Front view of Ford Edge of 2018 year

The oldest automaker Ford for a long period was engaged in the production of SUVs and crossovers. The company has vast experience in the design and manufacture of cars with high traffic and comfort. Ford Edge 2018 in the new body was introduced to the world public relatively recently, the model was almost completely updated. Essential Edge changes made the car a very attractive offer on the market. A model is available in several versions, which will be discussed in more detail later.



The updated version of the Ford Edge in 2018 has a new look, with a different hood, a different radiator grille, improved basic optics on LEDs, and a modified feed with lanterns (oversized) of a new shape. In addition, this car is equipped with a modified bumper, a new trunk door, which is large.

The new crossover is significantly different from the previous generation. The exterior design looks very modern and attractive. The key moments are:

Massive radiator grating. On sale there are two versions of vehicles: one with chrome protection, the second with the usual. Dimensions of protection are quite large, in the central part of the icon.
Today, head optics is an integral part of almost any exterior. In this case, the headlights are an integral part, since the diode bands look very attractive when the headlamps are low.

Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year

The front bumper is made part of the bodywork. In this case, the design has on the sides of massive air intakes, which built in fog lamps.
On the lower part is plastic protection.
The side part of the body looks simple, there are no expressive faces on the metal. At the same time the body is quite large, due to what provides comfort in the cabin. However, the 7th local is not on sale.
When decorating, just a huge number of chrome elements were used.
The back part has a bright stamping. In this case, the lights are made in the form of a long strip, they are located on the corner. The bumper is presented by a plastic construction in which two branch pipes of an exhaust system are built.
The tailgate glass is located at a large angle. In this spoiler seriously leaves.
The crossover looks very attractive, but still the car is inferior to its main competitors.

Front view of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Front view of Ford Edge of 2018 year


In an interior of the updated Ford there are not such essential changes, in comparison with appearance of this car. But here there are some innovations. In the cabin was installed a modernized console, which has a washer for control. There are also offices where you can store various trifles, a platform for charging smartphones via wireless.

Crossover salon is made in a modern style with the use of the highest quality materials. It should be noted that the American automaker adheres to the style of minimalism and practicality. The key points are:
The steering wheel has a rim of quality material. In this case, there are two spokes, as well as lower support. The automaker has posted several control units that allow you to control various options without taking your hands off the hoop.
In the central part there is a touch-sensitive display. It can display various information, including maps.
Under the screen there is a tunnel, which smoothly passes into the panel, located between the two front seats. It is this part of the cabin that defines a unique design. The keys are made part of the panel, they do not stand out against the general background.
It immediately catches the eye that there is no gearbox control lever. For this purpose, a washer is installed, as well as a button for controlling the electric parking brake. There are also two cupholders.

Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Ford Edge of 2018 year

The design of the instrument panel is very complicated. It is represented by a combination of two displays, between which is a classical scale.

Comfort is provided by installing seats with strong support. Headrests are finished with high-quality leather. In this case, they can be adjusted by position.

The salon is represented by a combination of dark and light plastic, as well as other materials.

Today, almost all American cars are characterized by exceptional practicality in application and a very attractive interior.

The manufacturer offers to the buyers in the complete set with the car such convenient adaptations:
ultrasonic radar;
cameras having a wide viewing angle (with their help the car is kept in a given lane on the road, and support is provided for maneuvers, uncomfortable parking spaces);
system providing braking (automatic), with the presence of a function that facilitates the recognition of cyclists and people moving on foot).


The second generation model was launched in 2015. It is worth considering that the model is the leader in its class. According to the results of the past year, more than 1 million models were sold in the USA alone. The company decided not to squeeze everything from the first model, but released the second generation. The key points of the new generation include:

As a platform used the previous cart, which significantly reduced the cost of supply.
You can choose from 3 petrol engines. Instead of the 6-automatic transmission, 8-automatic transmission was installed. The new design is characterized by higher efficiency. The transmission passed a rather large number of tests.

Engine view of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Engine view of Ford Edge of 2018 year

It should be noted that in the basic version the car has only a front-wheel drive. In a more expensive version, you can purchase a variant with a four-wheel drive.
The most powerful offer is presented by the motor of 2.7 liters, the power is 320 hp. Increase the figure was due to the installation of two turbines.
Already in the database disc brakes are installed, but for a surcharge, you can choose a sports version of a larger diameter.

