Front view of updated Toyota Highlander

 The updated version of the new toyota highlander of 2016-2017 year managed to circumvent its main competitors, which are Volkswagen Touareg and a Ford Explorer in terms of sales.

 Price of SUV is very affordable for domestic consumers, taking into account a large number of useful new products and options. In this case the buyer will not have to pay extra for add-ons, as they are included in the basic package.

Front and left side view of updated Toyota Highlander
Front and left side view of updated Toyota Highlander

 Interest of the consumer`s part is only heated due to the expressive appearance of “Toyota Highlander”, as well as a high level of comfort for the driver and all seven passengers. It is characterized by high reliability and cross-country. The Japanese manufacturer has created a car for all occasions, because “Highlander” will be relevant for both city and rough terrain roads.

Exterior features of updated Toyota Highlander

 Silhouette of a new version of Highlander Car became squatter due to the fact that its body is 30 cm below now. Aaero dynamic performance of impressive car has significantly. Vehicle parameters are 4855X1925X1730. Ground clearance remains the same, it is 206 mm.

 Massive trim grille received a fashionable shape of a trapeze. Lights have a modified form, now they are more oblong and give the car an elegant look. The wide air intake and large fog lights with bright LED illumination are situated at the bottom of the hood.

Rear and right side view of updated Toyota Highlander
Rear and right side view of updated Toyota Highlander

 The car has a lot of chrome parts. They are brand of “Toyota”, badge of border grille and side windows, bezels of rear lights. Silhouette of the cars looks more aggressive due to the wide protruding wheel arches and huge wheels.

 Stylish spoiler is decorated, large corporate icon and large headlights of the original form decorate the rear bumper. Design features of rear doors allow easy loading of large and heavy loads.

Interior features of updated Toyota Highlander

 The first thing that catches the eye here in salon is it space. Even third-row passengers can fell themselves comfortably on large comfortable seats. As in the previous version of the car, the Highlander of 2017 year has three-zone climate control. But now, if desired, each passenger can use the seat heating. Chairs have good support and adjustment of the angle of inclination.

Dashboard and salon view of updated Toyota Highlander
Dashboard and salon view of updated Toyota Highlander

 There’s no cheap plastic or synthetic textile in the seats. All panels are made of a soft material. There is leather on the chairs, in finishing inserts the tree and natural metal are. Great unit for storing different things between the two front seats is a pleasant novelty. The advent of convenient shelf under the front console is also encouraged.

 The multimedia system features by a 6-inch touch screen and 8-inch sensor displays image view from the rear camera, navigation map and other information.

Specification of updated Toyota Highlander

 The creators of Crossover paid much attention to economy of the car. The buyer can choose four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive crossover. Naturally, the second will consume less fuel.

The following options for units are in the domestic market:

  • The four-cylinder petrol engine of 2.2 liters. It works with six-speed automatic. It has power 188 horses.
  • The six-cylinder 3.5 liter unit is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission with manual override, power – 249 l./sec.

 All versions have a perfectly adjusted suspension. It is worth noting that the more powerful motor is mounted on four-wheel drive version. It consumes 10.6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Economical version consumes 9.9 liters. It should be noted that the domestic buyer was able to buy only with all-wheel drive version of the “Highlander” earlier

Toyota Highlander price

 The toyota highlander for sales launched a long time, the domestic consumer has already convinced of its merits. Today crossover with four-cylinder unit can be purchased for $ 35 000, and the cost of the six-cylinder version starts at $ 40 000.

Photos of the Toyota Highlander

Video of the Toyota Highlander

  • Margaret Robu

    An interesting appearance that can not help but attract! With such a machine it is possible in any trip and the road is not terrible!

  • Roman

    Not long ago, our family became the owner of such a car, but he had already shown himself in all its glory!) I can say with confidence that this is a stunning, reliable, capacious, passable car that will become a true friend, and will travel where others do not pass !) Excellent spacious luggage compartment, modern lounge, adequate fuel consumption. A great family car. Very happy to buy!)