Front Right side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year

Honda Pilot in 2018 is a modern crossover designed for 7 or 8 seats depending on the equipment, so it will be interesting not just for travelers, but for a large family with several children. This is a convenient and practical machine.

In February this year, the Japanese automotive company finally showed the world community an updated model of its popular crossover Honda Pilot 2018. The car got a more attractive exterior design, it became better technically and got modern equipment.

With an external examination, you immediately notice that designers have softened the brutal angularity of the previous generation with smooth lines and harmonious proportionality. Very impressive and representative looks the front of the car. Thanks to massive, large-sized details, the nose became more majestic and manly. The updated radiator grille has three wide cross bars with a chrome finish. Performed in all the same angular style, the head optics received a LED fill and got stylish boomerangs of running lights of daylight.

Engineers Honda paid much attention to increasing the aerodynamic characteristics of the new car. The drag coefficient is reduced by 10% compared to the previous generation Pilot.

Front Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Front Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year

Initially, the car debuted in the States in 2015, and from its predecessor, the Honda Pilot 3 is strikingly different, both in form and content.

One of the reasons for buying the previous generation of this model was his “square-brutal” appearance. The new Pilot 2018 has lost this style and is now similar to the younger brother of CR-V 4, which has increased in size as if under the influence of steroids.



The appearance of the crossover changed markedly (which did not affect the price), it became more correct, the lines became smoother, the car’s proportions improved. Designers have made the car harmonious, while the sports spirit has not lost. The external image remained powerful, confident, but became less angular than before. The main differences are:

  • The radiator grille is large, has three wide crossbeams, located transversely.
  • The front bumper is powerful, X-shaped, but the air intakes are much smaller. Fog lights are located in the recesses of the bumper.
  • Changed the shape of the head optics, it became more sharp and rectangular. There were LED running lights. They have an original crescent shape.
  • Wheel arches have become much wider, they look powerful and solid.
  • Side mirrors received a special aerodynamic body.
  • The doors are decorated with vyshtampovkoy, around the windows there is a chrome decor, making the car more solid.
  • The rear bumper, on the contrary, has become more accurate in comparison with previous models. It is also decorated with moldings.
  • Changed the shape of the tail lights, they also became rectangular, look more stylish than before.
  • Due to the narrowing of the bumper, it was possible to increase the size of the glass from the rear, thus improving the view.
  • The trunk door has a stylish visor that protects the trunk from moisture, improves the aerodynamics of the body.
  • As for the taillights, they have become larger, now they come to the wings, they look pretty attractive.
Front view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Front view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year


The salon has significantly changed for the better, became more spacious and more convenient. Materials are used exclusively high-quality, as for the design, it has become much brighter, a richer selection of finishes has appeared. You can highlight the main points in the form of the following:

  • The instrument panel changed shape, acquired a visor to protect from the sun. The dials are made in the form of semicircles of different sizes.
  • The speedometer is replaced with a digital one, it is in the center of the panel, there is also an on-board computer display.
  • The central console has a large display for managing the multimedia complex, additional options. Its diagonal is 8 inches.
  • The baffles are decorated with a bezel of aluminum.
  • All the controls are accessible from the driver, they are arranged in such a way that they stand almost vertically, dropping into the tunnel between the seats.
  • The tunnel is equipped with cup holders, in which it is possible to stack various small things.
  • The front seats differ not only in a large number of adjustments, but also in the presence of ventilation and heating.
  • As a finish high quality expensive fabric of different colors, wood, leather, aluminum, soft plastic is used.
  • The volume of the trunk is 600 liters, if you fold the seats, it will be 3050 liters. It is worth noting that the floor will be level with this, which will allow transportation of large-sized items.
Salon view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Salon view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year


The manufacturer offers a relatively small choice regarding the powertrains for the Honda Pilot 2018 in the new body. According to the presented bundles with photos, depending on the price, there will be two.

V-shaped 3-liter engine capacity of 249 hp, working on gasoline.

Gasoline V-engine in volume of 3,5 liters, which capacity makes 280 hp

The transmission is offered in two variants, 6 and 9 steps, but exclusively automatic. It will not be possible to choose, the 9-step will be installed only on a more powerful model. As for the basic version of the transmission, it will be equipped with three modes of operation, it will be possible to choose between standard, comfortable and sporty. The car will be equipped with a four-wheel drive. You can choose a front-wheel drive, but it is offered as an option.


