Front view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

Class D saloons are today produced by almost all automakers. The American company Ford several decades ago released a model called Mondeo. This generation was first introduced in 2012, after which it changed insignificantly over a long period of time. Consider the features of this one of the most accessible representatives of its class.

The fourth generation of this model did not become revolutionary in terms of its development, which somewhat upset the fans of the brand. According to many, the “fourth” Mondeo has much in common with its predecessor and from that it seems not so interesting in comparison with other opponents. But the company Ford assures that entering the market of the updated version of the car is able to some extent to improve the situation for the better.

Restyling Ford Mondeo IV generation was demonstrated to the public in 2017. The new version of the popular class D car has not undergone any significant design reforms, but has become more technologically sophisticated in terms of equipment. But first things first.

Front view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Front view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

Outside, the updated Ford Mondeo differs from its predecessor with a more elegant headlight optics, a different grille with large cells, a front bumper with redesigned sections of fog lamps and new lanterns of oblong shape, and a body of side mirrors. Also it is necessary to note and alloy wheels with a unique design, which are included in the equipment of the facelift model.

In general, Ford Mondeo 2018 in the new body retained the features of its predecessor, but at the same time it received a completely different design of the front end. The key element in the design of the model is certainly the hexagonal grille, reminiscent of Aston Martin cars. The appearance is complemented by a new narrow head optics and rear lights with LED sections.



Appearance of the car turned out bright and impetuous:

The radiator grille has become large and more massive, made in wireframe form. The design is not just attractive, but allows to significantly increase the degree of blowing the radiator. This is due to the fact that the structure has an active element – blinds, which can be opened or closed depending on the features.

In order to ensure that sufficient air is supplied to the motor, a bumper is installed, at the bottom of which an air intake is placed. To give sportiness to the sedan was decided by creating an unusual punching with a vivid expression of the lateral part.

On the sides are also placed fog lights, which can significantly improve the safety of traffic.

According to the engineers, the aerodynamic performance was increased by more than 10%. A similar figure was decided to be achieved by improving the body structure, increased the angle of the windshield, the roof line is smooth and has no corners, the side mirrors are streamlined.

Rear Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

The style is emphasized by stylish wheels with a size of 18 inches. When they are made, materials are used that significantly reduce the weight of the structure. Large wheel arches of round shape allow you to install wheels of very large size. The rear part is characterized by the fact that it has narrow-shaped lanterns, partially located on the racks. In order to ensure good visibility of the car on the road, their construction is made using diode technology. In general, we can say that the new Mondeo has become bright, elegant and impetuous. The body is painted in a bright color.


The restyling carried out was aimed at improving the quality of finishing and enhancing ergonomics in terms of the location of the main controls. Being in the salon you can distinguish:

  • The instrument panel has become more functional and informative in comparison with the previous design.
  • Finishing was also carried out using aluminum as a finishing material.
  • Front seats, in a modern style, have an anatomical shape with pronounced lateral support and headrests with a special shape. In expensive complete sets the design has ventilation, heating and massage.
  • At the finish, the fabric is mainly used, as well as soft plastic.
  • Interior comfort is provided by installing in the cabin of LED light sources. They are arranged to provide illumination of special zones and controls.
  • On the elephant, various insulating materials were laid, which also significantly improve the comfort and comfort of the stay.
  • Dashboard view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
    Dashboard view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

The carmaker tried to make the interior modern and high-quality, but at the same time the competitive price of this class was taken into account. Ford Mondeo 2018 restyled photo indicates that the car has become more practical and expensive in appearance.


High performance was proved during the test drive. As the results of the research showed, engineers were able to significantly reduce the fuel consumption rate and ensure the stability of the model on the road. The novelty, which should highlight the Ford Mondeo 2018, was the design of the front suspension. Due to this, the car became less susceptible to poor quality of the road surface. For a long period the cars of the manufacturer in question were significantly inferior in terms of the quality of the installed motors and other power units in comparison with their competitors of German origin. According to the designer, the production of new engines will continue, and funds will also be invested in the development of new designs.

Engine view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Engine view of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

In the near future the following engines will be installed:

Gasoline power units with a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, the power of which is 178 and 237 hp.

Diesel power units with 1.5 and 2.0 liters, their power is 118 and 277 hp.

