AUDI Q5 2018

Front Left side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

Today, the review’s hero is Audi Q5 2018 (new model): photo, price, fresh news and everything related to this car will be reflected in this article. You can get acquainted with the novelty in detail, learn its advantages and disadvantages, find out when the sales begin. Compared with the first generation of the car was significantly changed.

The new premiere of the second generation compact crossover was eaten in 2016. The first generation was popular, which determined the appearance of a million copies within 8 years. Audi Q5 of 2018 (new model), photo, price, fresh news and many other points interest all fans, it will be insignificant to differ from the previously shown second generation. Crossover is available in three trim levels, the most affordable offer is $51 000. Consider the features of this sentence in more detail.



Audi q5 2018 is primarily a compact family crossover. It is much smaller than more powerful SUVs even produced by the same concern. Appearance is typical of representatives of its class. Select the following:

The design of both the body and interior became more representative. Auto no longer creates the impression of a hastily assembled car for young people. This solid, powerful vehicle, designed not only to give the owner comfort, but also to emphasize its status. In general, the exterior has become more brutal, practical and attractive.
The radiator grille has changed – now its shape is hexagonal. The front view of the car became more aggressive. The edging of the part is chrome-plated, it has horizontal ribs, hinting at the power.
The general lines became more strict and restrained. The body has good aerodynamics, which is especially felt at high speeds.

Front view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Front view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

Head optics changed shape, it became more elongated, the grille is now as close to the headlights as possible. Lamps also replaced, the light will become soft and powerful.
The front bumper is powerful, it has on the sides solid wide air intakes.
Side parts and doors have got a clear stamp with strict lines. This decorative element attracts attention, creates the impression of a “muscular” car.
The exhaust system is now hidden. You will no longer see pipe fittings that are securely disguised. The rear bumper is massive, the tailgate is high; generally the back is relatively tucked away.
The alloy wheels are light-alloy, the size is from R 19 to R 21.

When considering the crossover Audi Ku 5 2018, many pay attention to the attractiveness of the exterior. Among the features distinguish:

Head optics has become much smaller in size. Today, many automakers are resorting to the method of narrowing the optics in order to make the car more attractive. The design has diode lines that create a 3D effect.
The central part of the body is protected by a brand-name radiator, which has a chrome trim and chrome ribs.
The lower part of the front bumper has on both sides air intakes, which are decorated under the style of the main radiator grille.
The hood has several faces, along the perimeter of the body secured plastic protection, which is painted in the color of the car.
Perfection of the lamps located behind, passed for many years. At the same time, today the automaker for each model of the crossover makes its own changes. The design is manufactured using a sophisticated technology that allows you to achieve a 3D image. Unusually designed exhaust manifolds, which are built into the design of the rear bumper and combined.
Wheel arches are large, which allows the installation of wheels R20.

Rear view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Rear view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

The German automaker has always pleased its fans with a stylish exterior. This car remained still recognizable, but the second generation is significantly different from the previous one.


Salon is made in a sporty and very modern style, conspicuous, but at the same time non-boring lines, a round form of appliances and ventilation gratings. Everything is done in the same style and quality materials.

First of all, sitting in the salon, you will notice that the space inside the car has significantly increased. The interior itself has become much more attractive, it looks impressive and stylish.
High-quality materials are used, natural leather is applied, by the way, different interior decoration is possible.
The chairs are moderately tight, comfortable enough. They have the function of supporting the body from the side, they are adjusted by the electric drive in several directions, which makes it possible not only to fit the car to a specific driver or passenger, but also to make long trips comfortable: the back will not get tired.
Quite a large trunk – 550 liters, if you fold down the rear seats, the volume will add another 1000 liters.
On the steering wheel there are buttons for controlling various options of the car: first of all, it’s the sound of window lifters, climate control.

Dashboard view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Dashboard view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

The steering booster is electromechanical, the system is very reliable.
In the middle of the instrument panel is a fairly large display, it is touch and color. It displays information of the computer, radio, cameras, climate control, navigator, other options, through the display, you can configure and control them.
Multimedia has an MMI system.
The size of the navigation display can be from 7 to 8.3 inches, depending on the equipment of the car.

A new generation has its own style. Features are as follows:

The steering wheel has a sporty appearance, represented by a circle that is cut off. On the sides are spokes, from the bottom there is a massive support.
The instrument panel is a high-quality display, which can be adjusted if necessary.
The central console has a display, which is highlighted on the background of the torpedo. The automaker invests quite a lot in developing its own operating software.
The climate control unit was also designed differently. Typically, the control unit has a display.
Most of the control units were placed on tunnels. At the same time, we note the presence of the touch panel – a modern solution, which today is very common. We found a place for a glove box and an armrest, which is made in the form of a box.
Seats have a complex design with support.
At furnish use the most qualitative materials: the punched leather, soft plastic and so on.

In general, we can say that the cabin is very comfortable and functional, which increases the cost of the car.

Salon view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Salon view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year


Audi Q5 2018 can be called a car, focused on diesel engines. The gasoline engine is offered only one, while the diesel engine is put on the model as many as four.

