2016 Volkswagen Touareg

German auto giant Volkswagen has revealed the new generation of the popular SUV model VW Touareg 2016 year. Spring presentation allowed us to thoroughly explore the new version. Authorized dealers had the novelty almost immediately after the premiere. German customers were able to purchase the updated Touareg in the middle of summer.

Front view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 years
Front view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 years

Any cardinal changes has not undergone the Touareg, if you believe the existing information. The changes were dotted with full preservation of the general appearance. In particular, the developers have slightly changed some body parts, leaving the former in the interior.

Rear and right side view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016
Rear and right side view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016

The powertrain has significantly changed. Now the car is equipped with diesel engine displacement of 3.0 liters and output of 245 l. /sec. The previous generation of the SUV was equipped with an engine at 245 l./sec.

Overall, the main objective of updating, which involves the refreshing of popular car was solved quite successfully. One can only assume that more serious restyling will be made during two or three years.

Exterior of Volkswagen Touareg

Without a doubt, the greatest number of changes touched the front of the SUV Volkswagen Touareg of 2015-2016 year. So, it should be noted variation of lighting head light, which was somewhat heavier than it was previously. Bixion elements in combination with strict lines of daytime running lights highlight the style of the Tuareg perfectly.

Front view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year
Front view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year

This solidity gives false radiator grille crossbar , and the overall bumper with foglights and air intakes.There is no different from the previous generation in profile of the body of car. The curves of the body, all the miscellaneous items, which allow you find out Touareg very quickly even with relatively large distances. By the way, the update includes stern of the car. Now it boasts an original to rear led lights, which make the car more noble .

Left side view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year
Left side view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year

The dimension of the facelifted version of the Volkswagen Touareg of 2015-2016 years are:

  • length 480 cm;
  • width 194 cm;
  • height – 170 cm;
  • the Wheelbase of 289 cm.
  • Clearance depends on suspension design.
Rear view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year
Rear view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year

Interior of Volkswagen Touareg

As before, the Volkswagen Touareg is equipped with a rather serious set of systems and options. The basic configuration included: Bixion lighting head light, led rear lighting, wheels dimension of 17 inches. In addition, the package includes multi-function monitor system for monitoring the condition of the driver, electronic Parking brake, steering wheel with great features and leather trim. It is provided advanced audio-video complex with a fairly large display, USB slot, CD changer.

Dashboard view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016year
Dashboard view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016year

Functions and features of standard configuration are not limited. So, a fabric trim, a regulator seat position, the adjustment mechanism of seat height is provided for a new VW Touareg of 2016 year. By the way, the rear row of passenger seats can be adjusted only in the longitudinal direction. As for electronics, there is cruise control, 2 zone split-system, electro, electric mirrors.

Dashboard and salon view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year
Dashboard and salon view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year

At the same time the safety of SUV are submitted by:

  • system eliminates brake lock;
  • emergency brake;
  • traction control system;
  • electronic blocking of differential;
  • system control when you connect the trailer;
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Besides, the above equipment includes electric power steering, the option of automatically turn on the lights of head lighting, auto activation wipers, multiple airbags, central locking, assistant in the parking lot.

For a fee you can buy: wheels dimension R21, led lighting of salon, head lighting, illuminated direction indicators. By the way, an electronically controlled hatch will be installed on the roof of the SUV Touareg; and the interior will receive inserts from natural wood trim and seats with natural leather.

Changing the position of the seats is via electric actuator with memory. There is separate airbags for rear passengers . The position of the steering column are changed due to the electric drive and the engine shall be started using a dedicated button.

Heated nozzles cleaning the windshield, rearview camera, electronic controller, dead zones, control system for road markings, optional emergency braking will be among other additional purchased options. Parking assistant, electrically operated tailgate, option of trunk opening leg will also be available.

Of course, all of the above is not a complete list of equipment of the Volkswagen

Specification of Volkswagen Touareg

The power section of the updated Volkswagen Touareg has remained the same that was used on the previous version of the model. It is extremely difficult to find any differences from the earlier versions. All as before: disc brake system, independent suspension, all-wheel drive system, diesel and gasoline engines, hybrid power system, 8-band transmission.

So, modified suspension for higher comfort of driving and better handling, to improve the power part of the designers of all such work. In addition to this diesel engine, which now produces slightly less than 20 l. /sec., was boosted more in comparison with the previous version of this engine.

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The rest of the engines remained absolutely the same. In particular, the petrol engines available with power are ranging from 240 to 360 l. /sec. and diesel engines with power ranging from 204 to 340 l. /sec. Hybrid propulsion system stands apart with three-liter petrol engine and two electric motors.

Engine view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year
Engine view of Volkswagen Touareg of 2016 year

Appearance and price of Volkswagen Touareg

Price of updated Touareg 2016 is about 52 000 euro.

Photos of Volkswagen Touareg

Video Volkswagen Touareg