The car has quite good equipment already in the basic version. It will include the following:

Interior trim will be combined, made of leather and fabric, or completely leather.

The front seats are immediately equipped with heating and ventilation, regulated by an electric drive.

The manufacturer took good care of safety in the car there are 9 pillows around the perimeter of the passenger compartment

Installed ABS, ESP, VSA.

Capable of adapting cruise control.

The steering wheel is equipped with buttons, heating.

The car is equipped with a stabilization system for towing the trailer.

The multimedia and navigation complex will be integrated.

Headlights are automatically adjusted.

If you buy a more expensive version, it will include advanced options, for example, climate control, dividing the cabin into three zones, the number of airbags will be increased to 12. The car will be able to track dead zones, get a panoramic hatch. For passengers of the rear seat will have its own multimedia system with its own display, where you can watch movies. The car will automatically track the lane in which it is located, pay attention to traffic signs. The trunk door will receive an electric drive.

Engine view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Engine view of Honda Pilot of 2018 year

In total, there will be three complete sets. Lifestyle will be equipped with a V6 engine at 249 hp. and a 6-speed transmission. The seats will be trimmed with leather. In addition to the listed options, the basic version will receive a tire pressure monitoring sensor, a sensor for monitoring the amount of liquid in the washer, 7 speakers for the audio system, a parking camera, improved sound insulation, alloy wheels R18. The Executive version will be improved with the following additions:

  • Cameras of a circular review.
  • All wheel drive system.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Fog lights.

The start of sales of the five-door version in the US will happen first. Since there is a car assembly center, you can buy Honda in September 2018. The price in the US is $ 26,500.


Crash Test Euro NCAP Honda Pilot. Tests are conducted since 1997, will be a five-star rating system for security. After several tests, the machine is awarded a rating. The more stars – the safer the car.

The car, developed by Japanese engineers, is equipped with a number of effective security systems, among which can be identified:

  • Modern security cushions in the production of which high-quality materials are used;
  • Assistants in the implementation of parking or traffic in difficult conditions (climatic, difficult terrain, etc.);
  • a system providing control over the movement of a vehicle within a certain band;
  • a system that prevents the head-on collision of the car with other vehicles, as well as various obstacles when driving at any speed;
  • a tracking system for a car that moves ahead, as well as when crossing a lane without a turn signal;
  • a cruise control system (adaptive) when the vehicle speed is synchronized with the speed of the car that is moving ahead (necessary in order to avoid collision).
Front Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Front Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year


The closest competitors will be the following machines:

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe.

Nissan Pathfinder.

Volkswagen Atlas.

Kia Sorento Prime.

Mazda CX-9.

Toyota Highlander.


The new car has serious prospects in its segment, which can lead to a significant increase in its sales volumes during the first year of its existence on the market. In some aspects, it can outperform competing models from other companies. This mainly applies to the technological options and technical data used.

Great importance in terms of increasing popularity of the novelty among the target audience is the moment of its promotion and making changes in the design, technological options, etc. If the manufacturing company will pay special attention to these aspects, it will be able to bring the new model to the number of market leaders in the corresponding segment.

Crossovers from Honda have proven to be extremely reliable cars, so you can say with confidence that the novelty will be sold well in the market. According to the press service of Honda Motor RUS, the intelligent control system of the new Pilot’s traction was tested and tested in every possible way on two continents, under the most difficult conditions, showing excellent results.

Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year
Left side of Honda Pilot of 2018 year

Advantages of the car are obvious – for a relatively small price the consumer gets a car with excellent cross-country ability and plenty of free space in the cabin, driven by a powerful power unit and an all-wheel drive system. Off-road, the crossover demonstrates itself as a reliable helper in those cases when it is necessary to leave the snow-covered terrain or, conversely, to get into the thick of the forest with its sandy roads. Excessive stick here, however, also does not follow – even a road clearance of 200 mm and wheels R20 in the maximum configuration can not save anywhere, and the car is still more intended for a quiet urban ride.

Compared with the previous generation, the car has become less stiff and angular: the roof, hood, wings and bumpers have become much more sloping and streamlined. Restyling in 2018 added to this picture only minor changes affecting the grille of the front bumper.

  • Quite good dynamics;
  • Good traffic;
  • A large amount of free space in the cabin;
  • Possibility to equip the car with branded wheels R20;
  • No mechanical transmission.