Front Left view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year

Most recently, Chevrolet Trailbleiser 2018 was introduced. The updated version of the SUV turned out quite attractive. This is a favorite car of American specials. When creating the car, new ideas were used. In the guise of this car, the whole essence of the American car industry. Let’s consider, whether it is necessary to expect this novelty in Europe, what it possesses features.
The machine was designed by the Latin American department of GMBrazil, and is manufactured in Thailand. As a result, this offroad model of 2018 looks like a crossover, although it has in its design a frame architecture.
The updated offroad Chevrolet Trailblazer 2018 is identical to the model named Trailblazer Premier, which was shown in March 2016 in Banok. It is necessary to say that the model has turned out to be quite easy, because if we compare it with the previous modification, we learn that the novelty lost as much as 13 kg in weight. After all the works the SUV began to look modern and fresh.



Many pay attention to the car in question because of its unique exterior. The car turned out very attractive. His peculiarities are the following:

The offroad car is designed for seven passengers, including the driver. The interior design looks more solid, compared with the prestyle version. The front panel received a lot of changes. Torpedo looks massive and is equipped with powerful deflectors, which are placed in an upright position. The central console is designed in a wider style. The SUV is very large. Therefore, when looking for a roomy car, which is suitable for a long journey, many pay attention to this SUV.

Front Left view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year
Front Left view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year

Head optics has an unusual shape. Similar headlights are installed on many offroad vehicles, for example, Toyota.
The radiator grille is unusual: it changes from the area of  the body to the bumper and does not have a bright separation.

The front bumper is painted in body color. In the lower part there is a small air intake, as well as niches for fog lamps.
Wheel arches are very large. At the same time, their shape is square. Unlike many other cars of this class, the body protection is not clearly highlighted. The large size of the wheel arches allows you to install the wheel disks to R20.
The possibility of installing the rear row determines that the windows in the luggage compartment are separated by a massive rack.

The rear of the car is made in a sporty style. The shape is square, the angles are straight. Lanterns have a brace shape, made with the use of LED technology.
On the car the double branch pipe of an exhaust system is established. They are made in the form of a square.
There is also a kind of spoiler in which the stop is installed.
Attracts the buyer’s attention to new 18inch alloy wheels that have received six twin spokes in their design. In general, it was possible to get a more representative and important exterior thanks to all the innovations in the car’s front area.

Rear view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year
Rear view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year


The car belongs to the premium class, which is reflected in the interior features. The interior features include the following:

The steering wheel has 4 spokes, on the two are blocks with keys. In the top equipment, the structure is covered with leather, it has heating.
The instrument panel is made in a modern way: a highquality color display of large dimensions, on which information can be displayed in different ways.
In the central part is a large display of the multimedia system. On the sides are air ducts, just below the main control unit. It is possible to control the basic functions and touching the screen, as it is touchsensitive. Programmers have foreseen the moment that management will be carried out by touching.
Slightly below the display is a climate control unit.
Between the seats is located the control unit for the automatic transmission mode, as well as two cupholders.
A very large armrest that functions as a glove box.
Seats have lateral support.
At furnish qualitative materials, for example, a skin are used.
For the upgraded version of the car was developed the latest cruise control system with the function of automatic braking. There is also a system warning of a possible frontal collision, which also recognizes bicyclists and pedestrians, a system that tracks the dead zones of rearview mirrors, as well as technology that monitors road markings. The manufacturer says that the interior uses materials of much better quality. In addition, the list of colors of the salon increased.

Salon view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year
Salon view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year


Chevrolet Trailbleiser 2018 model year in the new body from a technical point of view is not significant from its predecessor:

A powerful frame is an integral part of a reliable SUV.
Independent suspension allows you to significantly increase the crosscountry ability of an offroad vehicle. Front set 2 levers, rear five.
In order for the massive SUV to be manageable, set the disc brakes behind and in front. The tests performed indicate that they are more effective than the drum ones. In addition, the disc type of brakes looks more attractive in case of installation of light alloy wheels.
As previously noted, a version with a fourwheel drive and only one active axle is on sale. The transmission to the rear axle is constantly carried out, but the front can be connected if necessary. The system itself chooses in which ratio to distribute the torque.
In addition, attention should be paid to the impressive dimensions of the SUV:

The length is 5189 mm.
The width is 1996 mm.
The height is 1795 mm.
The size of the wheelbase is 3070 mm.

