Front Right side of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year

Among the crossover, many pay attention to the proposal of the Korean automaker Hyundai, as such cars are much cheaper. An example is the new Hyundai ix35 2017, photos, bundling and prices for additional systems will be discussed in this article, became the receiver of the lesser known model of Tucson. The model was first introduced to the public in 2009. Among the attractive features, many note the affordable price, unusual exterior and modern interior.

As part of the Shanghai Auto Show 2017, the Korean automotive company Hyundai demonstrated a new generation of Hyundai ix35 designed exclusively for the domestic market of China. Assembling the novelty will be arranged at the Beijing Hendai factory, located in the Shunyi area (not far from Beijing), where the model will be adjacent to the assembly shop of the previous generation ix35.

Before proceeding to the survey of the crossover, it is worth noting the importance of the Chinese market for the leadership of Hyundai. So, in 2016, China sold more than 1,142 million cars with the Hyundai logo on the falshradiator grille, which is almost 25% of the world sales of the South Korean auto giant. That’s why the company’s management has to make every effort to maintain its position in the Chinese market, which is largely facilitated by the release of special versions of models offered exclusively for Chinese car owners. It was such a model that became Hyundai ix35 2017-2018.



As previously noted, the crossover has a very attractive exterior, which pumped almost unchanged from the previous generation to the subject. Hyundai ix35 2017 new body, equipment and prices, photos were already presented to the world public, can be described as follows:

Despite the fact that today most modern cars have great optics, which determines the design of the exterior, the new generation of crossover has a small optics. It has a diode band, as well as lenses, which ensures efficient illumination of the road. Optics has become part of the wing, it has small dimensions.

Front Left side of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
Front Left side of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year

The main radiator grille is small in size, below the large one, which provides the required degree of cooling.

On the sides were placed special pockets in which fog lights were installed. Both the headlights and the special niche have a chrome edging.

On the perimeter placed a protective plastic, which prevents the formation of chips on the body. In doing so, there is a smooth line of increasing the width of the plastic protection from the front of the vehicle to the rear.

The design of the body of the side mirrors has built-in direction indicators. Looks diode tape is very attractive.

The stern also has slanting lanterns large enough that are located on the edge, flowing from the wing to the luggage compartment lid.

The trunk lid has a spoiler, in which a stop signal is built in.

The wheels are small and slightly lowered. Due to this, the body looks aggressive.

The roof has a slope, and the lower boundary of the windows has the opposite angle of inclination.

In the top configuration, a panoramic roof is installed, which has an electric drive and can be opened if necessary. This design allows you to get a large hatch, through which a large amount of fresh air will enter the salon.


Certain changes have affected the interior. The moment that the model belongs to the younger class of crossover, determines the salon features:

  • The design of the steering wheel has two spokes and a lower dual support. A non-standard solution is the fact that two additional keys have been placed on the sides of the lower support.
  • The instrument panel is habitually full of different colors. The design has two wells, in the middle there is a display.
  • Dashboard view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
    Dashboard view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
  • The central console is represented by a pronounced part, which is framed by diffusers.
  • In the central part there is a display: on top there is a disc slot, on the sides there are several keys and two controls, below three buttons.
  • The climate control unit is represented by a combination of two round joysticks, as well as a small monochrome display in the central part.
  • The tunnel between the seats is wide. Very attractive looks the design of the gear lever, which seems to come out of the tunnel and has no other decorative elements.

Between the seats were placed an armrest with a box.

The rear row is simple, it has a separator in the form of an armrest. In this case, even in the basic version, head restraints are installed.


The model was very popular, especially in the domestic market. For this reason, the automaker decided to continue the production of this model. Considering Hyundai ix35 2017, we will allocate the following:

  • The basis is the predecessor base with an independent suspension architecture.
  • The novelty has the same McPherson front suspension. It perfectly copes with various roughnesses, thus the design possesses durability.
  • The rear suspension was taken from the younger model ix25. Due to this, the crossover stability on the road has been significantly improved.
  • Engine view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
    Engine view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year

The model is quite spacious:

The length is 4435 mm.

The width is 1850 mm.

The height was 1670 mm.

The base is 2640 mm.

In general, we can say that the crossover has grown significantly in comparison with the previous generation. This provides the required comfort. Under the hood can be installed:

  • The basic engine is a 2-liter atmospheric, which has a power of 160 hp.
  • The advanced version is represented by 1.4 T-GDI, which has a turbine to increase power to 140 hp.

