Front Left side of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year

While looking for an affordable SUV, which at the same time will have a high enough comfort, many pay attention to the Niva, running under the Chevrolet brand. New Niva Chevrolet 2018, photo, price, sales start and other information in the near future should appear on the network, should become even more modern. Before the official presentation of the new generation SUV is available in 6 trim levels.



The most changes will affect the exterior. Among the features of the new generation we note the following points:

Completely change the head optics and protect the radiator.
The shape of the body will also change, despite the fact that its dimensions will remain almost unchanged.
Careful protection of the main power units against mechanical impact will be carried out.
The rear of the body will be a bit like the previous generation because of the similar shape of the headlights, but the silhouette will be more modern.

Rear Right side of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year

Because of the large number of faces and smooth transitions, the new car should look modern. In this case, many improvements will indicate that its purpose is to overcome complex sections of the road with low traffic.


Chevrolet has a fairly large number of high-quality developments, which relate to the design of the salon. The following changes are expected:

Completely recycle the dashboard. The previously installed design has long been obsolete and does not look attractive. The new one should have a high-quality backlight, a different layout. In addition, add a console that will be responsible for displaying important information from the on-board computer.
Installed seats should acquire lateral support. At first glance, this modification is not significant, but it allows you to increase the comfort in the cabin several times.
There was information that the salon will go diode lighting, which should make the decoration more attractive.
The height of the cabin will be large enough that it will comfortably accommodate the rear passengers and high growth.

Dashboard view of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year

In addition, the automaker promised to significantly improve the quality of materials used, to conduct additional soundproofing of the cabin. Note that it was because of the noise in the cabin the previous generation was not in demand, as the movement for long distances turned into a real torture.


Competitors of this car are very serious. In order to draw attention to a car that does not enjoy great confidence, the automaker decided to carry out some modernization of technical equipment. An example is the following:

The body should become carrier, and on sale there will be a version with an automatic transmission.
There will be a modern MacPherson suspension, which is very popular today.
Only gasoline engines with 122 hp will be available. and 135 hp. at a volume of 1.8 liters.
A version with a four-wheel drive and a manual transmission will remain available.

According to the representatives of the automaker, the dimensions of the body will remain virtually unchanged, only the plastic pads will add a few millimeters. Therefore, the car will have all the same compact interior.

Front Left side of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year
Front Left side of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year


  1. LThe current generation can be purchased in a basic version called L. It includes the following options:

    Simplified installation of children’s seats due to the presence of the ISOFIX system. After the introduction of new rules regarding the placement of children in the cabin, this option is included in the basic equipment of almost all cars.
    All locks are integrated into a system that can be controlled by a remote one.
    How did the manufacturer manage to reduce the cost of an SUV? The reason is quite simple – in the cabin almost all modern comfort options are missing. An example is the lack of speakers. So for self-audio preparation, the car manufacturer placed only cable harnesses and installed a universal shoe for connecting the radio.
    The wheel disks are of size R15, they are made of steel.
    Unequivocally owners will be pleased with the fact that the side mirrors are electrically operated and heated. But it is worth considering that the design is not painted in the color of the body.
    Spare wheel full-size, front doors have power windows.
    Several modernized the salon. To improve the comfort of the rear-row passengers, the deflectors of the ventilation system were connected.
    The steering has a hydraulic gain design of the applied force.
    A mechanical headlight corrector is installed.
    Price – $14 000.

2. LC

Complete LC, which is also equipped with air conditioning.
Price – $14 500.

3. GL

GL is characterized by a large number of decorative improvements and some additional options. An example is the following:
The front and rear bumpers are painted in the body color.
The alarm system with the immobilizer unit is installed.
The central lock has a remote control.
In order to ensure safety when driving in bad weather, fog lamps placed low enough are installed on this vehcle.
The wheel disks also have the size R15, but they already have a corporate style and are made of light alloy material.
ABS is installed, rear seats have headrests.
Price – $15 200.

  1. LE

The towing device, which is necessary for the transportation of the trailer.
Snorkel is installed, due to which it is possible to overcome deeper water obstacles.
A structure is installed to allow the winch to be attached from the front.
Additional protection of gearbox and crankcase.
The wheel rims in this version of the SUV have the size of R16, they go together with rubber with increased cross-country ability.
Price – $15 200.

  1. GLC

A more comfortable offer can be called the GLC version. At the expense of co-payment:
Radio with two front speakers and an antenna for the radio.
The design of the driver’s seat has lumbar support.
The front seats are equipped with a heating function.
Price – $16 000.

  1. LE +

The version of LE + practically does not differ from the previous one. In addition, the installation of stylish cast discs and high-quality rubber with increased mobility.
Thus, the Chevrolet Niva 2018 only in expensive trim levels has the required options to ensure comfortable overcoming of large distances or complex areas.

Price – $16 500.

Rear view of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year
Rear view of Chevrolet Niva of 2018 year


Because of the low cost of a competitor’s car, it’s relatively small in quantity, most of it is produced in Russia. An example is the following models:

Lada 4 × 4 Urban 5D.
Nissan Terrano.
Suzuki Jimny.
Renault Duster.

After the renewal of the Niva, the Chevrolet 2018 should become even more serious competitors, as the model will become very interesting due to a complete change in the interior and exterior. As for the technical equipment, there should not be any significant changes in this plan.