Front and left side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

Mustang GT of the sixth generation received a planned update. The exterior underwent facelifting, the interior received improved decoration, and the power units were completely revised and some of them were replaced. But the main novelty was the 10-speed automatic – 10R80, responsible for instant switching speeds. But before the Ford concern was the question: Is it worth releasing the Mustang GT Convertible at all? But already 3 days after the release of the coupe version, the company published pictures and a cabriolet that does not differ with its dimensional data. In America, the Mustang is one of the best-selling cars, and in Europe has also received the “best-selling sports car” award, having selected this niche from the Audi TT.

Interior and Exterior Design

Front view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year
Front view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

The interior is made in a sporty style with an elegant three-spoke steering wheel, anatomical chairs and a symmetrical front panel. In the interior equipment includes a multimedia system Ford Sync with an 8-inch display and supporting voice commands, 12 speakers. Most of the interior is decorated with high quality materials, but plastic is also present.

Note that in the equipment of the novelty, the traction vector control system is included, the quick start function for the top modification with manual transmission and the system allowing the driver to change the settings of the steering amplifier, the motor response to the accelerator pedal, and the stabilization and transmissions.

Right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year
Right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

In addition, for the new Ford Mustang 6 is available multimedia SYNC system with 8-inch touch screen and voice control, and as an option you can install navigation and premium audio system with 12 speakers. We are planning to start the Mustang sales at the end of the year, but there is no information about prices and trim levels yet.

Number of innovations the customer will notice in the interior of the novelty. And again the number 12, this time this 12-inch instrument panel, which is offered as an option for an extra charge, instead of the classic analog dial, it offers three kinds of work: Normal, Sport and Track. On the screen you can display all the necessary information about the operation of the car systems.

The multimedia complex is an 8-inch screen with many new features. So for example, Ford Pass will allow you to drive a car through a smartphone from a distance: starting the engine, information about the battery charge, the condition of the fuel tank and the location of the car. The MyMode system will remember the current settings and will be able to play them back on the next trip.

Dashboard view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

Since the Mustang is sport oriented, it has absorbed a number of safety assistants, for example, a collision warning, pedestrian detection and a lane departure warning. Thanks to expensive upholstery materials, hand stitching on the center console and aluminum inserts, the salon of the novelty has become even more stylish and premium.


The change of the Mustang was also changed in the technical part. For example, the 3.7-liter V6 was completely eliminated on both the convertible and the coupe versions. There remained only a 2.3-liter turbo quater, which increased the torque, and 5.0-liter V8, which became more powerful, but at the same time more economical. The engine will include both direct and “port” injection, which will increase the productivity and fuel efficiency.

Under the hood of the American novelty, two gasoline engines familiar to car enthusiasts on the pre-style Mustang model, but substantially modernized. Ford’s engines increased the torque to the 2.3 EcoBoost engine, and the 5.0-liter G-8 increased the compression ratio to 12: 1 (previously 11: 1) and equipped the engine with a combined injection system that not only increased power and raised the bar of maximum revs, but also reduce fuel consumption. Both motors are standardly equipped with a modernized 6 manual transmission, capable of digesting the increased torque, and as an option a new 10-step “automatic” is proposed.

Fuel economy

The consumption of gasoline is about 9 liters when driving in a mixed mode. In a five-liter gasoline eight with an increased compression ratio, these figures are: 421 hp and 530 Nm, acceleration in 4.8 seconds, fuel consumption is in this case within 13 liters. Both motors are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, for a surcharge a new 10-step automatic transmission is offered.

Rear and right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year
Rear and right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

Releise and data price

The start of sales of the restyled version of Mustang in the US is scheduled for the fall of this year, the car will enter the European market only in 2018.

Sales of the new Mustang in the US will begin in the fall of 2017. On the European continent the novelty will appear in the beginning of next year. At the same time, the price of the Ford Mustang 2018 in the basic configuration will cost the European buyer 38,000 euros.


This amount will have to spend to get a version with a 2.3-liter inflatable EcoBoost unit. The variation with the atmospheric five-liter V8 engine, in the title of which will be present prefix “GT” will receive a price tag of about 40 000 USD.

In the Russian automobile market, a sports car, if it does, will not be soon. At the moment, they do not even plan to take the Mustang 2018 to the domestic market.

Front and right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year
Front and right side view of Ford Mustang of 2018 year

The car with the same wheelbase length added a width of 38 mm and became lower by 36 mm. The brake system includes ventilated disks (the dimension of the front mechanisms varies from 320 to 380 mm depending on the version) with ABS, EBD and other modern “assistants”. In the basic configuration for any version of the Ford Mustang is installed a self-locking rear differential.

The length of the closed two-door model is 4784 mm., Width – 1916 mm., Height – 1381 mm., The distance between the axles is 2720 mm. In the basic configuration, the pony car is equipped with a turbocharged gasoline engine with direct injection and variable valve timing. The four-cylinder engine has the following technical characteristics: power – 317 hp, torque at 5500 rpm. – 432 nm, acceleration to the first hundred – 5.8 seconds, the speed limits of 250 km / h are limited by electronics.

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