Kia Rio X-Line 2018

Front left view KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year

This budget proposal is characterized by an attractive design and relatively low cost. Recently, the world public was presented by the all-terrain helmet Kia Rio X-line 2018, which is a modification of the Rio sedan 4. The cost of the basic equipment is $ 10,000. The car in question is one of the most affordable in its class, and there are 4 configurations to choose from.



The distinctive features of the version of X-Line are as follows:

A little changed the style of the design of the radiator grille.
They installed a practically new bumper, which has original air intakes on the sides.
The design of the front bumper is designed for the installation of fog lamps, which are included only in expensive equipment.

Front left view KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Front left view KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year

Additional decoration of the car can be called the installation of plastic protective panels. Another version is marked with silver inserts on the bumper.
As an option, but already in the basic configuration, a twin exhaust pipe is installed.
The dimensions and shape of the installed glasses were changed.
In general, we can say that the car is not very different from the usual hatchback.


Despite the fact that the car in question is a representative of the budget class, it has a very attractive interior. This is what distinguishes the proposal of the Korean automobile industry from the domestic one. The salon features include the following:

The steering wheel has two spokes and lower support. A similar version of the execution today is extremely common. Already in the base of the wheel is multi-functional, has a fairly large number of different keys.
The instrument panel is a classic, represented by a combination of two analogue scales and a color display.
The central console in the top versions of the car has a multimedia system display. It is touch-sensitive, but on the sides there are additional control units for basic functions.

Dashboard view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Dashboard view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year

The tunnel between the seats is designed simply, it was taken for a gear selector and two coasters.
Seats have weak lateral support.

At furnish fabric of various quality, and also an artificial leather can be used. Most of the panels are made using soft plastic.


Unlike the 3rd generation, the car has become somewhat larger:

The length is 4240 mm.
The height is 1505 mm.

Due to the increase in the dimensions of the body, the volume of the luggage compartment has significantly increased. As power units, two gasoline engines are installed, the volume of which is 1.4 and 1.6 liters, and the power of 100 and 123 hp. respectively. A powerful motor is installed exclusively on expensive versions. There is a possibility to choose the version of the car with manual transmission or automatic transmission.

Engine view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Engine view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year


ON Kia Rio X-line 2018, the price varies from $ 10,000 to $ 13,300. The basic equipment can not be called rich, but it already includes a fairly large number of different options. To buy a hatchback with increased mobility it is possible under the following names of complete sets: Comfort, Luxe, Prestige AV, Premium. Let’s consider each offer from the Korean automaker in more detail. The basic version was called Comfort. Already for the minimum cost, the following options are installed:
1. Air conditioner to keep the temperature low during the summer.
2. It is worth considering that only the front windows in this case have an electric drive, the rear ones with a mechanical one.
3. Roof rails are installed on the roof.
4. In order to give a sporty look to the car in question, a double exhaust pipe is installed. It is worth considering that it is a decorative element, since a normal motor is installed on the car.
5. The wheels are steel, have the size R15.
6. The design of the steering column allows you to adjust its position on the fly. Therefore, the driver can be conveniently located almost any complexion.
7. The seats are decorated with fabric.
8. For traffic safety, ABS and ESC, HAC and VSM, ESS, as well as several front airbags are responsible. The car can monitor the tire pressure.
9. Only in front there are disc brakes, behind the drum structure is installed.

Front Right view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Front Right view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year

The above list of options determines that the hatchback has a very large number of options that allow you to comfortably move to a variety of distances. In addition, we can not mention a sufficiently large set of security systems for the budget model.
For a surcharge of about $ 500, you can purchase a version called Luxe. As additional options the installation is carried out:
1. Front fog lamps.
2. Daytime running lights LED DRL.
3. Climate control.
A more equipped offer can be called the Prestige AV. Its cost is $ 13,000. The list of options is as follows:
1. The heated rear mirror system is installed.
2. There is electric heating of the windshield, which should exclude the possibility of its icing in the winter.
3. There is a function of heating the nozzles, through which water is fed to clean the windshield.
4. Install stylish alloy wheels size R15.
5. Head optics is more perfect, represented by a lens design. It has a higher efficiency in comparison with conventional designs, and also looks more attractive.
6. Handles inside and outside are finished with chrome.
7. The salon is decorated with a better quality fabric.
8. In the salon we found a place for the department intended for storing glasses.
9. Additional side airbags and curtains are installed.
10. Both front and rear disc brakes are installed.
11. The instrument panel has a 3.5-inch color display.
12. On the center console, a 7 inch multimedia system display is installed.
13. To simplify the process of setting the car in reverse, a rear-view camera is installed. Parking sensors are also installed to help the driver.
14. For lighting in the interior of the sensor meets the set.
15. It is possible to connect the mobile device via the wireless system.

Rear view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Rear view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year

The maximum configuration was called premium. Its features are as follows:
Alloy wheels are 16 inches in size.
Rear lights are made using diode technology. Due to this, the car looks more attractive and modern, it becomes more noticeable on the road with poor visibility.
Seats and some other elements of the interior are decorated with artificial leather.
The keyless keyless entry system is also included in the kit.
In addition, a navigation system with a 7-inch display is installed. Now the navigation system indicates information about traffic jams, about weather and so on.
Kia Rio X Line in the new body (complete sets, prices and photos on our website) in the maximum configuration has all the most common options to date. But even the basic version is good because it has a huge number of different security systems. That is why the considered car is considered by many to be the best offer in the budget segment on the market.

Front Right view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year
Front Right view of KIA Rio X-line of 2018 year


Off-road hatchback Kia Rio can be recognized by increased clearance up to 170 mm and protective plastic body kit. Also, special 16-inch alloy wheels are installed.

The interior of the Kia Rio X-Line is the same as the standard hatchback. In more expensive versions, eco-leather interior trim, a rear-view camera and a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen, satellite navigation are provided.

The choice is offered gasoline atmospheric engines in volume of 1.4 liters (100 hp) and 1.6 liters (123 hp). Available 6-speed manual and automatic transmission.