: length – 4890 millimeters; width – 1895 millimeters; height – 1690 millimeters; wheelbase – 2790 millimeters; ground clearance – 180 millimeters.


The interior equipment of the novelty is as attractive as the new model Lexus RX 300 of 2018, a photo, the price of which is reflected in us. In the interior of the new car you can distinguish the following features:

a high level of ergonomics in the arrangement of necessary instruments, buttons, etc .;

quality materials that are used for interior decoration, as well as its decoration;

The seats in the front and rear are comfortable and functional;

The driver’s seat is represented by a comfortable armchair, which is equipped with an electric drive and various convenient options;

The steering wheel, which is multifunctional, has a stylish look.

Dashboard view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year
Dashboard view view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year

In addition, you can note the functional dashboard, computer (on-board), as well as a display (color), which is projection. On the console is a display (multimedia), and below are venting baffles and various buttons that provide the process of controlling some functions of the car.

Separately, mention should be made of the central tunnel, which separates the driver and the passenger who is in front. There is a handle for controlling the transmission, as well as a joystick, through which the information and entertainment complex is managed. It is quite comfortable and on the back sofa of the car (there is a stock of space above the heads of people).

The lateral areas have advantages in terms of providing heating. Do not manually fold the sections, because there is an electric drive for this. If desired, the customer can order a pair of displays (at an additional cost), providing video viewing during the movement. Even the three of us will be more than convenient to go. However, the side seats have their advantages in the form of heating. It is not necessary to manually fold the sections, since an electric drive is provided for this. If the customer has a desire, he will be able to order two additional displays, with which the rear passengers will watch movies on the road.


According to technical parameters, the novelty has some resemblance to the new model Lexus RX 200 of 2018, a photo, the price of which is on our website. Despite the increased size, the novelty is characterized by good mobility. Suspension (front) was developed for roads with poor coverage, so in the Russian reality this car will be indispensable.

Technical parameters of the novelty are presented by several complete sets:

two-liter engine (power 238 hp) and a six-speed transmission (automatic);

2.7-liter engine (power 188 hp) and gearbox (as in the first version);

3.5-liter engine (power 263-300 hp) and gearbox (as in the previous versions).

Engine view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year
Engine view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year

The first equipment allows the car to accelerate to 200 km / h, and hundreds can reach in 9 seconds. At the second complete set the machine has the maximum speed as in the first case, but for reaching a hundred it needs 11 seconds. The third option provides the car with a maximum speed of 200 km / h, and hundreds can reach in 8 seconds.


The car is presented in several trim levels, depending on the needs of the target audience. It is noteworthy that the basic equipment provides users with all the necessary options for comfortable driving. Here you can distinguish such elements:

cushions to ensure the required level of safety (full set);

the interior design uses high-quality leather;

a steering wheel that is multifunctional;

chairs that are ventilated, heated to the desired temperature, and also have an electric drive system;

a multimedia complex with a touch-sensitive display;

climate control system;

optics (head) adaptive type, etc.

The beginning of sales of the new model Lexus RX 350 2018 will be in autumn. Experts have determined that the price for this version of the car will be more than $ 58,500 than the previous model. The manufacturers themselves are not interested in the price of the car increased, then the demand for it will also go down.

Right side of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year
Right side of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year


The car in question is equipped with modern security systems, which are quite effective and reliable. This applies not only to a full set of cushions (for safety), but also options for controlling road marking, assistants in parking, driving in difficult conditions, etc.

The safety systems with which the new Lexus model is equipped are developed on the basis of the latest technologies, and therefore they significantly reduce the level of risk of occurrence of dangerous situations during the movement. In addition, they are able to protect people from injury and death in accidents.


The new car has competing models that are manufactured by well-known companies. Such cars managed to gain popularity in car markets of different countries, as they have good technical and operational capabilities. These cars include:

Audi Q5;

Infiniti JX35 and a number of others.

Salon view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year
Salon view of Lexus RX 350 of 2018 year


The novelty has serious prospects in its market segment. It has all the chances to win the victory in the competition, and to become the most popular among the analogs. This will contribute to a significant increase in sales volumes of this car in a short time, and increase the popularity of the brand as a whole.

In conclusion, we note that the Lexus is in demand due to the unique exterior and high-quality interior. At the same time, the company is constantly updating its cars, making them even more attractive. However, very high cost pushes potential buyers. When choosing medium-sized crossovers should pay attention to the proposals of the company Lexus. It specializes in the production of exceptionally high-quality cars with high performance characteristics. An example is a new model Lexus RH 350 of 2018, which is the leader in the premium class of mid-size SUV. The high popularity of this offer is due to the unique design and the most modern equipment.

The most “simple” version of this crossover premium. For them you get: ten airbags, LED optics “in a circle”, heated front seats, technology of keyless entry into the saloon and engine start button, air conditioning with two coverage zones, 8-inch “TV” multimedia system, as well as ABS with EBD and ESP and much more. The maximum “heaped” copy of his privileges are: front seats with electric adjustments, premium “music” Mark Levinson with 15 speakers, panoramic roof, rear power sofa, four cameras, adaptive adjustable suspension and tracking systems for blind areas and help when leaving the parking lot.