Front view of BMW X6 M of 2016 year

The leadership of the company BMW prepares future customers for their new product, maximizing the hype around it. The information, released by the company, enables to conclude that the work on the SUV is quite serious. The car became much more solid and functional.

Front view of BMW X6 M of 2016 year
Front view of BMW X6 M of 2016 year

Exterior of bmw x6 m

Massive bumper, aerodynamic elements, rear spoiler, and four outlet exhaust system – the changes that have touched the SUV cannot be called the comic. All these changes enabled the engineers to really get a unique look with sporty and modern features.

The solidity of the exterior gives the overall grille and alloy wheels dimension of 20 inches. However, if drives of this size don’t impress the buyer, he can pay extra to equip the car with a few large disks.

The dimensions of the BMW Х6 М

In size the new product repeats the civilian variant of the SUV. However, the change is still there: the designers slightly reduced the clearance and now it is 19.5 cm

Interior of BMW X6 M

Dashboard view of BMW X6 M of 2016 year
Dashboard view of BMW X6 M of 2016 year

Designers have taken the decisions which were implemented in the previous version of the SUV as a base, when finishing the interior. The only innovation is the use of more luxurious finishing materials and a choice of several variations of finishes. Buyer may choose between the two available varieties of sports seats that fit cars original steering wheel, and pads on the pedals from aluminum; it was done with the aim of maximizing unique of SUV. Free space in the car is quite a lot. Separately it should be noted that, as in earlier models, the bmw x6 new has a special display, through which appear the indications of the tachometer, and timing when you shift gears.

Specification of bmw x6m

The movement of the vehicle is provided by a gasoline 8-cylinder power plant. A similar engine is known to car enthusiasts still on the previous version of the SUV. However the engine was slightly improved for the new SUV. A slightly higher efficiency of the engine is achieved by implementing a special gas system, improved system point of fuel injection, as well as the installation of more advanced exhaust system. Thus the power unit of the car can reach a capacity of 575 l. / sec. Of course, the maximum torque was increased. It is 750 Nm now.

8 speed automatic gearboxes will operate together with the engine. A distinctive feature of this transmission is the presence of sports settings, as well as the ability to shift using the gear shift paddles.

Maximum speed, which is capable of accelerating the car, is 250 km/h. Of course, this speed is limited by special electronic systems. We should remember and fuel consumption. It is a new modification consumes 2.8 liters of fuel less in comparison with the previous version of the SUV.

Suspension of SUV

The car is equipped with all-wheel drive and independent suspension, prepared for use on bad roads. Front suspension is double-wishbone and rear multi-link with air. In addition, the SUV is equipped with shock absorbers with electronic control, which can operate in one of three available modes: Sport 1, Sport 2, and Comfort. The braking of the car at the expense of lightweight piston brake calipers. However the ease and safety of steering control is achieved with electro-mechanical power steering.

Appearance and bmw x6 m price

Standard equipment will delight the buyer by interior of leather, aluminum accents, with a stabilizer, automatic air conditioning, electric drive of front row seats, audio-video complex. For the car in standard you will have to pay about 100 000 $.

The official premiere of new items will be held in America this fall. Europeans will see the SUV in the spring of the current year. You can also see video test drive of the BMW X6 M of 2015-2016 year

Photos of BMW X5 M

Videos of bmw x6 m

  • Alex

    Bought this car a month ago.Was a good engine, get full pleasure while driving, a real car for men! Everything in the car is fine with me, especially the dynamics. To feeling heavy German machine quickly, the city feels like a small yacht..

  • sasha

    Wow!! This is my dream car. It is quality and more better than the one i use now. I think i like BMW X6. I have been planing to have this one since. Am sure i will have it before this year ends.

  • Steven

    I love this car … when I got into it, I fell in love with this car … first in the cabin was convenient and everything at hand … convenient control of the on-board computer and all devices … very good noise insulation, powerful engine 550 horsepower … depending on the configuration … capacity of the trunk, it is very convenient to sit behind and in front … very many functions such as multi-functional front seats.

  • Edward B

    BMW X6 M is quite some car! I like it front view, and original steering wheel. Indisputable advantage of this modification that the car consumes 2.8 liters less of fuel. But I think this model is expensive.

  • Anton Yakovlev

    I owned an 2015 X6 M. What a fantastic automobile. I had the base suspension with AWD and all season tires. That SUV loved to drift. To fast into a corner and it would lean slightly let its tail out and hold that position. With the stability control ON. The ride and handling was beautiful with plenty of room for very tall people. It was just over 2 tons but felt allot lighter. It never ever dipped below 23 mpg. I could hit 30+ at a 70 mph cruise. It was no rocket but it made good torque from idle till about 5000 rpm. I was going to get a new and I do like ether Turbo. I love the new Audi A4 (it finally has room for 4 tall adults). As much as I like the new A4 and the BMW X4 gets the nod.