Front Left side of BMW 8 of 2018 year

Recently, the leaders of the Bavarian brand BMW demonstrated to the public their next novelty – the BMW 8-Series coupe. It is worth recalling that this car was already produced in the period from 1990 to 1999. Later the car was removed from the conveyor.

Also representatives of the company talked with journalists and noted that engineers and designers spent a lot of time to bring the coupe to perfection. As a result, they managed to release a novelty of the highest class.

It is known that the basis for the novelty was the modern platform called CLAR. The dimensions of the car are as follows:

length – 484.3 cm;
width – 190.2 cm;
height – 134.1 cm;
the wheelbase is 282.2 cm.

Specifications of the car directly depend on the version chosen by the buyer. For example, under the hood of the luxurious version of the M850i, there will be a petrol-powered turbo engine with a payload of 530 horses. The volume of the engine is 4.4 liters. Overclocking at such an installation of up to 100 km per hour will take only 3.7 seconds.

Dashboard view of BMW 8 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of BMW 8 of 2018 year

Another available version is called 840d. In the engine compartment there is a diesel unit with a capacity of 3.0 liters (output 320 hp). Overclocking of this version to “hundred” will take 4.9 seconds.

Absolutely any version is equipped with an automatic transmission for 8 speeds with the ability to switch to manual mode. Also, the new “eight” is equipped by the all-wheel drive system by default, and the gasoline version of the M850i ​​is additionally equipped with an electronic locking system for the rear differential. In addition, engineers equipped the novelty with a modified suspension with modern shock absorbers and other options.

Critics have recognized that the appearance of a fresh Bavarian reflects the design of the entire line of the company in the future. The new “eight” is equipped exclusively with LED optics, as well as a modified radiator grille, which is equipped with branded nostrils.

Rear view of BMW 8 of 2018 year
Rear view of BMW 8 of 2018 year

To ensure that the oncoming air currents did not brake the car when driving at high speeds, the engineers installed special dampers on the bodywork, as well as massive air vents on the front bumper. In the back there is a small spoiler. Of course, this novelty is not installed for beauty, but for improving aerodynamic characteristics.

For a fee for the novelty you can install a roof made of carbon fiber, as well as special sports packages, which include designer discs, special brake pads and modern multi-functional armchairs.