Front Right side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year

Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine that Hyundai would be one of the most popular in the world. This automaker produces quality and very affordable cars. The new offer can be called the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019. The first generations of this model are in high demand due to high availability and good technical equipment. The latest generation is characterized by an attractive and modern style. It is worth considering that the car has almost completely changed.

The 91st year of the 20th century was the birth year of the logo for all cars of this Korean manufacturer. It is now a well-known sign, which is very similar to the letter H, italic. At first glance you might think that this letter is only the first letter of the name of the Korean company. However, this is not the main meaning of this logo. Its shape is also a symbol of two people holding hands. The main meaning of the new logo implies the friendship of the company with its customers, symbolizes a mutually beneficial partnership.

In general, the car has become larger: 70 millimeters long and 10 millimeters wider. The wheelbase has grown by 65 millimeters. This allowed to increase the trunk of Santa Fe from 585 to 625 liters.

Front Right side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Front Right side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year

About the machine you can say the price quality is not audible the high price for materials and design is not so much paying for the brand like other manufacturers.

Initially, it was assumed that as a serial model will be one of the already presented concepts of the brand. After teaser photos and a few more spy photos, it became clear that the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 will be a completely new crossover, with a new style and character. Although, according to automotive experts, many features of the body of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 resemble the previously presented Hyundai Nexo.



As previously noted, the crossover has changed significantly. Among the features of this proposal we note the following points:

The front has a style characterized by a massive radiator grille. It has decorative chrome-plated elements.

In the favorite style for today, the head optics were made in the form of a narrow strip.

Big made auxiliary optics, for which special niches were taken.

The wheel arches are quite large, they changed the design of the side mirrors.

In the rear, headlight headlights with LED stuffing were placed.

The luggage compartment door is small in size.

Plastic trim is applied around the perimeter. It acts as a protective barrier, which does not allow stones and other debris to damage the paintwork.

At the rear of the spoiler, which visually lengthens the body of the car.

In comparison with the previous generation, the new Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 of the fourth generation has acquired a completely new design, the previous did not have recognizable body parts. Front crossover Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 stands out with a large grille with the company’s emblem on the center. Immediately under the emblem, a front view camera was placed, and the top of the grille is decorated with a chrome lining. To emphasize the style, the lining was extended under the front optics, giving an even more formidable character to the novelty.

Rear view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Rear view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year

The front optics of Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 completely changed its style, and nothing resembles the optics of previous generations. In form, the optics are narrow, with rectangular lenses and L-shaped daytime running lights. In all trim levels Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 optics will be adaptive, with the function of turning lights and automatic switching of the far and passing beam. No less surprising is the front bumper of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019, the side part stands out with huge lenses. According to the engineers this is the main beam, fog lights and direction indicators in the lower part. The bottom of the bumper is more like an aerodynamic guide than decoration. Here, in the center, there are radars and sensors for different security systems.

Due to the changes introduced, the car has become even more attractive. When decorating the body is used a fairly large number of chrome elements.


For the design of the cabin apply the highest quality materials. An example is natural leather and rare wood species. Salon can be characterized as follows:

Particular attention was paid to making the driver’s seat more comfortable.

In order for the car to be comfortably operated, a multi-function wheel was installed.

The instrument panel is made with touch control. In addition, the design can display complex color images.

When creating the seats, quality orthopedic padding was used. It allows you to make a long distance journey.

The central place on the console is an informative panel with buttons.

The second row consists of seats for three passengers. Clear contours have only two seats. Salon turned out very attractive, but still inferior to the proposals of European manufacturers.

Dashboard view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Dashboard view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year

The interior of the new crossover saloon received improved quality of finishing materials, as well as the architecture of the front panel and center console, like the Hyundai i30. Horizontal lines with smooth level-to-level transitions give the front panel a stylish look, while the panel looks powerful and expensive. The salon of the novelty is equipped with a digital instrument panel, a compact and convenient multifunctional steering wheel, an advanced multimedia system with a separately installed color screen-tablet supporting Apple Car Play and Android Auto with voice control developed by specialists Hyundai and Korean company Kakao, dual-zone climate control, leather trim seats, front seats with electric drive, heating and ventilation.

