AUDI Q7 2018

Front Left side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year

Fresh data on Audi Ku 7 2018 in the new body, equipment and prices, photos – all this is available in our article. We have collected interesting information, which we are ready to share with our readers. You can compare the novelty not only with the old model, but also with its closest competitors, which are in the same price category, but can differ significantly in terms of technical equipment.




The car Audi Q7 2018 passed a serious restyling and is now significantly different from the previous version. This is a full-size crossover capable of showing itself well not only in the city, but also off-road. It has the following differences from its predecessors:

Significantly changed the design of the body and interior.
The radiator grille has been renewed, it has become larger, despite the rounded edges, its exterior is more sporty and aggressive, the chrome trim is edged, which makes the car more attractive, stylish and solid. The chrome border is rather wide, it attracts attention.

Front Left side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Front Left side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year

The front optics significantly increased in size, the shape of the headlights changed, they became rectangular, they got rid of the rounded shape and unnecessary bevels. The light has become more powerful and calibrated. The sets may differ in technical equipment, so what type of lamps will be installed depends on the version. Xenon, LED and matrix lighting devices are provided.
Rear lights are made in the same style as the front, they are less round and more elongated, the lamps depend on the configuration.

Left side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Left side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year

The bumper also changed shape, they became more convex, sharp and massive in appearance, although they are made of hard plastic. The car looks sporty, at the same time its power and weight are felt. In the bumpers there is a place for fog lamps. They are quite large, they illuminate the road well. In addition, the grilles of the air intakes are built into the bumper, they have horizontal ribs covered with chrome.
The shape of the roof was changed, the new one allowed to improve the aerodynamics readings, make the car more streamlined. The form has become more smooth, sloping, gradually turning into the luggage compartment of the car. It seems that the bumper is a logical end to it, although it represents a separate detail.
The front glass is also tilted, so that the airflow will interfere significantly less, which will provide a faster speed dial and lower fuel consumption.


The salon has also undergone significant changes, has become much more attractive and convenient, the management has become more functional. Added and free space. You can select the following:

As for the rear, and for the front passengers appeared additional space due to the increase in the length of the body.
The interior is finished with the highest quality materials. There are chrome and wooden inserts that make the interior more stylish and attractive, complete sets in leather trim are available.
The dashboard looks quite strict, it does not have anything superfluous, but the style can be traced.
Air ducts are located in the form of a wide line from door to door.
The screen of the onboard computer is located in the center above the line of air intakes. The display not only displays the necessary data, but also allows you to manage numerous functions of the car.

Dashboard view of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Audi Q7 of 2018 year

Nearby there are small buttons, they are needed to turn on the turn signals, control the climate control, turn on the alarm signal.
It is worth paying attention to the multimedia panel, where a large number of sensors are located, they are quite convenient to use, and the panel itself does not distract the driver’s attention when driving.
Audi is equipped with a multi-wheel, it contains the most important controls, in addition, you can control the audio system or use the phone without taking your hands off the steering wheel.
As for interior trim, it uses quality fabric and leather, the use of plastic is minimized.


The car is characterized by impressive technical parameters, among which we can distinguish the following:

The 2.0-liter petrol engine, which will be installed in the starting equipment, it is forced and equipped with a turbine, so under the hood will be 252 hp. A car with such a power unit up to 100 km / h will accelerate in just 7 seconds, despite the impressive mass of the model.
The second version of the power unit is also gasoline, but has a volume of 3 liters and a power of 333 hp. This is the most sporty version, which will allow to accelerate the car to a hundred in just 6 seconds, but the appetite of such an engine is much greater.

Engine view of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Engine view of Audi Q7 of 2018 year

If you are a fan of diesel, the manufacturer is also ready to offer several options. First of all, this is a 3-liter engine of two modifications: 218 hp in one, 272 hp in the second, and 272 hp in the second. The acceleration is the same as for gasoline analogues, so the buyer will not lose anything in terms of speed, but fuel consumption is much less.
Transmission for any engine is offered only automatic, so in this case, the choice should not be expected. There is an adjustable gearbox in 8 modes, which makes the car universal for any operating conditions.

All versions of the car will receive all-wheel drive.
The buyer can pay attention to the hybrid car. It will install a 3-liter engine with a capacity of 258 hp. and an additional electric motor with a power of 128 hp.
It is worth noting that the mass of the car was 70 kg less than the previous version. Designers say that the new Audi is the lightest crossover that meets the modern market. This was achieved with the use of new strong, but lighter alloys.

Front Right side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Front Right side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year


Bavarian engineers are ready to offer, as always, a practical, maximum safe and at the same time comfortable car. While it is known that the car will be delivered in two versions – regular and enhanced comfort. The first will receive the following options and features:
Already the launch version of the car will be quite rich in technical equipment, will receive a large number of useful options and electronics.
Cruise control is installed initially. It will be self-adaptable, which greatly facilitates its use and enhances ride comfort.

Audi will independently monitor the distance between the car in front and, if necessary, lose speed.
The navigator, guided by GPS, is already installed, it will work in the language of the country to which the car will be supplied. If desired, the language can be selected.
In the rear bumper from the factory a camera is built in, which will display the image on the color display on the car’s panel, in addition, the machine will help to pack, it will be equipped with sensors that determine the distance to the nearest obstacle.
The lighting will be adjusted automatically. It will be possible not to follow its inclusion and switching-off, inclusion of a headlight.
The maximum configuration will also please its owner with a large number of options, among which will be the following:

On-board computer of a new sample, the touch screen of the device will be greatly increased.
The upholstery of the salon will be completely leather.
The headlights will receive xenon lamps.
Heated front and rear seats.
The car will track traffic signs, markings on the roadway, objects in the dead zone, which are not visible to the driver in the mirror.
The number of cameras that will be located along the perimeter of the car will also be added.
Mirrors will receive heating and electric drives, however, this is available for the basic version of the car.
In the luxury suite, the number of airbags and special curtains has been increased.

If you make a surcharge, for the rear passengers will be installed entertainment system in the form of two tablets, mounted in the head restraints of the front seats; the size of such a screen will be 12 inches.
It will cost from $ 70,000 to $ 75,000 depending on the engine and additional equipment.

Rear Right side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year
Rear Right side of Audi Q7 of 2018 year


The following novelties can be classified as the main competing models:

Volvo XC90.


The new Q7 has elegant forms and large overall dimensions, and therefore differs markedly from its main competitors and stands out from the car flow. During the upgrade, the car received a proprietary grille, sections of LED lights in lighting fixtures and a modified bumper. Also, the Q7 became noticeably lighter, but the free space in the car’s interior increased.