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The American company Tesla recalls 123 thousand electric vehicles of the Model S brand all over the world.
The reason lies in the details of the power steering, which are prone to corrosion, Tesla said in a message sent to customers on Thursday, March 29.
The manufacturer of electric vehicles found that corrosion strikes the power steering bolts in regions with a cold climate, which in turn can complicate control. In this case, only models produced before April 2016 are subject to recall. The company intends to replace the steering parts in the recalled electric vehicles.
The company Tesla, despite the growth in turnover, suffers record losses. So, in the third quarter of 2017, losses amounted to 619 million dollars – more than ever in one quarter. In addition, the company can not reach the declared production volumes of the budget model of the electric vehicle Model 3. This is reported by Deutsche Welle.

Tesla recalls 123 thousand cars around the world
Tesla recalls 123 thousand cars around the world


Kia Motors Corporation has released data on global brand sales for the first 2 months of 2018. While sales in the domestic market of South Korea grew by 2.6%, global brand sales decreased by 2%
For the first two months of 2018, more than 400,000 Kia vehicles have found their owners worldwide. While Korea’s sales grew by 2.6% compared to the same period in 2017 (76,110 and 74,170 vehicles in 2018 and 2017, respectively), global sales fell from 410,478 vehicles in 2017 to 402 310 for two months of 2018.
The reason for this was the decline in production, due to fewer working days in February, which was the celebration of the Lunar New Year in Korea. In this regard, the supply of popular models, such as the new Rio, Stonic, etc., to foreign markets, including Ukrainian, were postponed to a later date.
Thanks to the joint efforts of the distribution company Falcon-Auto and Kia Motors Corporation, the rhythm of supply of Kia cars to Ukraine will be restored in the near future.
Just recently, sales of the updated Kia Sorento started, with 2/3 of the first delivery of the new items already prepaid and will go directly to the newly-made owners.
It is expected to replenish the warehouse of other models. In particular, the compact crossover Kia Stonic, the new generation Kia Rio hatchback, the popular versions of Kia Sportage are available for pre-order, both from delivery and production. Since the debut in Ukraine, these cars are in high demand, therefore, as in the case of Sorento, a significant part of these cars are already “under the client.” Proceeding from this company Falcon-Auto recommends that the fans of the Kia brand do not delay the visit to the showroom and buy cars from the availability, or pre-order.


KIA shared its sales results of the first months of 2018
KIA shared its sales results of the first months of 2018


Car Karlmann King, recognized as the most expensive SUV in the world. Auto, more similar to Batman’s superhero machine, was created by the Chinese company IAT. The price of an off-road car in the base configuration reaches $ 2 million, and the most expensive version costs $ 3.8 million.
The car is assembled from the most reliable components – the body is made of carbon and decorated with expensive materials.

Presented the most expensive SUV in the world
Presented the most expensive SUV in the world

Also, the SUV is equipped with a 7-liter forced engine and a strengthened automatic transmission.
The armored version of Karlmann King weighs about six tons. The SUV itself is assembled on the basis of a Ford-550 truck.
In this case, despite the great weight, the car can accelerate up to 140 km / h. In the lounge there is a refrigerator with champagne, a TV, a PS4 game console and a coffee machine. Also built in a special application for managing all the settings of passenger seats, an audio system with 20 speakers and satellite internet.

Presented the most expensive SUV in the world
Presented the most expensive SUV in the world


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan ranked the most economical local cars. In total, two lists were compiled – one with classic light cars, the other with popular keystones in “The Land of the Rising Sun”. We are interested in the first rating.

Ten most economical Japanese cars
Ten most economical Japanese cars

The most economical Japanese car in the nomination of conventional cars was the Toyota Prius. In second place Toyota Aqua, and closes the top three leaders Nissaln Note. All cars that fall into the TOP, are equipped with hybrid plants.

Ten most economical Japanese carsTen most economical Japanese cars
Ten most economical Japanese cars

In general, the top ten are as follows:

1. Toyota Prius (2.45 L)

2. Toyota Aqua (2.63 l)

3. Nissan Note (2.68 L)

4. Honda Fit (2.68 liters)

5. Honda Grace (2.87 L)

6. Toyota Vitz (2.9 L)

7. Toyota Corolla Axio (2.9 L)

8. Toyota Corolla Fielder (2.9 L)

9. Honda Shuttle (2.9 L)

10. Toyota Camry (2.99 L)

Ten most economical Japanese cars
Ten most economical Japanese cars