New 2018 KIA Soul

The new generation of Kia Soul 2018 will be a unique car that combines an interesting design, good maneuverability and increased permeability. This model is loved by not only in our country but all over the world, because it is easy to move around the city or go on a long journey with a family. The updated version is currently held run-in the real world, and manufacturers eliminate the smallest defects, which could affect the technical features, comfort, and safety of passengers while driving.

KIA Soul


Although all tests are carried out in camouflage, it is now clear that the Kia Soul in a new body will be much more attractive than the previous version. Initially, it should be noted that the background of the roof will be different from the colors of the overall machine. This “chip”, it was decided to use as a model primarily aimed at young people who like unusual solutions in the exterior. The developers managed to isolate the machine from the monotonous urban flow by two radiator grilles (small upper and lower volume), the wide windscreen, elongated head optics with LEDs, as well as two round fog lamps near the bottom of the bumper skirt.

The back of the turned in the corporate style of the South Korean manufacturer: Optics borders sight glass, while two massive stop signals probably will remain in the lower part of the bumper. The wheel arches have been widened a little to increase the ride height and the possibility to put on the model drives larger radius. Overall, Kia Soul 2018 got rid of mild angularity acquired smooth streamlined shape and got a spectacular appearance.

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 Exterior of KIA Soul


Of course, the changes will affect the interior of under consideration machine, but drastic measures are not worth the wait. The main material of interior of Kia Soul 2018 will be a dark plastic, and used for decoration designers chrome trim along with the original lighting. Leather is present in the steering wheel and gear selector box, which is located directly under the massive 5-inch screen. The dashboard will not change on the insider information: it will continue to be two wells (speedometer and tachometer) with on-board computer screen in the middle. Unfortunately, there is no other information about the interior of the machine, as the creators of new items keep all of the Kia Soul 2018 in the strictest confidence.


Specifications of Kia Soul 2018

The technical characteristics of the model are classified; however, some experts argue that the dimensions are slightly different from the following:

  • The length – 4140 mm;
  • The height – 1605 mm;
  • The width – 1800 mm;
  • The wheelbase – 2570 mm;
  • The ground clearance – 150 mm.

Future model of KIA Soul

The range of powertrains will be most likely presented as gasoline and diesel counterparts. The basic petrol engine may become 1.6-liter “aspirated” with four-cylinder and 124 liter capacity. It can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 12 seconds. In tandem with this engine will go either mechanical or automatic gearbox. Diesel will receive volume within 1.6-1.8 liter and 120 liter capacity. The optimum fuel consumption in gasoline internal combustion engine is no more than 8 liters in the combined cycle, while the diesel version will boast an economical consumption of “diesel fuel” (a total of 6.5-7 liters per 100 kilometers).

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It deserves special attention in the car “charged” configuration, which sales will start in early 2017. On cars put 1.6-liter T-GDI engine with turbocharger capable of delivering 204 hp. from. This number of “horses” is directed to the front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and wait for the machine is not from the South Korean manufacturer. On paved surfaces this version behaves perfectly, accelerating to 204 km / h. The dynamics of achieving 100 km / h is also impressive – their car is overcome in just 7.8 seconds. Words of praise deserve reduced fuel consumption, because with an impressive dynamic qualities car consumes no more than 7.4 liters in the combined cycle.

From the structural point of view, the model of Kia Soul (the car comes with 2008) are similar to each other: in the vehicle based on lies “truck” with front wheel drive and independent suspension of type “McPherson”. The use of an elastic beam rear imparts rigidity and stability to the banks at a sharp turn, which is especially important during extreme driving. On all models of Kia Soul were used disc brakes, which in combination with modern electronic braking assistant made the process effective in all weather conditions. It is unlikely that significant changes in the terms of the suspension or brake system will occur at the new generation of machines.

Home sales

The KIA Soul will go on sale in early 2018, provided that the machine will be “run-in” as soon as possible. The cost of a vehicle is planned at an acceptable level, as the South Korean brand has always is known to the flexible price policy. For standard equipment without any extra options will have to pay from 24729.26 USD, while the version with powerful engines and advanced functionality will cost the owner of not less than 37918.19 USD. In any case, no matter how much the manufacturer has not asked for his creation, Kia Soul will more than “discourage” the money invested.