In order to significantly improve the efficiency of torque transmission, a mechanical 6-speed gearbox is installed, as well as an automatic design. Another important point is that the all-wheel drive version will also be available. Why is this model very popular? The thing is a fairly large volume of the luggage compartment of 540 liters, due to the folding of the rear row the index increases to a value of 1400 liters. Engineers have tried to ensure that when folding the seats turned out to be a flat floor. Body dimensions are as follows:

  • The length is 4870 mm.
  • The width is 1850 mm.
  • The height is 1470 mm.

Note that the manufacturer tried to withstand the size, as the main competitors, for example, Volkswagen Passat. Otherwise, the new generation does not differ from the previous one. Most of the changes touched the interior and exterior, due to what the car became more attractive for many.


While there is no exact information on what options for equipment will be delivered to the sedan class D. There is an opportunity to buy a car in the following options:

Energy is a modern offering that has a built-in electric motor with the ability to charge from the network. The newest software allows you to fine-tune the operation of all devices, thereby reducing fuel consumption and driving performance.

Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year

Hybrid – a model that comes with a powerful two-liter motor and electric, the total power of which is 186 hp.

Sport – this proposal is presented by the assembly of the most powerful engine with a turbine. Due to the increase in the volume of the cylinder block to 2.7 liters, the power was 325 hp.

The following options can be used to complete the sedan:

The navigation system.

  • Rear view camera
  • A system that ensures the switching of the driving beam to the near.
  • Front seats can have a position control unit in 10 positions.
  • The front seats have a memory function, like the side mirrors.
  • The rear row has heating.
  • Front and rear seat belts are made with the observance of modern technologies.
  • Cruise control can be used to set the required speed and maintain it for a long period.
  • As previously noted, the highlight was given quite a lot of attention. So it can be 7 colors, selectable by customization.
  • The most expensive equipment is leather trim.
  • The American automaker has created a new multimedia complex, which has quite a number of features.
  • The keyless access system allows you to get into the car without any problems to its owner. In addition, there is a start button located on the front panel.

In general, we can say that when choosing a sedan in an expensive package, you can count on a comfortable car. It is assumed that the initial price will start at $ 26 300. By including all options, the price is significantly increased. The first sales will begin in America, then in Europe.

Front Right side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year


Ford engineers made the belts fixed on the side rear seats of the car, much less traumatic. They inflate in the event of an accident, reducing the load on the chest, and also protecting the head and neck.

Ford Mondeo – the standard of automotive safety. Experts of the European agency Euro NCAP believe in this, they awarded the Ford sedan the highest rating of “5 stars”. Inside this car you can feel as relaxed as at home.

The share of high strength steels in the power structure of the Mondeo body is 61 percent. The front and side racks, the roof frame are made of high-strength hydroformed steel, while the luggage compartment floor is made of magnesium alloy.

This allowed to significantly increase the level of passive safety of the new generation model relative to its predecessor. In addition, the car became lighter by 115 kilograms.


As it was previously noted, in this class there was a lot of competition. Considering Ford Mondeo 2018 in the new body, photo, price and other information has long appeared on the network, you can pay attention to the following models:

Chevrolet Malibu.

Geely Emgrand GT.

Hyundai i40.

Hyundai Sonata.

Mazda 6.

Nissan Teana.

Opel Insignia Sedan.

These cars have about the same performance, are in the same class. However, some competitors are available at a lower price in the initial configuration, which is worth considering.

Rear Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Ford Mondeo of 2018 year


Mondeo is a passenger car of the American company Ford, produced since 1993. According to the characteristics provided – this is a five-seater D class car, which has 5 doors. To implement this project, the company spent more than $ 6 billion and, judging by the popularity of the brand, they have repeatedly paid off.

In contrast to the overseas brother, available exclusively in the body sedan, European buyers Ford Mondeo V, as in the case with the predecessor, can additionally choose a car in the body of a hatchback and station wagon.

Initially, the Ford Mondeo was produced only as a sedan, but later there was a station wagon and a hatchback. The car of the first generation had an all-wheel drive version, but eventually it remained in the past and now only front-wheel-drive cars are on the market. However, the novelties of 2018 will once again return the old days and begin to be sold in the all-wheel drive version.

Now, the 5-generation Mondeo remains relevant in the market, and it went into account in 2013. The assembly of the car is engaged in several countries: China, Taiwan, Thailand and Belgium. The number of cars being assembled and sold proves that Mondeo deserved the citizens’ love. Reasons for the popularity and dignity of the model: original design solution; individual approach; high level of comfort and safety; power used power units.