2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR

Ford F-150 Raptor SuperScrew, view from the front

The updated pickup-SUV Ford-150 Raptor of the new model year is the second generation of the car, which literally explode automobile world in 2010.

Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 is the best conquer of the lack of roads
Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 is the best conquer of the lack of roads

“It was real, not hand-made in the few exemplars, pickup-SUV with the factory guarantee. It conquered the market immediately. This car won the hearts even of those, who never intend to left comfortable highways for the lack of roads.”

“Legatee of the model line’s glorious father will have smaller weight. But the car will save all of its off-road and image advantages.”

The new Raptor will be based on the platform of the familiar pickup F-150, one of the last generations. But it’s not the absolute deployment, because the special team of developers was obliged to bring multiple modifications. It was done for the good feeling of the SUV out of the road and for the good speed of the car in the lack of roads.

The design of the Raptor in the new body

Ford f150 raptor of the new generation assumes new features. Somewhere it looks like at more unpretentious ford 150, but the status obligate…

The giant false radiator grille with three LED-lights above turns the attention at oneself. The truly large letters of the company’s name are fixed on this grille.

Ford F-150 Raptor SuperScrew, view from the front
Ford F-150 Raptor SuperScrew, view from the front

Bumper is more modest than grille. It seems that bumper try to not prevent to the tow hooks. Raptor is wider on 6 inches than other F-150, because special stability is the thing, which is necessary on the lack of roads.

The easy-alloy discs with diameter of 17 inches are familiar for the car. The special destined rubber for the off-road vehicle is familiar too. Wheeled arcs are protected on the edges by the mechanically strong plastic. The system of exhaust is crowned by the two large pipes.

Inscription “Ford Raptor” is located on the board of cargo section. This inscription is performed in a good style.

F-150 with one-and-a-half cabin in the new body
F-150 with one-and-a-half cabin in the new body

Composite materials and aluminium alloy materials have done their work. Pickup lighter than precursor almost on 440.92 pounds. Modification “SuperCab” will be shorter than modification “SuperScrew” on the 11.81 inches with a little. This deference is big enough, but you could see it only if both of the cars would stand near to each other.

Inside the salon of the Raptor

Ford always chooses not cheapest materials for its best models. Raptor didn’t become an exception. The high-quality leather, excellent plastic, aluminium alloy materials and magnificent fabric became a real adornment for the off-road vehicle because of good designers.

Salon of the new F-150
Salon of the new F-150

It’s hard to say about second row, but chairs of the first row are equipped by the electric motors, heating elements, side supports. The screen on the central console has 8 inches diagonal. It’s colored and not monochrome. Style of the device’s panel harmonically blends in the general designer’s plan. However, the salon very looks like with the salon of the competitor, new Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel.

The informational-entertaining complex MyFord Touch also has sensority screen with 8 inches diagonal. There is the console on the ceiling, through which you could connect the additional equipment. You could change the saloon till the unrecognizability, if you would equip it by the electronic novelties from the long list, trim up the saloon by the leather with other color and even add the volumetric seat belts.

The console on the ceiling for additional equipment of the new F-150
The console on the ceiling for additional equipment of the new F-150

The sizes of the pickup

Raptor is wider than standard pickup on 6 inches. Version “SuperCab” with one-and-a-half cabin has wheeled base 132.9921 inches long. The same size of the version “SuperScrew” is 145.0000 inches long.

The balance between length and width of the car let to be sure in its stability. You can see it by your own eyes.

Packaging arrangements of the F-150

The set of the described above finishing materials, electric and electronic equipment is provided for the basic packaging arrangement of the two models raptor f150. The list of the additional equipment is big, which is not surprisingly. There is a lot of space in the salon, and you could put there all advancement of the electronics for automobile. For example, you could put such rare things as the electronic parking drag, the system of panoramic overview, the whole series of security systems and series of driver’s assistance systems.

The technical characteristics of the novelty

V engine Ecoboost is located in the six cylinders and 0.92 gallons of the working volume of these cylinders. This engine could work only with the new ten stepped “automatics”. How else to transmit efficiently 450 horse power and 610 Newton-meters of the torque on the all four wheels? The announced speed after hardware limits is 99.42 miles per hour. The 6.3 seconds for the intake of the first 62.14 miles is an excellent result for the such large beast as Raptor.

Raptor SuperScrew; the price and markets

The production of this off-road vehicle will start since autumn of the current year. The sales will start approximately at the same time. They’ll begin from the Northern-American market. The price is forecasting in the range of 50…60 thousands dollars.

Photos of ford f150 raptor

Videos of Ford raptor f 150

  • Peter

    F-150 Raptor bribed me with an energy-intensive suspension, a feeling that it does not matter what under the wheels – sand or barkhan, a primer or a broken forest road. The minus is the fuel consumption. This fee for speed and patency.

  • GungStyle

    I’m not very good at cars, but FORD F150 RAPTOR creates an impressive really powerful car. Appearance of this model attracts attention. Salon, by the way, is also very nice judging by the photos.
    For the city this car is not very suitable. It is very large in size. But for travel FORD F150 RAPTOR option is just perfect!
    When I next change the car, I will probably consider this option.

  • Sergei

    I do not know about you, but I liked the Ford-150. I’m always impressed by modern cars that have great engine power, and in combination with modern design the car looks very attractive, especially since in the new body it looks much steeper than before. inside neither hardly worse.
    Multimedia is just amazing with its uniqueness and accessibility of the keys. It’s also good that an automatic box is installed. Yes, and with such dimensions, it has a good acceleration. But in the silvery version, the body I liked more than blue. Well, I am very pleased that the approximate cost of the new car, it’s not that big.

  • Alexis from God

    The car looks like a monster. The body design is impeccable. The salon is very nice and cozy. On this car you can ride in any weather. Even a hurricane is not terrible. Despite the aggressive appearance, ride very comfortable. Headlights good. Shine as day. I think this is a perfect car for people who love extreme driving. Even the price was reasonable. Thank you for a great car.