New 2018 LEXUS LS

Finally, the Lexus LS Long is replaced by a new sedan of premium Lexus LS 500. This is a unique harmonious combination of luxury and high level of comfort, unrivaled engine power and dynamism on the road.

At one time, the Lexus sedan produced a revolution in its class of cars. Now it comes the fifth appearance.

The exterior of LEXUS LS 2018
The exterior of LEXUS LS 2018

The exterior of the novelty of the premium class

The aggressive appearance of the fifth generation Lexus LS car is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Ideas of designers meet at every step. Of course, the mass production of the car will be slightly different from the first specimen presented in Detroit, but all the distinctive features will be immediately apparent.

The first thing that attracts the eye to the car is the huge radiator grille, made in the form of an hourglass, which is emphasized by the headlights with peculiar zigzags and LEDs. And the bumper line complements the image of a powerful and recalcitrant vehicle.

The designers also took care of the rear part of the car and added a powerful bumper, which is emphasized by specific optics. And under all these elements can be seen an exhaust system in the form of a branch that resembles a trapezium.


As you can see in the photo of the novelty, the Lexus LS 500 is another distinguishing feature of the representative sedan is a low silhouette with a specific blockage of the rear pillars. In this case, the side wheel arches are very expressive and differ in their large dimensions.


On the overall dimensions of the size, the new Lexus LS500 fully meets the European standards for a class F car:

  • The length is 523.5 cm;
  • The width is 190 cm;
  • Height – 145 cm;
  • The wheelbase is 312.5 cm.

Mirrors of the new sedan decided to save from its predecessors, as well as the overall shape of the body, which was still rounded. Now let’s look into the car’s interior.


The Interior of the novelty

Designers have updated not only the appearance of the new Lexus LS500, but also made many modern elements in the salon. Only by opening the car doors, you immediately understand that this is a luxury car.

In the interior of the new Lexus (you can see in the photo), the perfect combination of comfort and advanced technology. Even the seats fully meet the luxury class. So the front seats have 28 modes. All passenger and driver’s seats in the cabin have heating and cooling functions, and a massage is added that perfectly influences the human body during long journeys.

In the new Lexus LS500, the suspension became lower, but the landing remained convenient, since when you open the door, the smart car is slightly raised, and the side forks of the seats are compared.

The front panel has also been improved, but retained the features of its predecessor. Therefore, the location of the center console, climate control and other buttons remained at the same level.

A large multimedia display in 12.3 inches is located in the center top corner. Next to the seat, you can see the analog clock from Lexus, which were also present in previous versions. The addition was to increase the visor above the panel, which allows you to increase the clarity of the image in bright daylight.

2018 Lexus LS Interior
2018 Lexus LS Interior

The climate control panel consists of two parts. The holes for the discs are displayed separately.

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There is an interesting modern panel that looks like a mouse’s touchpad on a laptop. This panel is also able to recognize some letters printed on it with a finger, and gestures.

The paneling is made of leather and has inserts made of natural wood, which is typical for luxury cars. The seats are also made of different kinds of leather, and the color scheme will be presented in several versions.

The central panel has been changed, now in the middle there is a color display, instead of analog devices. On both sides of which, you can see fuel sensors and engine temperatures. And also there were original control knobs of different functions.

The steering wheel is also made more modern in appearance, adding inserts made of wood from below and from above.

This way, the interior of the new sedan is designed to the smallest details, which undoubtedly emphasize the class and luxury of the car.

At the heart of the new Lexus is the GA-L platform with rear-wheel drive. Engineers also added a new V6 engine, 3.5 liters and two turbines. The power of the novelty will be 415 hp, and the maximum torque will reach 600 Nm.

Lexus LS 2018

With the full drive, the novelty can accelerate to 100 km / h, in just 4.5 seconds. The transmission remained automatic, however it became a ten-speed gearbox. The same version is installed on the new Lexus LC. This system of switching speeds allows you to quickly accelerate.
Controlling the speed mode can also be done with paddle lobes. The system has the ability to monitor speed and gear shift parameters.
Accurate dates on the new Lexus LS500 configuration yet, although there is a version that there will be a hybrid or a hydrogen drive.
For the convenience of the driver, a large number of different systems and sensors have been mounted, which help with navigation, tire pressure monitoring.


Start of sales

Since the Lexus LS500 model was introduced to the world only recently, it’s still too early to talk about the bundle for mass sale. It is expected that the basic options will be preserved.

The cost of a new car of the executive class will be high. It is expected that the simplest version will cost for customers 96901, 87 dollars. The sales will not begin until the fall of 2017, and most likely in early 2018.