Front view of Dodge Viper ACR of 2016 year

The supercar Dodge Viper is the fastest at the moment; it is certified for movement on public roads, which are represented in the United States. We are talking about the new 2016 dodge viper acr which exceeds the characteristics of track-oriented operation modification of Time Attack (TA).

Front view of Dodge Viper ACR of 2016 year
Front view of Dodge Viper ACR of 2016 year

For example, the aerodynamic body kit Extreme Aero Package consisting of an adjustable rear spoiler width of which is 1876 mm and the massive diffuser, front bumper with dividers and a ventilated hood, the new product provides increased three times the down force in compare with “the Viper” TA.

The history of the Viper Dodge began in 1999. Base coupe of the second generation was given a stiffer suspension, the engine was boosted to 460 horsepower through an air filter and a modified intake system, but the car lost audio, fog lights and many other elements for the sake of reducing curb weight.

The next Viper ACR was based on the coupe of the fourth generation. This time the engine was remained without modifications, the specialists focused on aerodynamics and suspension. Weight was also tried to reduce, even sound-insulating materials were put in expense. In 2011, the car broke the lap of the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 12.13 seconds.

New dodge viper acr while on the “Nordschleife” is not noted, but the coupe has everything to show excellent results. An 8.4-liter aluminum engine manual V-10, which assembly has an output of 645 horsepower and a torque of 812 Nm. Traction implements a 6-speed manual transmission Tremec TR6060. The supercar has received Bilstein adjustable suspension with variable in the range of almost 8 inches ground clearance and contact with the road through the tires Kumho Ecsta V720. Their dimension is 295/25/19 on the front axle and rear – 355/30/19.

The most perfect and effective brakes are fitted. Brembo components have longer lifespan and do not lose their grip when they are overheated. There are carbon – ceramic discs with a diameter of 390 mm in the front and 360 in the rear and 6-piston calipers and a specially tuned ABS in the composition of the braking system.

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  • Genry

    I purchased a real car model a year ago. The engine works well, there have not been any breakages yet. While fully satisfied with the purchase.

  • Tim

    A car is just a present for a real rider. Its aerodynamic properties and appearance still fascinate me. Behind the wheel of this car, I feel like the king of the track. Excellent soundproofing allows you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

  • A smart and powerful car. Designers have tried to look at it. The supercar is suitable for both race tracks and ordinary roads. The independent suspension has levers. Practical and very comfortable seats are located in the cabin. A twisted car for connoisseurs of supercars

  • Akshay Domitilla

    I always follow the innovations in the Dodge family! From the new parameters already a head around! The manufacturer does not stand still, progress in every novelty!

  • Oleg

    Very fast car! Seconds at speeds over 100 km/h. A year ago my friend bought this car and love it. The only negative one that you need to choose a place where it is possible to drive. And so car cool!