Left side of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year

In 2016 for the first time it was demonstrated in Geneva at the Chevrolet Cruz 2018 showroom. This vehicle is produced in three body styles: a sedan, a wagon, and a hatchback. This fact largely contributes to the popularity of this car in many countries. It perfectly combines the excellent technical parameters, good interior design, modern technological options and excellent speed data. The car is characterized by a number of innovations that contribute to improving its aerodynamic qualities.



The appearance of the novelty is characterized by the presence of smooth details, without any sharp elements. If on previous versions of this car the bumper (front) seemed quite large, but now it has become even larger. In its center there is a lattice, which covers the radiator. It is divided into two parts by a strip from the body. The top part looks like a tick, and in its center is the brand name of the manufacturer. The lower part is similar to a hexagon with rounded corners. Due to the reduced size of the holes in the grilles, the car began to look more attractive and practical.

The optics are rather narrow and somewhat elongated forward, practically touching the upper sector of the radiator grille. Headlights (fog) are located in the recesses, which are on the line with the air intake.

Front view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year
Front view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year

In the body, you can identify a modified side. Restyled, even mirrors, which became longer and more powerful, were exposed. In the rear of the body there were also changes:

reduction in the length of the boot lid and the appearance of stop lights;
the main headlights have a rather attractive shape (a combination of a traditional rectangle with various bends);
more massive and cumbersome view of the bumper, which makes the car somewhat aggressive;
the appearance of an exhaust new design that is built into the bottom of the car.

An important point is that the novelty will have a large number of color shades used for painting the body. This applies to any bodywork, which will make it possible to increase sales in different countries.


Significant changes are also observed in the interior space of the Chevrolet Cruz 2018 in the new body (equipment, prices and photos can be seen in this article). Have undergone a change and decoration materials, among which you can find beautiful leather, high quality fabric, wood, carbon, etc. In the interior design there are no straight lines at all, but a combination of smooth transitions and bevelled corners is used.

In the car there are a few levers and buttons, since most functions are activated and adjusted via a multimedia screen that is located in the center of the instrument panel. The steering wheel also has a certain functional. On the side of the button that beeps, there are a few more, providing access to important functions of the car. The instrument panel located behind the rudder is marked by the presence of an on-board computer, where important information for the driver is displayed.

Salon view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year
Salon view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year

Thanks to comfortable chairs, people in the salon receive the necessary comfort when driving on any terrain. In their finishing, the skin is used in combination with the material, which changes its shape to the features of the human body. In the front row of seats there are many adjustments, including heating and massage function. In the rear of the car can easily fit three people of different compositions.

The body of the vehicle is quite large, since it can transport up to 450 liters of different cargo. When folding the rear seats, the volume of space for things increases significantly.


The novelty will be completed with two power units, the power of which is 149 and 113 hp. The first engine provides achievement of hundreds in 10.2 seconds, and the second – for 11.4 seconds. Both engines provide a relatively low fuel consumption – about 6 liters per 100 km. For the normal operation of each of these power units, you need 95 gasoline and higher.

Engine view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year
Engine view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year

In the complete set with motors various transmissions are provided:

“Automatic”, which has 7 stages and 2 clutches
“Automatic”, which has 6 steps;
“Mechanics” (six-step).

Weight of the new car became less, in comparison with the previous variant, on 100 kg. This became possible due to the fact that the production of the body of the novelty was made of lighter metal alloys. But this did not have any effect on the strength of the vehicle. In addition, the new version of the car has become more secure, in comparison with its predecessor.


The new car is equipped with modern safety systems that reduce the risk of serious traffic situations. This applies to systems that hold the car within the band, assistants when driving in difficult weather conditions, etc. Such systems provide significant assistance to the driver when driving a vehicle.

It should be noted functional safety cushions, which are made of strong and high-quality materials. In the event of an accident there is a high probability that the driver and passengers will remain alive. Moreover, in most cases, there will be no serious damage to their health.

Rear right view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year
Rear right view of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year


Buyers are offered three variations of the equipment of the car. The base variation assumes the following elements:
effective security cushions (6 units), which are distributed over the cabin of the vehicle;
a camera that facilitates the driver’s parking process;
tracking systems for the location of the car, climate control, stability, as well as a number of devices that provide fuel economy and better grip of tires with the road surface;
options for heating mirrors and other elements, as well as adjusting the position of the steering wheel and seats.

For the average modification is characterized by the presence of a better multimedia system, full control of the climate in the cabin, as well as a large number of sensors used in the parking of the car.

If you purchase the maximum version of this car, you can use the following options:

adjustment of parameters by means of electric drives;
the steering wheel and armchairs are made of high-quality leather;
a large number of assistants in the process of car traffic, parking, etc .;
system for starting the power unit by using a conventional button;
the choice of wheels of another diameter (17 inches).

Front Right side of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year
Front Right side of Chevrolet Cruze of 2018 year


The basic version of the vehicle costs consumers around $ 13,000. If we consider the average, it will cost around $ 15,000. The cost of the maximum version is $ 16,000.
In Europe, the vehicle will be delivered in the first half of 2018. In America, it has been supplied since last year.


In this market segment there is a large number of cars with similar technical and economic characteristics. Among them we can distinguish such vehicles:

VW Jetta;
Skoda Octavia;
Mitsubishi Lancer;
Hyundai Elantra;
Kia Cerato.

According to the number of parameters these models lose Chevrolet Cruze but they are very popular in different countries. This is due to their reliability, good technical capabilities and other features.


The novelty, produced under the brand Chevrolet, has quite serious prospects in terms of winning its niche in the car market. The new car meets modern requirements in terms of technical parameters, interior design features, technological equipment and other points.

If the manufacturing company pays enough attention to the issues of structural and technological improvements of the vehicle, it will help to increase the volume of its sales throughout the life cycle of the car. The car can be popular with young people and representatives of older ages.