For a surcharge, the usual suspension is changed to a sports suspension, which can have a different hardness index depending on the characteristics of the road surface and the speed achieved. At the same time, a system is installed that allows setting more suitable performance indicators.

A lot of new generation resembles the previous one. At the same time, many systems have improved, which increase the comfort in the cabin and the stability of the vehicle on the road surface.


Engineers of concern Ford pay much attention to such aspect, as car safety. It is equipped with effective airbags that reduce the level of injuries of people in the cabin. There are also systems that provide optimal parking and exit from a parking space. In addition, there are devices that hold the vehicle within the intended lane along the road.

The existing systems and devices that are installed on the Ford Edge are in line with the world’s security requirements. This significantly reduces the risk of road accidents and impact on people.

Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year


The presented car from Ford concern will be offered to the target audience in several trim levels, depending on the power of the power unit, additional options and other factors. Advanced versions of this vehicle will have a panoramic roof, leather interior trim and all-LED lighting.

Recently, Ford has invested quite a lot of money in making cars more comfortable and technically equipped. Ford Edge 2018 has very attractive performance characteristics, which are characterized as follows:

Sports front seats with combined finish. In order to extend the life of the finish, a combination of leather and fabric is used. The design is characterized by an express lateral support. Manufacturers have made decorative inserts from carbon, which is characterized by a long service life.
The construction of the pedals has aluminum lining. Due to this, the interior looks very attractive, and the design is much longer.

On the thresholds and backs of the seat there are decorative stripes with the letters ST. This indicates that the model belongs to a special version. Such decorative elements look attractive.
A lot of attention was paid to the installation of electronic helpers. Modern conditions of movement are very complex, require a huge number of different electronic assistants. An example is the automatic braking system for recognizing pedestrians and bicycles. For this purpose, ultrasonic radars and cameras with a wide viewing angle are installed. The combination of several modern systems allows you to center the car on the roadway. In addition, the combination of sensors allows you to more confidently maneuver in the parking lot.
The new car almost does not do without a modern multimedia system. It is called Sync 3. The installed system has just a huge number of different options: there is an Internet access point with the ability to simultaneously connect 10 devices. The audio system is premium, provides for the location of more than a dozen speakers throughout the salon.
In the salon there was a place for wireless charging of the phone. This option today is very common, which is due to the proliferation of mobile devices.

Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Front Left side of Ford Edge of 2018 year

The new model Ford Edge of 2018 in the expensive version can have simply a huge number of different options that increase the stability of the vehicle and comfort in the cabin. In comparison with the previous version, the considered has a modern and very attractive exterior.

Price is from $30 300 to $41 750.


Today, even good off-road vehicles began to make crossovers. That is why in this class there is simply the largest choice. In the class up to $20 000 are the following models can be considered:

Nissan Terrano.
Nissan Qashqai.
SsangYong Actyon.
Citroen C-Crosser.
Suzuki Vitara.
Mitsubishi ASX.

Almost all of the above models have an attractive exterior and quality interior. In comparison with them the Edge costs a little more expensive, but at the same time the car looks more prestigious.


The new Ford model has good prospects in terms of winning admirers in many countries of the world, including Russia. This is due to the excellent combination of technical characteristics of this car, its design features and high-speed qualities. This car can be of interest to the younger generation and middle-aged people.

Consumers may be interested in the following technological features of this car:
function that allows you to safely leave the parking lot;
a function that ensures proper parking;
the presence of parktronics in the front and rear;
the possibility of heating the front seats, which is relevant in low temperature;
ventilation seats that can save in hot weather;
a system that facilitates opening the door in the trunk when the leg is held under the plane of the bumper located behind;
Modern safety belts filled with air;
a roof with a panoramic view;
original radiator blinds, which close if necessary.

Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year
Front Right side of Ford Edge of 2018 year

These innovations can contribute to the growth of consumer demand for this model. Strengthening the effect is possible in the event that the manufacturer pays more attention to modernizing the novelty, improving its technical and operational properties. This Ford model is one of the successful developments of the manufacturer in the last few years.