Front and left side view of Cadillac CT6 of 2018 year

At the Motor Show in New York debuted the flagship sedan Cadillac CT6, which the company calls the most technologically advanced car in the world. In the manufacturer’s lineup, the new Cadillac ST6 took a place on the step above the CTS III model.


It is here that the CT6 distinguishes itself more from the line, although the terrible information-entertainment system CUE makes a different appearance. Cadillac boasts that the model has the best-in-class internal storage, including a 2.2-liter volume in the center console. The center console is equipped with a 10.2-inch capacitive touch screen, while the smaller part occupies the space of a classic instrument. If you do not want to touch the large display on the console, there is also a small touchpad on the armrest. Modern gizmos, such as a 360-degree view of the camera around the car or a night vision system that can detect people and large animals, are also present.

Front and left side view of Cadillac CT6 of 2018 year

Despite the fact that everyone expected CT6 to be based on the design of Elmiraj Concept, chief designer GM Ed Welburn made it clear that this was not the case. Instead, the model is distinguished by a more evolutionary development of the current design theme for the CTS and ATS sedans. Although this is a kind of frustration, CT6 does not look like a derivative. Unlike the XTS, the new Cadillac flagship features a much more pronounced attitude and a short front overhang that emphasize the rear-drive models and classic luxury proportions.

Salon view of Cadillac CT6 of 2018 year

The front part looks like it was carved from a solid block, and the vertical headlamps rest on the distinctive grille of the engine, similar to the CTS and ATS. Probably, to improve the internal gasket, the side is more general. Likewise, the rear is a typical modern Cadillac, and no additional lines break the otherwise clean and angular style.


Wheelbase – 3106 mm;

Length – 5184 mm;

The width is 1879 mm;

Height – 1472 mm;

The curb weight is 1700 kg.


In the engine compartment of the Cadillac XTS sedan, two powerful petrol engines are selected, working in tandem with the 6 automatic transmissions.

Initial atmospheric 3.6L SIDI DOHC V6 VVT (308 hp 355 Nm).

More powerful turbocharged 3.6L Twin Turbo SIDI V6 (416 hp 500 Nm) with two turbo compressors. Unlike some German rivals, the CT6 was coming with V6, but it’s more than compensating for it in technology and power. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system is connected to the twin-turbocharged V6 as standard, and has a stepless box that powers the front wheels only when necessary. In addition, CT6 is also equipped with a magnetic controller Ride Control and – for the first time in the production of Cadillac – Active Rear Steer.

Engine view of Cadillac CT6 of 2018 year

The larger the engine, the more powerful the machine, and the more it usually is. There’s no point in putting a small-cuban motor on a big car, the engine just can not cope with its weight, it’s also pointless to put the big motor on a light car. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to pick up a motor … to the price of the car. The more expensive and prestigious the model, the greater the volume of the engine on it and the more powerful it is. Budget versions rarely boast a cubature of over two liters.

The volume of the engine is expressed in cubic centimeters or in liters. To whom as it is more convenient.

The volume of the engine Cadillac ST6 is 3.6 liters.

Engine power Cadillac CT6 335 hp

The largest sedan will argue with some sports cars: the Cadillac CT6 is able to squeeze up to 240 km / h. At the same time GM is modest for its impressive size – about 10 liters of 95 gasoline per 100 km in mixed mode (route / city).


The machine is equipped with only 4 gasoline power units, working together with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Type volume power tarque running maximum


number of cylinder
Petrol 2.0 liters 269 hp 400 H*m 5,9 secons 250 km/h 4
Petrol 3.6 liters 340 hp 385 H*m 5,9 seconds 250 km/h V6
Petrol 3.0 liters 409 hp 542 H*m 4,7 seconds 250 km/h V6


Production of the new Cadillac ST6 will start in early 2018, and sales of the model in the States will begin in March. The equipment of the sedan included four-zone climate control with an ionizer, wireless charging for smartphones, a CUE multimedia with a Wi-Fi access point, a circular view system and an automatic parking function.

Right side view of Cadillac CT6 of 2018 year


4 Turbo 2.0 L – $ 53,495

3.6L V6 with AWD $ 55,495

3.0L Twin Turbo V6 with AWD $ 64,395


Americans created a worthy novelty, impressive with its equipment, design and interior. No, it is no better than competitors from Germany, but it also costs less. Most likely it was the price tag the manufacturer planned to win buyers. Model Cadillac ST6 2018 is excellent, but it will be difficult to compete with the Germans.