Front right side of Honda Accord of 2019 year

In this article a new Honda Accord model of 2019 will be presented: a photo, the prices for it, the features of the car, the complete sets in which it will be produced. In addition, we will highlight the most interesting technical specifications, help you choose a new car for yourself, familiarize yourself with all the novelties of the automotive world.



The exterior of the new car remained pretty attractive, did not become less recognizable. We can distinguish the following features, which will certainly attract the attention of any motorist:

The front end of the car is a little longer, so the cabin is a little further away than before.
The roof is sloping, smoothly ends with a boot lid, creates not only an attractive sporty appearance, but also significantly reduces air resistance due to a streamlined shape.
If you look at the front of the car, you can note that it is almost vertical.
The radiator grille attracts attention, it is made in the form of a relatively small shield, connects to the headlights, creating with them a single composition.
The dimensions of the head optics increased substantially, the headlight itself received LEDs, the shape of the optics attractive, C-shaped.
It is worth paying attention to the wheels of expensive equipment: they will be quite unusual shape.
In general, the appearance of the car is quite aggressive and sporty, the body has additional stiffeners, the tail lights have changed shape and are well suited to the new design concept.

Front right side of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Front right side of Honda Accord of 2019 year

The new 10-generation Accord tried on the latest modular platform, which also forms the basis of the new Honda Civic and Honda CR-V generations. Suspension scheme with McPherson struts in the front and multi-link rear is similar to the chassis of the 9-generation Accord, but the front suspension uses a different lever, and the rear suspension has become more compact. As an option, adaptive shock absorbers with two tincture modes are available.

The external dimensions of the bodywork of the Honda Accord 10 2018-2019 are 4879 mm in length, 1859 mm in width, 1450 mm in height, with 2830 mm of wheelbase.

The new generation of the Accord sedan can boast before the previous generation of the model increased by as much as 55 mm in wheelbase dimensions and 10 mm in width increments, with the novelty 10 mm smaller in length and 15 mm lower. The track of the front wheels, by the way, increased by 5 mm, and the track of the rear wheels by 20 mm.


Salon of 10th generation Honda Accord has changed, but not as thoroughly as the body of the sedan. Growing on 55 mm the size of a wheelbase have allowed to increase at once on 51 mm places for legs of passengers of back seats. Front seats are set to 25 mm, and the rear seat is 20 mm lower than in the interior of the 9-generation model. The volume of the new sedan Honda Accord 10 is 2.99 m3, which is much larger than the main competitor Toyota Camry with an indicator of 2.84 m3.

Salon view of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Salon view of Honda Accord of 2019 year

The interior of the new model has become much more spacious than the previous one. Between the rows of seats the distance grew by 51 mm.
Better materials for interior decoration have been used, so that its decent appearance will last much longer.
Significantly changed the appearance of the front panel, it has become more convenient form, controls are available. To reach the buttons is not required.
The steering column can be adjusted in height, the steering wheel itself also changed the size and design, becoming much more interesting outside and more convenient when driving.
The shape of the dashboard and the center console was changed.
For expensive bundles, a modern multimedia system is provided, equipped with a large 8-inch liquid crystal display.
Some complete sets will be equipped with climate control, pre-installed audio system.
If an automatic transmission is installed, next to its switch, there will be keys for controlling the options.

Front left side of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Front left side of Honda Accord of 2019 year


As a basis, the platform was used, well-proven, as it was already used to create the Honda CR-V in 2017.

As a suspension the multi-link design is used, shock absorbers can be adjusted, they work in two modes. Auto consists of alloys of various metals and plastic. Steel is 54%, it should be noted that laser welding is used in the assembly. The body has become 30% stiffer, and the mass is 50 kg less. The volume of the trunk is 473 liters. In the line, two engines – 3, 5 and 2, 4 liters. The transmission is mechanic or automatic.

Engine view of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Engine view of Honda Accord of 2019 year


Concern offers a fairly large selection of car kits (in the photo), there will be only six. The cheapest base will cost $ 17500. You can buy cars from authorized dealers.


This complete set will learn a powerful petrol engine, the volume of which is 2.4 liters, the capacity is 180 hp.
Coupled with the engine offers an automatic transmission.
The front-wheel drive is equipped with absolutely all the complete sets, the complete is simply not provided, therefore on this parameter cars of distinctions will not have.
For the American market, the car already comes with 8 airbags. It remains to be seen whether the American packages will be identical to those in Russia.
The car is equipped with a unique active safety system, which the concern developed independently.
Noise isolation became an order of magnitude better, in addition, there was a system of active noise suppression equipped with three microphones.
Instrument information can be projected onto the windshield. The size of the projection display is 6 inches.
The front seats can be adjusted in different positions, they are equipped with heating, ventilation.

Front left side of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Front left side of Honda Accord of 2019 year


The motor in this version is installed the same as the previous one, however there is a choice between a mechanical and an automatic transmission. If you prefer the first, the price of the car will be $ 22000, the second – $ 22500.
Only in this configuration you can buy a manual transmission
Additional options completely copy the previous version, supplemented by a more diverse and high-quality interior trim, a variety of sensors, the car has climate control.


The motor is still the same, the gearbox is automatic.
This version includes additional options in the form of fog lamps, more trim options, the front optics is equipped with LED lights.
There are various systems of active and passive safety, built-in parking sensors.
For this version will have to give $ 23,000.


From the previous version is not much different, supplemented only by a modern navigator, a high-quality multimedia system.
Audio preparation was conducted.
The cost of this version of the car will be $ 25,000.


First of all it is distinguished by the engine, in this variant it has a volume of 3, 5 liters and a power of 281 hp. Such engine with a mixed rhythm of use consumes only 9 liters of gasoline, which is quite economical for such a volume.
The transmission is put only automatic.
The car is equipped with all the options considered earlier, supplemented by cruise control
In addition, the system of exchange rate stability and stabilization system is installed.
The cost of this equipment will be $ 28,000.


PremiumNavi is the richest version, which includes all the new items of Japanese electronics, modern security systems, increased comfort. The version will cost $ 29500. It includes the following:
Airbags for the driver and passengers.
Rear View Camera.
There is a parktronic located in the front and rear of the car.
The machine has a strip control system.
Automatic main beam control.
Headlights automatically turn when you turn the car.
There is a complete package of optics, light sensors.
Alloy wheels.
There is a panoramic sunroof.
Two-zone climate control.
The steering wheel and the gearshift lever are trimmed with leather.
The car is equipped with an on-board computer.
The engine can be started remotely.
Mirrors are heated.
There is climate control adaptive type.
All seats are heated.
You can enter the salon without using a key.
The handlebars are multifunctional. The steering column is equipped with an electric drive for tuning.
Full electropackage.
The position of the front seats is regulated by an electric drive.
The color display is large. It displays an image from the cameras, it is used by the navigation and multimedia system.
You can connect to the car from different devices using, for example, Bluetooth.
The version will be equipped with a regular anti-theft system and an immobilizer.

Salon view of Honda Accord of 2019 year
Salon view of Honda Accord of 2019 year



Many cars will have quite a large number of competitors, Honda was no exception, despite the fact that the manufacturer tried to make the price as low as possible. The closest competing models include the following cars:

Ford Mondeo.
Opel Insignia Grand Sport.
Nissan Teana 2017.
KIA Optima 2017.
Skoda Superb.
Mazda 6.


The Honda Accord 10 sedan was presented in July this year in America, it’s just full of chic and comfortable. This article describes the main characteristics of this auto – salon, dimensions, technical capabilities and component parts.