The TFSI petrol engine is equipped with four cylinders, a turbine, its volume is 2 liters, and the power is 249 hp. The torque is 370 Nm, thanks to such characteristics the car with this type of motor is accelerated to 100 km / h in just 6.3 seconds under the conditions of the stand.
The diesel engine looks much more serious. Its volume is 3 liters, V6 TDI system, power – 286 hp. At the same time, the torque almost twice exceeds the gasoline 620 Nm.
There are three variants of a turbo-diesel engine with a volume of 2 liters. They differ from each other in the number of horsepower – 150, 163 and 190 hp.

The gearbox can be selected, a 6-speed manual, 7-step robot made using S-tronic technology is offered, and the most powerful engine comes with an automatic 8-speed box, no other options are offered. And this box itself is put only on a three-liter diesel.

Engine view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Engine view of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

Interesting will be the suspension. It has transverse double levers in front and a sophisticated five-lever system at the rear. The manufacturer offers an additional option as a pneumatic suspension. Such a system will have five fixed states that allow you to change the ground clearance at your own discretion depending on the quality of the road.

In addition, the audi q5 2018 has the following body dimensions:

The length is 4663 mm.
The width is 1893 mm.
The height is 1659 mm.
The distance between the front or rear pillar is 2819 mm.

The above information determines that the length of the car has become more by 23 mm. Increased and other sizes, due to which the interior became more comfortable. The position of the rear seats can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction, due to the volume indicator is 550 – 610 liters. Backs can be folded to increase the volume indicator to 1550 liters. The range of power units is represented by the following motors:

The petrol engine is 2.0 liters of TFSI type, due to the turbine the power achieved is 252 hp.
Diesel TDI, which can develop 150, 163 or 190 hp. The volume of the cylinder blocks is two liters.
The most expensive offer is a 3.0-liter TDI engine with 286 hp. The design is represented by the V-shaped arrangement of the cylinders.

Right side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Right side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year


The basic configuration contains the following options and pleasant additions:

The front optics are adaptive, the lamps are xenon.
Standard disks have the size R 17, for an additional charge it is possible to put R 21; the size of the standard rubber is 235/65.
For the front seats there is heating, which can be turned on separately for each seat.
The multifunctional steering wheel is covered with genuine leather. Leather inserts are available in the salon, but the main part of it is made of high-quality fabric and soft-touch soft to touch.
Mirrors are tuned by an electric drive, equipped with heating, which will be very useful in winter. Heating works its tasks pretty quickly, so you do not need to wipe the mirrors clean from them.
Heats up the front glass.
Climate control – two-zone.
The standard display of the multimedia system is a 7-inch, in the more affluent trim the 8.3-inch model is put.
The trunk lid is equipped with an electric drive, which allows you to open it at a distance and without hands: this is a very convenient function if you carry a purchase or do not want to get dirty.
There are parking sensors. They are located just behind, the car will help you park, since there is a help system for this.

Rear Left side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Rear Left side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year

More complete is the configuration of Comfort. It includes everything the same as the base one, but it is supplemented with the following:

Headlamps are LED, behind there are dynamic indicators.
Climate control has three zones.
The steering wheel is equipped with a heating system – also a nice addition when it’s cold outside.
The parking assistant acquired the sensors not only when moving backwards, but also forward.
Interior trim from combined leather.

Sport line is the third equipment, which in Russia will be the top one. It is equipped with a robot box, has all of the above listed functions, in addition, it is supplemented with the following:

Large multimedia system display.
The climate control divides the salon into 4 zones.
Panoramic roof, which can be obscured if necessary.
Unique interior design, provided only for this version.
Light alloy wheels (19 or 21 inches).

For a fee salons offer the following options:

Matrix lights of the famous manufacturer Matrix LED.
A better sound system with surround sound.
Electronic instrument panel and display 12, 3 inches.

The cost of the complete sets will be as follows:

  • $ 51,000 for Standart.
    • $ 54,000 will cost the Comfort version.
    • The Sport line will cost $ 56,000.
    • Additions in the form of air suspension will cost $ 3000.
    • You can purchase a separate automatic parking lot – $ 800.
    • Independent heating – about $ 1,700.
    • Increased display and electronic instrument panel – $ 600
Front Right side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year
Front Right side of Audi Q5 of 2018 year


This model has quite a large number of rivals. An example is:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
Acura RDX.
Infiniti QX50.
Mercedes GLC.
Porsche Macan.
Volvo XC60.

In the above list, I often give BMW and Mercedes, as well as Porsche, because of the prestige of the brands and the high quality of the assembly. Today the class of compact crossovers is very popular, as the car has increased patency and high driving performance.


Behind the wheel of the new Audi Q5 of 2018 year you’ll feel a high level of comfort, expressed in a large space, comfortable chairs or a comfortable steering wheel, covered with natural leather. The first thing that catches your eye is the high quality of interior materials and the abundance of auxiliary electronic devices. According to the results of tests of the new crossover Q5 from Audi we can note:

– ideal controllability of the machine, which keeps the road well, ensuring easy passage of turns at a sufficiently high speed;

-smooth running along a rough road;
-good sound insulation;
-easy overcoming of lifts, and also movement on impassability, even on cars with a connected all-wheel drive.