It is necessary to take into account the moment that gasoline engines are supplied with the 7-BCPP. At the same time, there is a possibility that a version with a 6-MKPP box will appear. The standard drive is exclusively front, but you can optionally purchase a four-wheel drive version.

Rear view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
Rear view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year


Hyundai ix35 2017 equipment and prices from an authorized dealer may vary significantly, but it should be noted that the car is available in 7 trim levels. An example is the following list:

  1. Start

You can buy for $ 14 500. The air conditioning is responsible for the quality of the supplied air. There are other common options, for example, fog lights. You can connect mobile devices via a USB connector or AUX. The steering column has the ability to set the height of position and departure. Seats also have a height adjustment, which can significantly improve comfort in the cabin. Disks 17 inch, they also light alloy, have a modern style.


  1. Comfort

It costs $ 16 000 additions are represented by a 4.3-inch display with 6-twelve speakers. Daytime running lights diode, the rear view camera turns on when reversing. In addition, the installation of light and rain sensors, from which many systems operate.

  1. Start Advanced

You can buy for $ 16500. The supplement provides for the installation of climate control, the heating system of the rest zone of glass cleaners, the steering wheel and the gear lever have leather trim.


  1. Style Edition

It determines the installation of the steering wheel with the function of heating. The installed optics have bi-xenon headlights with automatic tilt level control. The taillights are also represented by a diode structure. The offer price is $ 18000.


  1. Travel

You can buy at a price of $20 000. For an additional fee, a display of a multimedia system with a size of 7 inches is installed, the dashboard has a 4.2 screen display. The upholstery of the cabin is combined, front parking sensors are installed. The interior rear view mirror has a darkening function.


  1. Prime

It is already worth $ 21000. The crossover is available with tail lights that have diodes. The windshield and side windows are protected against heat. Start the engine using the button, access to the car without a key. The force from the steering wheel is transmitted via the Flex steer system. When finishing use a combination of natural and artificial leather.

  1. Prime style

You can buy at a price of $ 22000. Among the additional options can be noted panoramic roof with a sliding hatch. In addition, the car is supplied with shock absorbers, which can change the rigidity. Disks in the size of 18 inches, at the same time the tire pressure sensors are installed with the display of the indication on the instrument panel.

The installation of all options causes a price increase of almost double.

Front view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
Front view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year


Electronic system of stabilization ESP in difficult situations takes control of itself. It is activated when sudden braking and turning can lead to loss of control. ESP evaluates the speed the rotation of the wheels, the trajectory of rotation, the position of the helmsman wheels and pedals. The system actively monitors the twisting the motor torque and distributes braking power. In the car, manufacturers paid much attention to safety. For each seat – including a small rear seat in the middle – a security belt is highlighted. Airbags with reduced opening force. Airbags for the driver and front passenger are opened with reduced effort, which helps to prevent possible injuries. Side airbags and curtain airbags protect everyone in the car. There is a parking sensor, a rear-view camera and an ESP (Electronic Vehicle Stability Control) system. Provides an emergency braking system.

Help system for starting at. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). Sometimes there are difficulties when starting from the place, if the car is located on an inclined plane. Now this is not a problem. The NAS system prevents rolling back on the rise.

Brake control system for. Downhill Brake Control (DBC). Use the DBC system to save management and maintain a uniform speed on the descent. Safe electric window lift. The controls for the power windows are always at hand. The windows will not close if the sensors detect an obstacle.

Salon view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year
Salon view of Hyundai IX 35 of 2017 year


There are a lot of competitors in this class. An example is the following models:

Ford Kuga.

Mazda CX-5.

KIA Sportage.

Mitsubishi Outlander.

Opel Antara.

Nissan X-Trail.

Volkswagen Tiguan.

Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The above list determines that this car has a huge number of competitors. However, some have affordable value, for example, Mazda or Ford, as well as more premium versions of Volkswagen or Mitsubishi.


The new Hyundai ix35 2017-2018 is a brutal, but at the same time stylish and technological crossover, promising to become a real bestseller in the domestic market of China, for which, in fact, the novelty was developed.

Hyundai ix35 is a synthesis of flawless, ultra-modern design, in which each line emphasizes the real style. Hyundai ix35 – compact crossover, which has risen in the model range of the Korean company in place of the popular model Tucson. This car firmly established itself on the third line of the rating of sales among classmates, periodically firing at second place.