But the size of the clearance is impressiveit is 250 mm. At the same time, you can purchase an 8seat or 5seat version.
The line of power units includes one gasoline engine and twodiesel engines“. Gasoline engine is a 3.6liter sixcylinder installation with a capacity of 277 hp. Such a motor will work with an automatic sixspeed transmission. For this option, it is possible to connect the allwheel drive system.
Diesel versions:
2.5liter fourcylinder Duramax, rated at 155 hp Paired with this motor will work a mechanicalsixman“;
200strong fourcylinder Duramax, capacity of 2.5 liters. For such an engine, two gearboxes are available: an automatic sixspeed box or a sixspeed mechanic.
Under the hood of the car can be installed to choose one of three engines (two fourcylinder diesel engines and sixcylinder gasoline).

Engine view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year


Interestingly, for the Australian automotive market, the model will also be available. Debuts SUV there in the autumn of this year, but under a different nameHolden Colorado 7. The beginning of sales in Thailand in July 2018. The machine is offered for $ 30 000 .
Sales of the new generation will start in Thailand, after which it is planned to arrange the delivery of an offroad vehicle to Australia. An important point is that in these markets the car will be sold under the name Holden Colorado. Abroad the car will be delivered in several versions of equipment:

The most common version will be a bundle with a 3.6liter engine, which will be able to develop up to 308 hp. Note that the car manufacturer has worked on improving this motor, since previously this engine could only produce 285 hp.
It is planned to deliver the Chevrolet Trailbleiser 2018 and with a 2liter turbocharged engine, whose capacity is 258 horsepower. This package is known as Traverse RS.
It should be taken into account that in the basic configuration the car can be delivered, as soon as with the front drive, and complete. The Traverse RS version will only be available in frontwheel drive.
There is also a top performance of the SUV in High Country performance. It has darkened lanterns and alloy wheels R20. In addition, the car is fitted with optics DOptic, and the salon department is carried out using highquality material, for example, leather and suede.

Front Right view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year
Front Right view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year

The transmission is only one, it is represented by a hydromechanical automatic with nine gears. The development of the company called HydraMatic 9T50 has not yet proved to be a reliable transmission, but the division of speeds into 9 gears allows to reduce the consumption and more effectively realize the capabilities of the installed motor.
Multimedia system My Link can have 7 and 8inch displays depending on the configuration. This device supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play applications. When synchronizing a mobile device, many functions can be called from the steering wheel.
Another fairly popular feature is called On Star 4G LTE, which allows you to create a WiFi network for connecting various devices.

In the basic configuration, the cameras of the circular view are installed, which allow not only to monitor the position of the car at the time of parking, but also when driving in the lane.
There is also a speed limit system for Teen Driver. It provides braking of the car at a dangerous rapprochement with the vehicle ahead.
In addition, the pedestrian detection function is installed on the SUV.


As new safety systems for the updated model of the Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV, adaptive cruise control with automatic braking function, a frontend collision warning system with the function of detecting pedestrians and cyclists, a tracking system for objects in the blind areas of the rearview mirrors and at an unauthorized intersection of the marking line .
The manufacturer announces more highquality materials for the interior of the SUV with a wide color palette.

Front Left view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year
Front Left view of Chevrolet Trailblazer of 2018 year


This car has very serious competitors:

Mitsubishi Pajero.
SsangYong Rexton.
Note that the SUV is inferior to its competitors at a price.


This car has quite a few advantages:

In comparison with the previous generation, it was significantly improved.
The salon is large and has a luggage compartment.
The engine has high responsiveness, as well as a good power reserve, which makes it comfortable to feel in the city or on the highway.
Coupled with the motor is a 6speed automatic, which greatly simplifies the management of an offroad vehicle.
The interior decoration is of very high quality.
There are also disadvantages:

The operation of the air conditioner is inefficient.
As shown by practice, the engine being installed does not withstand poor fuel quality. Therefore, you should choose a refueling with good fuel quality.
As previously noted, the cost of this model is very high. That is why we should consider the proposals of the main competitors.