The manufacturer promised a platform for wireless charging of smartphones, the ability to remotely control the functions of the car with a special application installed in the smartphone, as well as a mass of electronic systems: Forward Collision Avoidance Assist and Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Warning, Driver Attetion Warning and High Beam Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Advanced Driver Assistance System and even such original pieces as Safe Exit Assist (when the people leave the car the system will signal if another car approaches from behind) and Safe Exit Assist (reminds the driver of the passengers forgotten by him on adnih seats).


As a basis for creating a crossover a high-tech platform is used. Among the features of the offer of the Korean automaker, we note the following points:

The modern technology of all-wheel drive HTRAC has a high efficiency. Engineers worked on this system, increasing the degree of its fitness for various road surfaces.

As the motor will be installed only one gasoline design with a turbine, the power indicator is 235 hp. Installed and diesel designs, the most powerful version has an indicator of 202 hp.

To transfer the rotation is set 8-automatic transmission. The construction was borrowed from Kia Sorento.

Engineers also decided to significantly increase the dimensions of the body, due to which the interior became much more spacious.

The car is very different from its predecessor. The automaker has a lot of hopes for this model.

Engine view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Engine view of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year


For today it is reliably known about 6 sets of a new crossover Hyundai Santa Fe 2019. Among themselves they differ both in technical characteristics, and in a set, comfort. The main difference between the comfort of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 is the rowing of the seats, two or three rows. In the rest it will depend on the wishes of the buyer. Making a general conclusion about the new, fourth generation Hyundai Santa Fe 2019, the manufacturer managed to surpass its achievements to fully implement them in the new crossover. How and from which side will the novelty prove itself to be expected and judged by the reviews of future buyers.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 in the new body is not yet available for sale, but a lot of information is known about this car. To begin with, we should not expect a price reduction. That’s why for the basic equipment will have to give at least $ 25.800.

The crossover will be supplied in several trim levels. The initial will cost the buyer in an impressive $ 30 473.37. Features include the following:

The original car will be equipped with a four-wheel drive. Due to this model will have a very large cross-country ability.

Previously, the company in question was producing in most of the budget cars, but the crossover already in the basic version has climate control. The system is characterized by high efficiency and the ability to adjust the supply air parameters in many respects.

Recently, a very popular function that allows you to maintain a constant speed while driving on the highway. At the same time, it can change in the event of a rapprochement with an ahead-going vehicle. The option operates due to the installed sensor.

The new offer in the basic configuration is equipped with a rather large number of different options that can increase comfort and make the car more stable on the road. Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 can be supplied in a more expensive version of the equipment, for example, Comfort.

Left side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Left side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year


In addition to the all-new exterior and interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019, engineers have significantly improved security systems, as well as added new comfort features. Among the main safety systems Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 are listed:

front and side airbags;

curtain airbags;

driver’s knee airbag;


system of the circular survey;

monitoring of tire pressure;

stabilization system;

assistant assistance at the start of the downhill (descent from the mountain);

control of traffic on the strip;

pedestrian recognition system;

recognition of road signs;


remote control with gadgets;

emergency braking system;

collision avoidance system;

monitoring driver fatigue;

light and rain sensors.

For an additional fee, the manufacturer proposes to install security packages and comfort packages. These sets include various assistants, sensors and sensors, additional adjustment and adjustment options. In the maximum trim levels of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019, the driver’s seat will be equipped with a massage function. More detailed information about the safety and comfort systems of the new Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 crossover will become clear after the official start of sales.

Front Right side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year
Front Right side of Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 year


Every year the class of small size crossovers becomes more and more in demand. This can be attributed to the fact that such a car has high traffic and a comfortable spacious interior. The new model Hyundai Santa Fe of 2019 is a competitor of the following models:

Jeep Cherokee.

Ford Edge.

KIA Sorento.

Mazda CX-7.

Toyota Venza.

Nissan Murano.

It is worth considering that all these models are characterized by a very attractive exterior design, as well as high comfort. An example is Ford and Kia, which, after the upgrade, also look very attractive.


The debut of the new Santa Fe is almost the beginning of the restart (opens in a new window) of the entire Hyundai range. The Korean company is changing the design philosophy, introducing new security systems and equipment. Outside, the all-terrain vehicle was transformed from the word completely – nothing was left of the car of the previous generation in the guise of the novelty. It uses a completely different design, tested earlier on the Kona and NEXO.

Korean automakers are restyling their cars very seriously, painstakingly, for a long time preparing them to enter the market. Not an exception and Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 model year. Preserves the best qualities of its predecessors: reliability, stylish appearance and comfort, becoming more modern, powerful and practical.